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2013-03-26 Northbay UpRising Morning Show

Wake up and Rise Up, with the Northbay UpRising morning show! Broadcast courtesy of, 89.5FM KZCT, out of Vallejo "the Gateway City to the Bay Area".
With a broad assortment of family-friendly neighborhood news from across the San Pablo bay area, including upcoming events, and positive & inspirational topics! With your hosts, Mis.D. & Dr.G., community reporters, Tuesdays, 6 to 9am

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Interview with Ginny Browne and Linda Daniels...
about the...
"Participatory Design: PB Vallejo Publicity Design Contest"
For more specific information or if you have any questions, contact Ginny Browne [510-612-4826] or Aseem Mulji at 707-648-4041 or at [pbvallejo@ci.vallejo​].

Calling all creative types in Vallejo! The PB Vallejo public vote is just around the corner (May 11-18), so it’s time to start thinking about how to Get Out The Vote!
We want YOUR creative ideas for how to publicize the vote. Submit them here! Designs for flyers, bumper stickers, posters, buttons, keychains or even light shows--ANYTHING. Think outside the box!
How should we promote the PB Vallejo public vote in May? Enter the design contest and help choose the winner!

About The Challenge -
We want YOUR creative ideas for how to publicize the PB Vallejo public vote. Submit them here! Designs for flyers, bumper stickers, posters, buttons, keychains or even light shows--ANYTHING. Think outside the box!
Deadline: April 7, midnight

All Submissions should:
* Promote PB Vallejo and encourage all Vallejoans to come out and vote (submissions should not promote any specific projects)
* Include vote dates, May 11 -18, with May 13-17 at City Hall
* Include PB Vallejo and City of Vallejo logos
* Be easily produced or reproduced.
Be fun and creative!
Submissions may include the following optional items:
* Voter eligibility - All Vallejo Residents age 16 and older
* Voting locations - We know that voting will take place in City Hall from 5/13-17. Other voting sites are yet to be determined.
* Eligible documents for proof of residency (contact us for the full list)

The PB Vallejo Outreach Workgroup will choose several finalists to be displayed at the Project Expos, where the community will vote on the winner. The design with the most votes will be printed or reproduced and distributed around town. All finalist submissions will have to be approved by the City of Vallejo.

Click the “What’s Your Idea?” on this webpage (linked below the headline above) and upload pictures of your design. Include a short description if necessary.
You may also email your submissions to [pbvallejo@ci.vallejo​] or mail them to: Vallejo City Manager’s Office, Attn: Ginny Browne, 555 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo, CA 94590.
All designs, including those submitted by email or as hard copy, will be displayed here [], so be sure to check in and comment on your favorite designs!

More info about Participatory Budgeting:
[] []

Interview with...
Bob Hanson, about the upcoming "Walk Towards Peace"!

For three days, March 27th to March 29th, he and his friends with the Peace Advocacy Committee of the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center, will walk 30 miles from the "PEACE CENTER" to the "WAR CENTER", to join up with the annual Good Friday witness action against nuclear weapons development at the Livermore Labs. The route will involve a 12 mile walk on Wed., March 27 from Walnut Creek to the Peace Lutheran Church in Danville, where we will spend the night. On Thursday, March 28, we will trek 16 miles  from there to  spend a night at a Livermore church.  On Friday morning we will walk the remaining mile or so to the labs to take part in the 7:00 a.m. demonstration. 
More info: Bob Hanson [doctoroutdoors (]; Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center
[] [925-944-3366] [info (]

Interview with...
Carl Anderson of the "Livermore Conversion Project",

who along with the Ecumenical Peace Institute [] and others, are gathering March 29th, 6:45 a.m., for a witness gathering against nuclear weapons, titled "Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" with Rev. Phil Lawson (Pastor Emeritus Easter Hill United Methodist Church. After the service we will walk about one-quarter mile to the main gate, where there will be a Liturgical Dance led by Carla DeSola followed by an opportunity for nonviolent acts of witness.  Along the way Stations of the Cross will remind us of the extent of suffering at home and abroad resulting from the system of domination enforced by our military and its weapons.
Community gathering after the action will be held at Asbury United Methodist Church, 4743 East Avenue, Livermore. For driving directions, transit info and further information contact the Ecumenical Peace Institute [] [510-655-1162] [510-654-4983] [PO Box 9334, Berkeley, CA 94709] []
The event is Wheelchair accessible
Livermore Nuclear Weapons Laboratory [Vasco Road & Patterson Pass Road, Livermore] was founded to develop the hydrogen bomb and new weapons of mass destruction are still designed there.  For more than 25 years, people of faith and others concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons have gathered on Good Friday outside the Livermore Laboratory.
More info about nuclear disarmament:
* Western States Legal Foundation (in Oakland) []
* Tri-Valley CAREs (in Livermore) []

