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News & Info for Oct 29th, 2013

with a new feature!
Benicia's Poem Homes (more info here [link]), a program of the Benicia Poet Laureate, with the Benicia Public Library, project manager Jady Montgomery, and volunteers of the First Tuesday Poetry Group, which meets monthly, 6:30 to 9pm at the Benicia Public Library, Welcome To All. Submit Poems to []!
On today's edition of the Northbay UpRising morningshow, we feature the poetic prose of Lois Requist, who is the Benicia Poet Laureate for the years 2012 to 2014, with her pieces "Sleeping at your house" and "The Rapid Transit"!

7:45 am interview with...
Brian O'Reilly [], a professional photographer whose art has been exhibited at St. Vinnie's Culture Club, and the Sacramento State Capitol building! Also, at Vallejo City Hall, on Oct 16th, his photography students at the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation Summer Camp (8 to 12 year old students) and Vallejo Charter School (7th & 8th grade students) got recognized by the Mayor & the City Manager for all there great photos that are hanging on the walls in an exhibit called "A Day in the Life of Vallejo" with a display of 120 photos! He adds: "I am currently in the process of Producing & Directing the GONG SHOW. This event will take place March 15th 2014 at The Empress Theatre and is to benefit The VCAF Summer Arts Camp!"
He writes in his mini-bio:  Born and raised in Birmingham England (HAS MORE CANALS THAN VENICE) My first job after graduation was photographing Cadbury's Chocolate 5 days a week. All this was the good old days of film, with old forgotten terms such as SNIPS....PUSHES....PULLS.
After moving to California and several jobs....Race Director for The USA Recreational Ski Association (down hill snow skiing) Producing & Directing GONG SHOWS for non profits (My next one is at The Empress Theatre March 15 2014) and doing PR & Marketing for Ghost Mountain Ranch in the Sierra Foothills, I final went to THE DARK SIDE........I crossed over to digital photography BUT still maintain my " get it right the first time" ethics.
I am currently on the Board of Directors for the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation and teach a 3 week Summer Camp for VCAF. I conduct several Photography classes at the Vallejo Charter School ( a few samples attached) and have been nationally recognized for the photographic work and I also teach photography at Greater Vallejo recreational District. When I have enough students at the Florence Douglas Senior Center I give a weekly course in portrait photography (only 3 classes given so far) My current Art Show is at the Vinnie's Cultural Center on Marin in Vallejo and my last major show A DAY IN THE LIFE OF VALLEJO was hanging in the State Capital Building for the past 2 years. ( a few samples of this show are attached)

PHOTOSHOP.....LIKE CONDIMENTS FOR A MEAL......I want the photograph to stand on its own merit, as a meal right out of the kitchen should stand on its own without putting condiments on it. I do use P/Shop occasionally when required.

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT. When asked "what kind of camera do you have" my reply is "its has a big piece of glass at the front of it" That's like asking the waitress at the restaurant "what kind of stove does the cook use"

DESIGN. My answer when teaching photography is very very simple: DESIGN IS CONTROLLING 2 OR MORE ELEMENTS.
Books have been written about this subject and artists have given LECTURES on this and most of it has been, in my opinion, overrated.

RULES OF PHOTOGRAPHY......There are no rules....If you have a photo and it shows a tree growing out of the back of a person's head or the photo of the beach shows it running downhill.....if that is your intention...GOOD FOR YOU.

8:30 am interview with...Dr. Gabriela Melano!

with a message to the community: Anyone interested in owning their power? Go to Vallejo Community Building Facebook Page [], which is just now starting to be populated with great stories about Vallejan Gems who are making a difference, one single act of mischief, kindness and/or assertiveness at a time!  ;-) My focus is to ignite the connection between all the good-to-great people, organizations and events that Vallejo has. A "self-esteem boost" to our community, as I have been calling it at my appearances at the Farmer's Market and other encounters. The majority is resonating with the message that "many people DO CARE in Vallejo!" We just all care in different ways, different tunes, different venues... the very pleasurable task that I am just starting is to connect us all... The rest? Well, it will be up to all of us! I am only a leader, no one's boss! as this very, very incipient social movement being ONLY IGNITED is very gradually catching on-- as seen on the Vallejo Community Building FB Page... which, I am already thinking we might actually call "Imagine Vallejo"-- emulating the approach of Bliss Browne in "Imagine Chicago"!

