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News & Info for Nov. 19th, 2013

Interview with...
Obtanium Work's Major Catastrophe
(aka Shannon O'Hare), to give us the up & up on the upcoming 4th Annual Mad Hatter Holiday Festival

December 7th, 2013, on the streets of Vallejo's Village of Artists and community spaces, centered at Georgia st. & Marin st. there will occur the Mad Hatter's Festival, Parade & Ball, a fantastic display of InDIYpendent culture and Community Spirit, with art cars, fire art, marching bands, dancing horses, and spectacles too numerous to list!!!
Festival begins at 2pm at Unity Plaza -- between JFK Library & the Post Office: see the Dancing Mexican Horses, Loma Vista animals, fun art cars, plenty of food & craft vendors & much more!! Come & ride in the Mad Hatter Tea PoT!!!

The Parade begins at 4pm, and ends at Vallejo's Unity Park with a fantastic display of lights and flames!Following that will be an after-hours all night block party as only the Mad Hatter could arrange, with the Mad Hatter's Ball (21+, $20) at the Oddfellow's Hub [350 Georgia st.] [www.thehubvallejo.com].
Accompanying the Mad Hatter's Ball will be Alice's Palace (all-ages) at the Art is Zen [337 Georgia st.] [facebook.com/pages/Artiszen-Cultural-Art-Center/552021818212678].
Ozcat Radio, through the Gathering of the Tribes affiliation with the Northbay Evolver Network, has been invited to be in the parade alongside the Cat of Many Colors!

Todays Featured Artist:
Julia A. Smith of Fiber Garden Arts in Vallejo 
[www.fibergardenarts.com] [fibergardenarts@yahoo.com] [707-712 8781]
Julia is a sustainable artistisan who uses blends upcycled fibers with locally produced Alpalca hairs, from the indigenous domesticated animal of South America, and incorperates other kinds of fibers, including bamboo, silk, and upcycled fibers and ornaments, to create wearable pieces of art. The pieces are all unique, with vibrant and tasteful color designs.
Julia writes: "I focus on fiber arts, using sustainably raised Alpaca Fiber from an Alpaca Ranch in Somerset. Blending it sometimes with silk and/ or bamboo. I sometimes use vintage buttons n beads, but sometimes new. I do sometimes do up cycling using old wool sweaters, but as I am allergic to wool I have been focusing on the Alpaca. Most people allergic to wool can tolerate alpaca, it does not have lanolin."
Julia also creates visual art with the same resources, and, as shown in the examples below, the attention to detail is awe-inspiring, considering the colors are created not by a paintbrush, but by individual fibers altogether creating scenic visions.
She says you can catch her Saturdays, between 9 to 1pm, at Moschetti's InDIYpendent Culture Showcase, located at 11 6th st. in Vallejo, at the corner of Monterey st. and Curtola pkwy.
A shoulder wrap, alpaca fiber felted onto hemp/silk fabric.

Felted, sewn, wall art. "SpringTree" (Click on the image)

Felted, sewn wall art "Moonlight" (Click on the image)

Image from a Nuno Felted Shawl cria fiber(baby Alpaca) with silk embellishments. Double sided.

The Alpaca is a cousin of the Camel of Eurasia, but is indigenous to South America, with it's sister species, the Llama, who both helped give rise to the vast empires of the Inca kings of pre-Hispanic South America:

Community Culture Calender

Faith Food Fridays public service announcement...
Thanksgiving Dinner Basket Giveaway!

Nov. 22nd, 3 to 6pm
at 826 Curtola parkway
Faith Food Fridays will once again be distributing Thanksgiving dinner boxes this Friday to more than 300 Vallejo families in need. You can help any of three ways:
1st by praying for God's provision,
2nd with your time between Thurs. 4-7pm or Fri. 2-6pm
and/or 3rd by donating money, whole turkeys, chickens or other dinner items.
Thank you for your loving, continued support of this outreach ministry.
For more information, contact Ben Buggs at (510) 978-2396 or Bi Sanchez in the church office.
God bless you!

Typhoon Haiyan Benefit Concert
@ Empress Theatre in Vallejo
Sunday, November 24, 2013 2pm
$20/open seating and $100/reserved VIP seating
The Empress Theatre in historic downtown Vallejo was the host for Hope for Haiti, Superstorm Sandy, and now is stepping up again to organize a benefit concert for Typhoon Haiyen/Yolanda relief effort.
My dear friend and Empress venue manager, Don Bassey, said once images of the devastation in the Philippines began to appear on the news, musicians were calling him and offering to play and he knew we had to something!
Then the legendary 1970's Latin rock band Dakila contacted the theatre and offered to reunite again to help raise funds for typhoon relief. Dakila made their glorious return to the stage at the 2013 Voices of Latin Rock and were the hit of the show.
When we think about Latin Rock, we usually imagine Hispanic or South American artists. However, San Francisco is a diverse city so it is not surprising to find a group that performs music other than their own. For the music group Dakila, mixing the latin beat with Filipino flair just came natural to them.
Kickback [www.kickbackband.com], CRSB [www.csrbmusic.com] and Dom Baza [www.dombazamusic.com] have just been added to the lineup, and there will be more musicians by Sunday!
Proceeds from the concert will go towards medical supplies for mobile clinics in the Philippines.. Funds raised at the concert will donated to Relief International Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Red Team Support in Los Angeles, CA.

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