with music from Vic Sadot
[] []
No Nuke Blues []
Vic Sadot hosts for the Berkeley Fellowship Monthly Open Mic (BF MOM), 2nd Friday of Every Month. Sign-up for performers is at 6:30 pm and the show begins at 7 pm. We have 20 ten minute spots available. Featured Artist are selected about two months in advance by our rotating Hosts. Somewhere between 8 and 8:30 pm the Host will call on the Featured Artist.
* Vic will be the Featured Artist at OzCat Radio's monthly "Gathering of the Tribes" Open Mic in Vallejo on Friday, April 5.[]
* Vic is in the rotation at Pacifica Affiliate "No Lies Radio" [] along with many other topical songwriters and bands that you may not hear on your favorite radio station. Check it out!
Request Support at KPFA: If you know any DJ's at KPFA, you can call them and request Vic Sadot's "Courage To Resist" about Bradley Manning, "No Nuke Blues" with the new Fukushima verse; "The Kidnapping Coup" that tells the story of the US overthrow of democracy in Haiti in 2004; or any of your favorite songs from Vic's latest CD released on Sept 11, 2011 "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs".

More music from..
"Love is King" by the Funnel Heads
[] [justin (] [] []

"Where is your heart" by Irae Divine & Rankin' Scroo

"Under the Sun" by Arden Park Roots 

"Biscuit on my Six" by the Comfort Slacks
[] and check out the Comfort Slacks kareoke contest video![]

"City of Love" by Persephone's Bees

2013-03-19 "The "Shop Local" Movement Puts a Stake in Vallejo, California; Based in Redondo Beach, CA, Certified Locally Owned (CLO) initially targeted the Southern California communities around Redondo Beach"
REDONDO BEACH -- The Shop Local movement [] has officially put a stake in the ground in Vallejo, CA with the announcement of local consignment boutique, Mulligan's Attic as the first Certified Locally Owned (CLO) business in the area. CLO gives local businesses like Mulligan's Attic the tools to help raise awareness in the community about local businesses by increasing their visibility through certification. Mulligan's Attic is located at 2515 Springs Road in Vallejo, CA 94591.
 Based in Redondo Beach, CA, Certified Locally Owned (CLO) initially targeted the Southern California communities around Redondo Beach. However, businesses from a number of communities across the country are applying for certification, so this most recent addition comes as no surprise says founder, Heidi Butzine.
 "It's always been our goal to attract a network of locally owned businesses on a national scale," states Ms. Butzine. "It pleases me that the word about our organization has resonated to our friends in Northern California. Mulligan's Attic is exactly the type of business which we support."
 Mulligan's Attic is a family-owned business that was established in Vallejo in 2012. They have been on the hunt for treasures for many years, and now want to share the results of their successful search with their customers. The founders live and work in Vallejo and have been thrilled with the support and reception the store has received.
 Owners, Jeff and Stephanie of Mulligan's Attic were very enthusiastic about earning the designation as a Certified Locally Owned company. "Being a relatively new business in town, we're proud to show our neighbors that we're local residents with a business in the community. We support Certified Locally Owned and think other businesses in Vallejo will too," stated Stephanie.

 About Certified Locally Owned -
 Certified Locally Owned makes it easier for people to shop local based on a proud distinction and certification of locally owned and independent businesses across the U.S.
 The Certified Locally Owned(TM) program was created to help local shoppers easily recognize locally owned or independent businesses based on our certification.
 For more information, contact: Mike Mena at 310-316-0612 or

2013-03-22 "Florist makes surprise visits delivering ‘random acts of flowers’; Residents asked to nominate recipients"
by Jennifer Huffman from "Napa Valley Register" []:
WEDNESDAY - MARCH 20, 2013 - NAPA, CA - Juan Ramirez, a senior at Napa High School, gives John Prittie directions to the music room where music office secretary Gina De Luca was working. Prittie, of Beau Fleurs Flower Company, was delivering a surprise bouquet of flowers to De Luca. Jennifer Huffman/Register