"NEIGHBORHOOD CLEAN UP—and caring for keeping our lives as clean and clear as possible"  
2013-10-27 by Dr. Gabriela Melano:
Saturday, October 26, I had the privilege to be invited to a Neighborhood Clean up that Franklin Middle School conducted in Vallejo. From 9:00 AM to noon, a group of volunteers of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, sizes and roles in the school community showed up to clean up the school surroundings. Students, teachers, parents, administrators and other mischievous neighborhood dudes, just like Gabriela, showed up with a smile and a positive disposition to make a difference in our community.
As I walked in, I noticed several adults. It so happened that, just like myself, several had no children at the school, nor were related to the school in any other fashion that we were neighbors. Loved it! A few of them were interested in my essays, and even gave me their email addresses, as they are (almost to-be-expected) also involved in other community-minded endeavors. “Great—we must connect!”, I stated with my characteristic enthusiasm.
While chatting with the children, one stands out due to her engaging and curious demeanor. Her name is Janessa, she is 11 years old of beautiful Afro-Unitedstatesian girl. See her picture in the album. When I mentioned that Vallejo Community Building is about highlighting the community-gems in our town, she shares: “I did a compost project for science class! We had to get various materials to help the garbage decompose, and we even have to measure the temperature regularly, so as to check it is properly done.” She talked about her science project with pride, and with a unmissable smile that could light up the entire otherwise noisy and bubbly auditorium. It reminds me of a concept I share with my clients frequently, which is placing in a compost pile the blunders that we are bound to make, here and there, if we are truly trying to make a difference… as, if properly cared for, we can turn our otherwise perceived as mere mistakes, as lessons learn!
The Neighborhood Community Beautification Team was composed of about 50 dedicated people. This included the Principal and Assistant Principle, among other school personnel, including some teachers. I thought to myself “what great role modelling, to have the Principal and many other school adults, cleaning the streets as heavily as anyone else!” The result of this mere three-hour collective activity was evident— not just due to the improved looks of the surroundings, but also the camaraderie and further built relationships among all volunteers.
Several moments that made me GIGGLE are documented in the pictures. See the mother with a young boy? They are originally from Guatemala, and he came to the event on his pijamas! J How cute and funny! Perhaps, he was ready for Halloween, huh? Also, the great additive of the balloons with smiley faces! See the girls, including one “SuperWoman”?! Great to have a GIRL SUPER HEROE in the crew, huh?! And the hot dog cooks—they indicated that they were not “burned”, rather that they were “charcoil broiled”—it’s a matter of interpretation, ain’t it? Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja!
Of course, me being me, I also thought about how much better would it be if everyone took care of their trash appropriately! Then, of the metaphor of a whole collective taking care of what is trashable or toxic because it benefits all of us—setting individual responsibilities aside and bringing social responsibilities to the forefront. At the same time, both, the individual as well as the social responsibilites are important—just how to balance them both appears to be the story of humanity since Adam and Eve (or milleniums before that, huh?)
This reminds me of a true story of a friend of mine, many moons ago. A co-worker and his family had the audacity to throw a diaper on the workplace parking lot as they drove away on vacation. As opposed to do nothing or complain, they chose to call him to the office letting him know that “a very special package marked URGENT” had just arrived for him. Of course, the package they briskly put together and desguised it as “special delivery” had the very same diaper that had been left of the shared space. His team mates, obviously, had a royal laugh—and, this special team mate, fortunately, got his lesson without losing face. A creative solution, I think—what do you say?
Food for Thought or INVITATION: Think of how you deal with what is no longer of value in your Life. It could be material, emotional, social or spiritual matters. Do you own your stuff, or do you throw it away… perhaps, on other people’s spaces or even public settings? What, if anything, could you do differently… perhaps, even mischievously, so that either you, your loved ones, or others who you barely know own their “compost items” and not trash anything around—whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual in nature? Your imagination is the limit, as always!

