Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013-04-23 Northbay UpRising morning show

Wake up and Rise Up, with the Northbay UpRising morning show! Broadcast courtesy of, 89.5FM KZCT, out of Vallejo "the Gateway City to the Bay Area".
With a broad assortment of family-friendly neighborhood news from across the San Pablo bay area, including upcoming events, and positive & inspirational topics! With your hosts, Mis.D. & Dr.G., community reporters, Tuesdays, 6 to 9am

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Featured guest...
Carl P. of the "Sonoma County Solidarity Network"
, whose purpose is in defending low-income residents from inhumane evictions and workplace abuse.
[] [socosolidarity (] [707-595-0136]
50 protesters marched April 14th in defense of 100 low-income tenants who were and are being evicted from Hotel Petaluma.

They had a marching band, too!

And now, more good news...
Cat Rescue!

"Recovery Tips - Posters 5+5+55" from "Missing Pet Partnership" []:
Missing Pet Partnership has discovered a creative and highly effective tool for recovering lost pets with a method that we call the "FIVE + FIVE + FIFTY-FIVE RULE." Here's how it works. At any typical intersection, you only have five seconds and five words to get your message across to drivers who are passing through the area where your pet is missing. We have had success in recovering lost pets several weeks after they disappeared by helping people create posters using the following rules:
* Make them GIANT so that people driving by cannot miss them.
* Make them FLUORESCENT so that the color attracts the attention of everyone.
* Put them at major intersections near where you lost your pet (and in areas of sightings).
* Keep them BRIEF and to the point.
* Let them convey a VISUAL IMAGE of what you have lost.
This is how your final lost pet poster should look.

Left: You should make a flyer like this for each fluorescent poster board that you create.
Right: This is how you should create flyers to hand out to neighbors and post in public. (These flyers won't be used on the fluorescent poster boards.)

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