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2013-04-09 Northbay UpRising morning show

Wake up and Rise Up, with the Northbay UpRising morning show! Broadcast courtesy of, 89.5FM KZCT, out of Vallejo "the Gateway City to the Bay Area".With a broad assortment of family-friendly neighborhood news from across the San Pablo bay area, including upcoming events, and positive & inspirational topics! With your hosts, Mis.D. & Dr.G., community reporters, Tuesdays, 6 to 9am

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Luella Hill-Dudley, a northbay publisher, producer and poet, and the featured artist for the Northbay UpRising morning show.
She is a Spoken Word Artist, an Independent Publisher at "Sistah's With Ink" (CEO & Founder), and Producer at VCAT-TV. With her many gifted talents, she aims to facilitate the creation of culture and poetry.
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* Guest Judge, "In The Company of Poets  Television", a creative forum for both poets and writers, featuring the visual spoken word, as well as written works of art. []
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Judi Morales Gibson, who is beginning to foster a communitarian approach to Steampunk DIY culture in Benicia []. Also joining us will be Shannon o'Hare of the Obtanium Works in Vallejo  [] who have produced many interesting mechanical wonders such as the famous "Neverwas Haul" [].

Judi is the host and producer for the upcoming "Steampunk in the Trunk", a public festival with a psychonaut twist. Many local Steampunk artists are participating with art cars, bikes and scooters…. plus artwork, sculpture, and craftspeople sharing secrets with their wares. Debuting their new sound, Haute Sects will provide live acoustic music, with their gypsy roots, Django Reinhardt flavor and a hint of Josephine Baker. And, if you dig Steampunk Style, innovative designers of hand-made and upcycled clothing, jewelry, hats, goggles and accessories will be there. With the support of Arts Benicia, Cullen's Tannery Pub and merchants of First Street's Tannery Building, Morales Gibson hopes to create a vibrant new hot spot for Steampunk artisans.
April 13th, Saturday, 2:00pm until 8:00pm
at the Benicia Tannery Building, 129/131 First Street, Benicia, CA

Contact: Arts Benicia, 707-747-0131, []
The Steampunk genre is a fictional mash of Victorian, wild West, steam power, science fiction with an industrial edge. This one-day trunk show will include 14 local artists and designers who work in the Steampunk genre. Clothing, hats, goggles, leather accessories, jewelry, art and sculpture will featured, but the highlight will be the four art cars and two art bikes (one is an electric-steam hybrid), many of which are regulars at the Burning Man festival.
Diamond Dolls models will showcase Steampunk clothing and accessories in an interactive fashion show from 4pm – 6pm. Fiddlers, cellists and vocalists will provide music with flavors of Gypsy, Django and street-corner grooves.
The event is being hosted by Arts Benicia, Cinder Garden Designs, Cullen’s Tannery Pub and the merchants of the Tannery Building. Guests of all ages are welcome in the Tannery, but must be 21 to enter Cullen’s Pub.

NeverwasHaul trolley car

(left)  Sculpture by Randy Bernard; (right) steam-car by McNamara Smyth

DIY Bike by John Steele; Hat and goggles by Judi Morales Gibson 

 Art Car by Gregory Nett

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Problems with Subsidized Housing?

"What's driving privatization of public transit?"

"Fighting for better bus fares and later services" by Rachel Sison

"Vallejo schools exiting state control on Monday"

"Pigs take up their posts"

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