News & Info
"Cropmobster: Connecting the Dots Between Farms, Food Waste and Hunger" [link]

Community Culture Calender

4th Annual "Trunk or Treat"
Oct. 31st, 6:15 to 8:15pm
Free, All-Ages
At Vallejo Lowes parking lot [401 Colombus Pkwy, Vallejo]

Wednesday Night Ramble with...
The North Bay All-Stars and special guest Tia Carroll

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 7pm-10pm
Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street, Vallejo]
All Ages Venue, General Admission $7/advance and $9/door
tickets and information [] [707.552.2400]
International Blues Singer To Debut  on Empress Stage -
The North Bay All Stars will host the gathering of musical friends in the latest installment of The Wednesday Night Ramble at the historic Empress Theatre in downtown Vallejo with Don Bassey on bass, T. Moran on drums, Matt Silva on guitar and Mike Emerson on keyboard. Joining the house band will be blues singer Tia Carroll.
Tia Carroll is all soul, blues, power and passion.  The powerhouse vocalist has traveled the world performing and has headlined festivals, clubs and theatres from Brazil to France. The California based singer is inspired by such music legends as Koko Taylor, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.
Her many awards include West Coast Blues Hall Of Fame Female Blues vocalist of the year 2007, band leader of the year 2008 and R&B vocalist of the year 2011 and the Jus Blues Music Foundation’s Traditional Blues Woman Of The Year 2008, in Memphis.

Nov. 9th "National Chaos Never Dies Day"

Yes, Friends, the celebration you never knew about is almost upon us! 
November 9 is National Chaos Never Dies Day, and Forbidden Puppet Cabaret will celebrate it like never before! Live music. Unheard of Arts. Creative Fellowship. Join us. Follow Forbidden Puppet Cabaret on Facebook []. []. For more info or to submit your own act for consideration: [].
Where?  Fetterly Theatre in Vallejo, 3467 Sonoma Blvd. Suite 10, Vallejo (Fetterly virgins, look below for map).

When? Saturday, November 9 - doors open at 7pm for refreshments, bar, make your own "Garbie Doll" puppet from garbage, and preshow party.
What?  Chaotic and serene short puppet and music performances by a varied collection of superlative performing artists from Bay Area and Beyond (find out why this is one of the best loved chaos celebrations ever!)  Also food, live music, puppet making and a chance to get up on stage and perform.  (Did we mention a creative and exciting new group of friends?  This is not the KAOS of Get Smart fear!)
Why?  Because Chaos Never Dies, so why not?  And, besides, we have so much fun!
Choose your own ticket price at []  (and check out the great photos from past Forbidden Puppet Cabarets!)
Funding for this event has been made possible in part by the Puppet Slam Network [], join the SF Bay Area Slam Network on Facebook, or email (address above) to request to join the Bay Area Puppet Slam Yahoo Group! Keep informed!
Performers (subject to changes and surprises): --
* Jim and Jan Bartz and the LimberJimBartz Band: Musical, puppet and puppet making special guests. Jim is a master carver who specializes in woodenfolktoy puppets called Limber Jacks or clog dolls. He and Jan will not only, play, sing and perform with their wonderful creations, they will also offer a craft project where you can make a Garbie Doll, a Limber Jack made of recyclables.
* Mary Nagler, Whorls of Wonder Puppets: For nearly forty years Mary has been a performing artist. She has toured with Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus as one of their first Clown College trained female clowns. Puppetry was part of her comic performance with the Circus. In addition to her work as a performer, Mary is an experienced puppet builder and designer. She has worked on myriad puppet styles including the marionettes used in the film "Being JohnMalkovich,"and has built Muppets (such as crowd favorite Beaker) and puppets for the musical Avenue Q .
* Images in Motion created the puppets for Being John Malkovitch and have won multiple Emmys for their television work. Screen credits include puppeteering or puppet making for Jame and the Giant Peach, Monkeybone, Being John Malkovich, The Fly 2, BiCentennial Man, FraggleRock, among many.
* Warren Peace, Canine Poet Factory: Warren Peace is a preeminent canine poet who delights in sharing his insights with audiences of all ages. He has headlined at cabarets and co-hosted radio programs, bringing a unique canine perspective to bear on the world we live in. He is usually accompanied by Brian Narelle, former writer/animator for Sesame Street, whose credits also include co-starring in the Discovery Channel's Bingo & Molly as a rabbit and a wolf.
* Little Blue Moon Theatre: Little Blue Moon's repertoire was inspired by a chance meeting between two loving puppeteers and an aphrodisiac maker, resulting in two exciting and popular seasons of underground theatre at Wild Swan Aphrodisiac Factory in Napa, California. Today Little Blue Moon's award winning, short, humorous theatre pieces with themes of sex, romance and adventure are a festival favorite in Europe and have excited and delighted audiences coast to coast in the U.S.
* Nick Jones, Puppeteer: As an SF street performer, Jones performs often in the Castro and on Market Street. He says his puppets are a reflection of what he sees in the city and the experiences he's had, with the exception of one: Wolfie T. Wolf, the emcee.  "He is a caricature of my grandfather a little bit. He's kind of the New Englander I don't get to be because I live in San Francisco. So, Wolfie can be a little more direct."
* Bernie Beauchamp Puppets []: In business since 2000, Bernie Beauchamp of Reno, Nevada has developed Beaupromo from a one puppet riverside novelty act into a polished gem of Marionette magic representing the high standards of professional puppet touring companies around the world. Bernie's dancing fire marionettes have been a Forbidden Puppet Cabaret favorite in the past.
* Magical Moonshine Theatre []: Founded in 1979 by Michael and Valerie Nelson, Magical Moonshine Theatre (MMT) performances have been seen coast to coast in the U.S., as well as internationally with performances over 15 countries in 8 different languages. Michael studied puppetry at the International Puppetry Institute with the late Jim Henson of the Muppets.  Additionally, Nelson has taught puppet theatre arts at the Napa Valley College; was a California Arts Council Artist in Residency; has been a regular writer for the national journal of puppetry; is a past president of the San Francisco Bay Area Puppetry Guild; and is a past-President of UNIMA-USA. Valerie, in addition to being co founder of MMT is past faculty member of Tennessee Arts Academy, past workshop director of the National Puppetry Festival, and currently, along with Michael, is a California Arts Council Artist in the Schools.

