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News & Info for July 16th, 2013

830am, with Major Catastrophe of Obtanium Works
2013-07-21 "Obtainium Cup Contraptor's Rally"
Gettcho' Kinetics On!!!
Look out for the flying monkeys! Ride away from the zombies! Maneuver around marauding Mad Hatters! The second installment of the Obtainium Cup is coming with more wackiness than ever before! Bring your bicycles, art cars, art bikes, fancy costume, and lots of silliness. with Kinetic racers from beyond the San Pablo bay area, including the Mutant Bicycle, the Horseless Carriage (a contraption that is aboout to be displayed in the exploratorium), last years winner Baron von Java with his puppet cars, Kimric Smythe returning with his art vehicles, and more. Special prize for Art-Bicycle, children, and art cars. Obtanium Works has produced 2 vehicles for this race including the "Shutter Speed" vehicle for ST Jacobson, and more info is found on their website!

Featuring information about
"Vallejo Visioning"a report produced by a recent community gathering, which used democratic models of public input to, helpfully, represent the vision for community shared by Vallejoans. This Vision will be presented to the Vallejo city council on Tuesday, July 16th. Entire report is here [link]

"10 Ways to Create Community in a Suburban 'Hood"
by Ross Chapin []

What is "HAPAG (hăpăg; n. table): One Table, One World Community Café"?
"Hapag: One Table, One World Community Cafe" is borne out of a need to address the food insecurity, hunger, poverty and lack of community that currently prevails not only in our country, but also our world. It is a “pay-what-you can” restaurant that will serve healthy, organic, yummy meals based on a seasonal menu in a warm and welcoming community setting.
It is a café where EVERYONE, regardless of means, can enjoy fresh, healthy locally grown food.A restaurant that will provide new life skills for our returning vets, disadvantaged youth and anyone who wishes to have another chance.
And it is also a green restaurant that will minimize our carbon footprint in all ways we, as a collective, can possibly think of.
We draw inspiration from Denise Cerreta’s One World Everybody Eats Foundation. There are currently 26 community cafes in the country and with your help, there will be more, starting with this one to be located in Berkeley, CA. It is a restaurant of joy ,hope and community that will remind us that we are all connected as one. So, be part of our growth, a movement that will redefine and revolutionize dining and giving.
July 21, 2013 @ 3PM.

Located at [1001 Sandpoint Dr., Rodeo, California 94572]
For more information, call Loi [415-813-7446] []
Entrance fee is what you can give, but $25 to $150 is asked for to offset the costs!
Join us for our first annual fundraiser! Come partake of a backyard BBQ feast prepared by two of the country’s most talented chefs, the talented Perry Mamaril of New York’s KumaInn and Purple Yam and the acclaimed Cocoy Ventura of Cocoy Ventura Culinary Services and Culinary Director of Gastronomique En Vogue. Be entertained by an array of San Francisco’s top comedians headlined by Donald Lacy and participate in a ton of interesting auctions throughout the event.
Message from Loi:
I have always tried to help alleviate hunger in whatever way I can, mostly by cooking meals for local ministries, like Christian help Center, when I was still a resident of Vallejo, cooking meals for the homeless in the Tenderloin once a month then once a week when I moved to GA. Having had two restaurants there made me further realize that 1) there is so much waste in the restaurant industry , both in food and other resources, it is maddening and frustrating 2) that there must be a way to serve and be sustainability viable at the same time. 3) there must be a way to cook healthier meals using organic produce that does not cost an arm and a leg.
After moving back to the Bay Area last year, I knew that I had a passion to make a difference and that the most suitable platform for that passion is a restaurant because not being hungry resolves a lot of issues. lol When we meet our most basic needs(food , shelter, clothing) , we do not get into 'mischief".A full stomach does wonders to the psyche. And food insecurity is such nowadays that the markers have changed. No longer is it true that only the usual unkempt, disheveled individual is the one that needs help. It is also true of the mother of three, who has a job, but is still food insecure., the newly unemployed who is in flux, and the retirees and seniors who can barely make ends meet.
And so I was guided to a magazine article featuring Denise Cerreta on One World Everybody Eats Foundation and it showed me that there is indeed a way to do it.I sold my good friends Sue Ferrer and Cocoy Ventura, on the idea and vision because they have big loving hearts, they immediately saw my vision.
This fundraiser is the start to making this come true and eventually, the vision is one restaurant per city , per county, per state, per country. It is a restaurant of endless chances that will re-train youth, veterans and anyone who wishes to do so to acquire a new set of skills to be able to make a living. It is a restaurant that will pay a living wage to its staff, and will minimize waste by encouraging people to get only what they can eat, and will compost the day's waste to use as fertilizer in our own community garden.It is also an incubator for home-based food businesses and a platform for musicians and artists. It is a community of love and hope.

With a debut track...
"Changing Tide"
the 1st single from New Cadence

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