Most people don’t mind being interrupted by a man delivering flowers, and Gina De Luca, music office secretary at Napa High School, was no exception.
On Wednesday morning, John Prittie, owner of Beau Fleurs Flower Company in Napa, surprised De Luca in a classroom near the school’s theater with a colorful spring blossom bouquet.
Prittie calls his deliveries “random acts of flowers,” a takeoff on the “random acts of kindness” movement. The florist created the campaign in part to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the family-owned business, he said.
The idea is to recognize someone who deserves a free bouquet of flowers, Prittie explained. That could mean someone who helps others — perhaps someone behind the scenes who might not always get the recognition he or she deserves. Or someone who faces adversity or assists those who do.
Anyone can receive a random act of flowers, Prittie said. Locals can drop by the shop to submit a name. Once a week, Prittie will pull a name from the nominations and deliver a free arrangement.
“I thought it would be fun if we could launch something involving the community that would be fun to do and spread good cheer,” Prittie said.
De Luca certainly was cheered by her flowers, hand-delivered by Prittie.
“I’m totally shocked,” De Luca said of her bouquet delivered in a glass vase. “Beautiful, creative, outstanding. I normally don’t get flowers.”
“I love them,” the secretary said, holding the vase and giving Prittie a hug.
To date, Prittie has received about dozen nominations and delivered five bouquets, he said. “The nominations are coming in but we’d love to see more,” he said.
In 1993, John and his wife, Kellie Prittie, bought the floral business, then located in River Park Shopping Center. Later they moved to the corner of First and Main Streets in downtown Napa. The business, which also sells garden and gift items, then moved to its current home on Silverado Trail.
The timing was right, he said. “I was looking for something to do that would make us part of the business community. I like to do anything creative with my hands. This seemed like the ideal thing. Next thing you know, it’s 20 years later and here we are.”
The business has survived for two decades, including the recent recession, by emphasizing quality and customer service, he said.
“If you just keep focused on those two items, then you can weather those storms,” Prittie said. “And I can’t say enough about the support we’ve had from our loyal customers. They helped us through that recession.”
Prittie said the weekly surprise deliveries should continue indefinitely. “I don’t see an end to it, as long as people are enjoying it,” he said.

2013-03-22 "Save senior programs"
letter by Donna Lass of Vallejo to the editor of "Vallejo Times Herald"
This is the time of year when cities and counties start looking for ways to balance their budgets. Our Vallejo City Unified School District is no different. The very subject of "budget cuts" brings fear into the hearts of employees of every government entity, as well as the citizens who avail themselves of the services offered.
Sadly, some of the cuts considered include programs currently offered at the Vallejo Adult School. Most of the programs being targeted are those of particular interest to our senior citizens, such as the Stars Program, a two-day-a-week program offering day care for seniors with dementia and ambulatory disabilities. This is a much-needed program to help seniors with disabilities, as well as a means to offer respite for their caretakers (usually spouses of the participants who are themselves senior citizens).
Other seniors programs being considered include memory-boosting classes, fitness classes, health and nutrition programs and presentations regarding Alzheimer's and Lewy Body disease, issues particular to seniors' needs.
Perri Tanner has been the director of these programs for more than 16 years. She is doing an amazing job of managing all the programs and classes. The programs have small fees associated with them. she has given much of her free time to direct fund-raising programs, soliciting donation from private businesses, and the private sector. The money is used to help defray costs of these programs.
Additionally, Ms. Tanner has a long history of contributing her time and talents throughout the City of Vallejo. She has been a friend to the entire community, and has a long history of community service.
All of the participants of these programs are senior citizens and their families. These folks have lived in this community for decades. I was born in Vallejo in 1941, and my father was born here in 1910. My children were born in Vallejo in the 1960s, and my grandchildren were born here in the 1980s. All of us have contributed to the City of Vallejo, as well as the school district, for more than 100 years. To abandon those who have been working and contributing to our community would be cruel.
I implore the VCUSD to rethink such cuts, and take the time to look into how these programs and services can continue to be offered to yet another generation of Vallejoans. Budgets can be adjusted, but the quality of life the seniors who use these services is at issue. Surely, discontinuing these needed and valuable programs is not going to save the school district -- especially since these programs are mostly paid for with funding from outside the school district, and nearly pay for themselves.
If you fellow citizens of Vallejo agree with this letter, please write your own letters or use this letter and let your representatives and senators know how you feel. We could lose these programs by the end of this school year.
Let the Vallejo school district know how you feel:
Dr. Ramona Bishop, Superintendent
Vallejo City Unified School District
665 Walnut Ave.
Vallejo, CA, 94592

2013-03-21 "Deaner garden cleanup slated for Earth Day"
by Donna Beth Weilenman from "Benicia Herald" []:
VOLUNTEERS will help clean the SRA on April 13. (Courtesy photo)