Coal Shed Art Studios Open House (Part of the Vallejo Open Studios event)  
November 9 and 10, 11-5 pm
You are most cordially invited to Coal Shed's Annual Open Studios, as part of Vallejo Open Studios.
When: November 9 and 10, 11-5 pm
Where: Coal Shed Studios, 153 Waterfront(4th and Nimitz), Mare Island, in lovely Vallejo, California
Enjoy the art, music, wine and good vibrations at the water's edge, and take some to go! (Caveat: Art can be purchased...good vibrations are free of charge...we don’t encourage wine to go!)
See what we've been up to, visit with resident artists new and old, and meet our two newest additions: the fabulously talented costumer Mackenzie Marshall, and painter/videographer/art phenom TJ Walkup. We're also excited to host guest artist Sherry Tobin and her ladybug Art Car, as well as the photography of Sema Dudum. We hope to see your smiling faces as you share in the wonderful art at the Coal Shed Studios....see you there!
Check out our Facebook event page at [link].
Also, be sure to check out the rest of the burgeoning art scene in Vallejo by visiting participating Studios citywide. The Vallejo Open Studios website is [], and maps will be available at the Coal Sheds during the weekend event.

The Empress Theatre Presents
Steve Sage’s DVC “Rock Rhythm & Blues Revue”

Sunday, November 10, 2013 - 2pm
Doors open 1:30pm
Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, CA  94590]
All Ages Venue
$7/advance and $9/door General Admission
tickets and information [707.552.2400] []
Diablo Valley College's "Rock, Rhythm & Blues Revue", featuring over 20 bands playing a range of blues, rock, soul, country, oldies and pop, returns to the Empress for their newly established monthly shows at the historic downtown theatre.  The bands are made up of over 80 students taking DVC music instructor’s Steve Sage’s class in the theory and performance of blues, rock & roll, country, funk, soul and R&B.  The instrumentals -  including guitar, bass, horns and piano – and vocalist form small ensembles to study, examine, rehearse and perform music from these contemporary American musical genres.
Music instructor and guitarist Steve Sage says each band will perform in a rapid fire show of spirited music.  The teacher and creator of the revue says "The bands are ecstatic to play on the Empress stage.  It fits right in with our commitment to keeping American roots music alive for the next generation.”
Facebook Gallery of Diablo Valley College Rock Rhythm & Blues Revue @ Empress on May 19, 2013:

Vallejo Jazz Society presents...
Women in Jazz
Mad Duran – Ruth Davies – Elizabeth Goodfellow – Tammy Hall

Sunday, November 10, 2013 - 5pm
Bay Terrace Theater [51 Daniels Avenue, Vallejo]
General Admission $10 ($5 for VJS members) and may be purchased at the door or online at []. Refreshments will be available for purchase.
Up to two children 18 and under are admitted free with a paying adult
for information [707.533.4593] or []
Vallejo Jazz Society Celebrates Women in Jazz at Bay Terrace Theater -
Women have been a part of jazz since the beginning. But from Lil Hardin playing in King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band to today’s current crop of female jazz artists, their achievements have often been overlooked.  So the Vallejo Jazz Society asked renowned local saxophonist, Mad Duran, to put together a quartet of women to celebrate the contribution of women to this uniquely American musical form.
The bandleader asked fellow Bay Area jazz musicians, Ruth Davies on bass, Tammy Hall on keys and Elizabeth Goodfellow on drums to help her showcase the contributions of women to jazz.  And, what better way than to have four remarkable bay area jazz talents step into the spotlight and play!
About Mad Duran: Saxophonist and bandleader, Madaline Duran, brings a wealth of artistry and experience to her work. Duran prides herself in creating from the heart with her lush sound, melodic weaving lines over choral harmonies, and bouncing rhythms trying to play something fresh every time. As Mad says in her own words, "I play games with myself while improvising, forcing myself to go in different directions when I solo.  I've got to keep myself always searching and placing obstacles otherwise I'm not interested." Music critic, Herb Cain, summed it up best when he said, “Mad Duran is just what jazz needs - soul, swing and a breath of femininity.”
About Tammy Hall: “Tammy’s playing is warm & persuasive and a listener’s delight. She has much to offer in the way of originality, fine technique and a rich emotional quality that is evident on everything she does," says Marian McPartland. Tammy’s major musical influences include Tania Maria, Joe Sample, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Mary Lou Williams, Shirley Horn, Dorothy Donnegan, Hank Jones,Thelonious Monk and Bill Evans. Much like her influences, Tammy brings a virtuosity to the piano that is never ostentatious, and her approach to music moves whoever is listening and is always genuine and fresh. Tammy's impressive accompanist skills have made her a top choice for many wellknown singers including Kim Nalley, she performed with at Lincoln Center in December 2012, Mary Wilson, formerly of the Supremes, Darlene Love, Melba Moore and the late Etta Jones. She also regularly plays with the highly acclaimed Montclair Women’s Big Band and vocalist Pamela Rose in the show Wild Women of Song. Tammy also accompanies choirs at churches around the Bay Area and often performs as the musical inspiration at services. She is equally gifted in the Classical, Gospel, Latin, R&B and Jazz genres. From performing solo to playing with big bands, from Carnegie Hall to Yoshi’s, Tammy does it all.
About Elizabeth Goodfellow: Elizabeth Goodfellow has been playing drums since she was ten years old. Her recent projects include The Emily Anne Band (America’s Got Talent 2012), with whom she released her first original song on iTunes (co-written with Miriam Speyer): “Lullaby.” Beth has performed for the President and is a vetran of the United States Air Force. She recently returned from Sweden where she recorded drum parts for Norwegian pop star Magnus Gronneberg’s forthcoming release for Warner Norway. Newly relocated to Los Angeles after living in San Francisco for five years, Beth is excited to be a member of ShyBoy, an electro-dream-pop band based in L.A. When her creativity seeks non-musical mediums, Beth can be found curating offerings for her online vintage clothing shop, Double Dare Vintage.
About Ruth Davies: Ruth has performed with such jazz and blues greats as Keb' Mo', Charles Brown, Clark Terry, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Jay McShann, Van Morrison, Maria Muldaur, Junior Mance, Barbara Morrison, Etta Jones, Terry Gibbs, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Little Jimmy Scott.  Her discography (including several Platinum and Grammy-winning CDs) covers various jazz and blues styles as well as movie soundtracks. She has recorded with Charles Brown, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Van Morrison, Clark Terry, Vassar Clements, Toots Thielemans, Ernie Watts, Elvin Bishop, Maria Muldaur, Jackie Ryan, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott, among others.  She toured the world for ten years with the late Charles Brown, performing at major jazz festivals and concerts and on radio and television broadcasts worldwide. Ruth continues to spend considerable time abroad. She has recorded and performed internationally with Maria Muldaur, Denise Jannah, Dmitri Matheny and European pianist/composer Amina Figarova. Lately she has "returned to the roots" and travels with Elvin Bishop's band. Previous concerts included Yancie Taylor, Denise Perrier, Larry Vuckovich, Paul Hanson, Pamela Rose, Carlitos Medrano, Le Jazz Hot and Calvin Keys.

