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May 21st, 2013 Northbay UpRising Morningshow

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Interview with...
Marilyn Langlois of the "Richmond Progressive Alliance"
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"About the Richmond Progressive Alliance" []:
We are an organization of community activists  -
We believe that what people do is more important than what they say.
Since 2004 we have actively campaigned for candidates Andres Soto, Gayle McLaughlin, Jeff Ritterman, Eduardo Martinez, and Jovanka Beckles. Win or lose, these campaigns have shown integrity and have helped educate Richmond citizens about critical political and social issues facing Richmond. When we win elections, the RPA movement becomes the political base for progressive officeholders committed to serving the movement and not the corporations.
As important as elections are, we must act between elections on the issues facing us. It is between elections that corporations and entrenched interests have the most influence in bending government to their way.
Our members and supporters are active on city commissions, neighborhood councils, and community organizations. We promote programs to reduce crime in the city. We search for ways to bring jobs – particularly green jobs to Richmond. We participate in the campaigns to prevent this area from becoming a casino strip mall. We support efforts to preserve the shoreline, build bike trails, and develop community gardens.
A better Richmond is possible only when we work together to unify the different populations that make up our diverse city. We need to end the policies that pit the Latino/a community against African-Americans against Asians against whites. We need a united community effort to take on the problems of crime, violence, economic inequality, and decaying infrastructure that are the results of political policies at the state and national level combined with globalization.

2013-03-21 "Supervisors Steal Call Center from Richmond"
The County Board of Supervisors voted to place the Call Center in Concord. Richmond pulled together on the quotation for the call center. Developer Richard Poe sharpened his pencil. City Council members Myrick and Rogers brought forward proposals which were approved by the City Council, including a proposed $1,000,000 loan to further reduce the final price to the State. John Gioia worked hard arguing for the Richmond site. Councilmembers Beckles, Myrick, Rogers and Mayor McLaughlin made presentations at the Board of Supervisors meeting. In addition there was a good showing of Richmond residents.
The proposal from Richmond was significantly lower and in all respects the best. But when the Supervisors voted we lost.
The city made a remarkable showing and everyone involved was proud of their role. It was reminiscent of LBNL. When the community pulls together it has tremendous imagination and power.

Money in Politics -
It is also important to understand the real reason we lost. Some people chalk it up to geography-East County vs West-or racism--white suburbs versus non-white Richmond. While geographic loyalties and racial politics may have been a part of this, there is good evidence that the real reason was financial loyalty. The Garaventa family which made a fortune in garbage collection and which stands to make a fortune from the call center in Concord is a major contributor to the campaigns of the Supes who voted for Concord. There were also family ties. Supervisor Mary Piepho's brother works for Garaventa. These supervisors should have recused themselves.
It is not just Richmond that lost with these kind of politics it is most of the residents of Contra Costa County who will foot the bill for the higher cost to line the pockets of a few landlords and increase a few campaign treasuries.
Most of Richmond can feel proud that in this city we take seriously the idea of fighting the influence of corporations and wealth in our government. Those like Booze and Bates who play the contribution game in Richmond are no better than those County Supervisors who represent their financial contributors and not the people of the County.

Community News:

Results of the Participatory Budget Election!
Links to project descriptions at []:

Community Calender:

Reception: May 24th, 2013
Friday, 6:30 to 8:30 PM (Bank hours are 9AM - 6PM)
Umpqua Bank [976-A Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo] [707-647-3000]
Art pieces from Kahalla Bandy Pasibe 12 years old, Mason Barshinger 13 years old, Marcus Mitchell, Students from Peoples High School (series of masks), Students from Vallejo High School and Jesse Bethel High School.
Art Pieces will be left up for a month and Viewed during Bank hours, Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5PM
Sponsored by: Jeanette Goudeau & Shaaron Fox [707-644-0604]

2013-05-24 Fusion Friday at Consumer Music in Vallejo!
[927 Tennessee Street, Vallejo] [707-642-7368] []

Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center [55 Eckley Ln., Walnut Creek, CA 94596] [] [925-933-7850]

June 1st. The Philippine Cultural Committee, with the City of Vallejo, presents...
27th annual Pista sa Nayon!
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Vallejo Waterfront
Mare Island Way, Vallejo, California
Independence Day Festival for the Filipino nation, with an historical-cultural Grand Parade, whose theme for 2013 is "Kasaysayan an ng Lahi" (Story of our Race)! 

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