For the 16th year, the California State Parks Foundation will celebrate Earth Day with a “restoration and cleanup” effort, said Gretchen Krueger, CSPF media specialist.
On the list of 24 parks throughout the state that will get some sprucing April 13 is the Bencia State Recreational Area, particularly the Forrest Deaner Native Botanic Garden, more than 3 acres of planted and labeled California native flora.
But the foundation needs public help to clean the park, and Krueger said she is hoping at least 80 volunteers will enroll by April 8, when registration closes.
She said volunteers will install and replace plant marker and plant stakes, haul away compost to Dumpsters for recycling, plant native shrubs and plants, mulch and water the plants, clear garden paths and remove invasive non-native plants, and lay out weed block and mulch.
It’s been some time since the botanic garden received some Earth Day attention, Krueger said. In fact, the garden hasn’t made the Earth Day list since 2001.
That’s because the cleanup days rotate among California’s 280 state parks.
“The importance of Earth Day activities has never been greater,” Krueger said. “California’s state parks continue to be underfunded.”
Parks have experienced service cutbacks because of years of budget reductions, and Krueger said $1.4 billion in maintenance has been deferred.
Until hidden funds were uncovered in the parks department budget last year, 70 state parks were threatened with closure. Those included both the Benicia SRA and the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park.
The department’s new director, Anthony L. Jackson, has set priorities to assure better management of the department’s budgets, avoid closures and find ways to provide better financial support for state parks.
In the meantime, partnerships with the city of Benicia and the Benicia State Parks Association have kept the two Benicia parks open to the public.
CSPF, an agency separate from the state Department of Parks and Recreation, uses its Earth Day celebration to provide volunteers with a way to help parks, too.
“Businesses and individuals are sought to actively participate with their communities to help restore the beauty and glory of California’s treasured state parks,” Krueger said.
“Trail and campground improvements, trash cleanup, bridge building, tree planting, and wildlife habitat restoration are just some of the projects planned for Earth Day,” she said.
No experience is required, and volunteers of all ages can participate, she said.
In addition to providing labor, volunteers also are being asked to bring non-perishable food items. Collections from throughout the state will be donated to local food banks, she said.
PG&E is sponsoring cleanups at 11 public sites in Northern and Central California, she said. The company is giving a $210,000 grant to CSPF and participating parks for supplies and materials needed to complete Earth Day projects. Some of the company’s employees and their families will be working with the volunteers, too, she said.
“Helping to restore and preserve our state parks for the enjoyment of both current and future generations of Californians is a key part of PG&E’s environmental commitment,” said Ezra Garrett, PG&E vice president and community relations and chief sustainability officer.
He said the company has been involved in the program for a dozen years.
Since 1998, the CSPF Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup Program has attracted 78,394 participants who have given 326,582 volunteer hours, which Krueger said is valued at nearly $6.25 million.
Another $4.3 million has been raised for the Earth Day program, she said.
Besides PG&E, other partners in the project are the East Bay Regional Park District, Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, Jack London Park Partners and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods. Among the in-kind sponsors are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Fruit Guys, KIND Healthy Snacks, Noah’s NY Bagels, Peet’s Coffee and Tea and Starbucks Coffee.
Check-in for those working at the Benicia State Recreation Area’s Forrest Deaner Native Botanic Garden will be at 8:30 a.m. April 13, and volunteers will clean the garden from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. that day. Snacks, water and a lunch will be provide, but volunteers should bring their own sunscreen, hat, work shoes and gloves.
The park, on Benicia’s west side near Vallejo, is at 1 State Park Road. Those interested in volunteering may visit [] or call 888-98-PARKS (72757) to register.
Registration must be made by April 8, Krueger said, and parking fees will be waived for Earth Day volunteers.

2013-03-22 "Vallejo Admirals to play April exhibition against Pacifics"
by "Vallejo Times-Herald" []:
The Vallejo Admirals professional baseball team will take on the San Rafael Pacifics on April 6 in a preseason exhibition game at Wilson Park in Vallejo
First pitch is scheduled for 1 p.m.
A team of non-roster invitees who are getting a shot to show off their skills will represent the Admirals against the Pacifics, who won the 2012 North American League championship.
The game will be free of charge. Food and beverages will be for sale at the park and the game will feature "unique in-game entertainment."
"I'm so excited to scout some of the talent we'll be looking at for our team," Admirals president and general manager Joe Fontana said in a press release. "I'm so thrilled to meet some of our fans and hope this game will help launch a great inaugural season for the Admirals."
Fontana assumed the title as president and general manager when he took over for Mike Shapiro in February. Shapiro is the Pacifics president and general manager and was assuming double duty for the two clubs before Fontana took over.
The Admirals and Pacifics are scheduled to play one another for the first official time on June 11 in San Rafael.
The Pacifics and the Admirals will hold a second open tryout on April 28 at Albert Park in San Rafael.
To register, contact the Pacifics front office at (415) 485-1563 or email

Remember to help those in need... with positive solutions!
In the beginning of 2012, "Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)" created a Organizers’ Toolkit. We offer it here to any community based organizing effort, be it Rural or Urban []. WRAP issued a provocative and informative report in 2010 which bears viewing again today as folks consider how to deal with homeless people in San Pablo bay area. With proposals for sanctuary campgrounds, protest campgrounds, 180/180 Housing First programs, bouncing about, this report may be helpful... []

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