The Empress Theatre Presents...
Soulshine with "Groovemasters" and special guest Ed Earley

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 7pm-10pm
Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, CA  94590]
All Ages Venue
Cover $7/advance and $9/door
Beer-wine-martini bar
tickets and information [707.552.2400] []
Trombone Player Headed To Historic Downtown Vallejo Theatre -
Soulshine, the newest Empress experience, turns up the heat in a pro-jam style concert focused on funk, soul, blues and R&B music. The house band for this series is Timm Walker's Groovemasters featuring Charles Spikes, Wilson Brooks and Lorenzo Hawkins. The house band will welcome special guest blues trombone player, Ed Earley, to the latest musical offering of the historical Vallejo Theatre. Ed Earley is a "trombone player's" trombone player. The charismatic player has played with just about everybody in the blues world from Albert King to John Lee Hooker.  In addition to his own band, The Ed Earley Band, Ed is currently performing with blues legend Elvin Bishop, as well as teaching and writing music.
Soulshine comes on the heals of the theatre’s very successful Wednesday Night Ramble focusing on Americana, roots, blues and funk music. Soulshine will bring the same spirit of “organized chaos” with a slightly different flavor of music relying upon Soul, R&B and funk sounds for the stage that is fast becoming known for it’s innovative musical offerings. Previous special guests have been funk guitarist Don Caruth from The Joint Chiefs; Michael Jeffries, former lead singer of Tower Power, blues guitarist Kenny Neal, Lady Bianca, Pat Wilder, Will Russ, Jr., Rhonda Benin, Sista Monica and funk flautist Kymberly Jackson.
(photo by Tom Dellinger)

The Empress Theatre presents...
Danny Click and the Hell Yeahs!

Friday, November 15, 2013 8pm
The Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, CA  94590] [707.552.2400]
tickets and information, visit []
General Admission:  $15/advance and $18/door
Danny Click and the Hell Yeahs! Return to Empress Theatre Stage -
Austin transplant and chart-topping singer/songwriter Danny Click and his band, the Hell Yeahs! return to the Empress for an evening of Roots Rock, Americana, and Blues. Danny is a favorite at the Empress. Until a few years ago, Danny Click was one of Austin’s best-kept secrets, a musician’s musician who’d won the respect of some of alt-country’s biggest names but hadn’t yet found widespread recognition. That changed when Click's latest CD, Life Is A Good Place, was released in April, 2011 and spent more than 12 consecutive months on the Country, pop, and Americana radio charts.
Danny Click's sound is a refreshing return to smart, sassy blues-inflected rock and roll. Think Tom Petty crossed with John Mellencamp, spiced with the southern tradition of Lucinda Williams and John Hiatt. Add to that Click's searing guitar, reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan and David Lindley, and you've got a winning mix. Yet Click doesn't just pay tribute to his musical heroes, he offers up his own emotionally compelling vision, one that puts him comfortably in their company.
Danny has released four albums, including his most recent, Life Is A Good Place, featuring wide-open songs with a dose of hope for all the people who hear them. The new album remained on the country, pop, and Americana radio charts for more than 10 consecutive months, with the first single, "Wait my Turn," reaching #1 on Nashville’s Indie World Country Chart.
(Photo by Tom Dellinger)

"Running of the Trolls"
Nov. 30th at Sherwood Forest in Vallejo!
We intend to flush out the negative element that hangs out at Hanns park, even if it's just for one night. Also, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD).

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