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News & Info for Nov. 26th, 2013

Interview with...
Michael R. Gorman [] of Sacramento.
Druid, Poet, Artist, Celtic Historian and The Lambda Award Winning Author of the ground-breaking biography of activist Jose Sarria, “The Empress Is A Man", Michael has published his latest history book. titled The Celtic Philosopher’s Stone: Volume One - Not Your Father’s European History”.
Philip Carr-Gomm, the Chief Druid of The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids And Internationally Published Author of “The Druid Renaissance,” Says of Michael Gorman’s New Book: “Michael Gorman's book, is more than another book of history. Instead, it is an impassioned plea for looking not only at our past, but at the world that surrounds us now - with all its beauties and iniquities. With the fluidity of Celtic knot work, the subjects of history, sexual politics, social commentary and autobiography are woven together to create a powerful case for appreciating the world of the Celts and their extraordinary legacy.” Celtic and Pagan - These two words get bandied about often these days in America and Europe, but few people who use these words know the true story behind them, or even what their accurate translations from the Gaelic and Greek (Celt/Keltoi) or the Latin (Paganus) are, even among the people who use these words to define their philosophical, spiritual, and ethnic identities. Even fewer people know the extent of the Celtic civilization and why the Celts came to be called Keltoi by the Greek Empires and Paganus by the Roman Empire. Most do not recognize that most people of European descent have Celtic blood in their genealogical backgrounds. Very few have ever been taught that the Celtic world once included most of the European continent and had historic ties to India, Russia, and the Middle East. We all have heard the observation that the victors write the history, but how could such a massive and advanced culture be completely left out of Western textbooks, schools, and cultural knowledge? Therein lies the story of perhaps the most successful conspiracy in human history, and one of the most brutal, and almost successful, examples of genocide as well. The new book, “The Celtic Philosopher’s Stone, Volume One: Not Your Father’s European History” finally tells the story that was almost lost to history. Readers of this book will come away knowing more about the Celtic world and the Pagan world than most people alive today, and about the deep roots of the Western Culture that owes more than we were ever told to its Celtic Pagan ancestors, yet this profound subject is told with the voice and humor of a master storyteller that makes it readable for all of us. So grab some marshmallows, sit by the fire, and learn about the amazing heritage you never knew you had.

On today's edition of the Northbay UpRising morningshow, we feature the poetic prose of Don Peery [], from the...
Benicia's Poem Homes (more info here [link]), a program of the Benicia Poet Laureate, with the Benicia Public Library, project manager Jady Montgomery, and volunteers of the First Tuesday Poetry Group, which meets monthly, 6:30 to 9pm at the Benicia Public Library, Welcome To All. Submit Poems to []!

"Benicia, the City"Benicia the City is much like Benicia the town.
They share the same location on the map;
the same streets and gutters, schools and parks;
the same population; the same past glories.
For city-folk, there are Papa’s and Sailor Jacks,
and dining out on the street at the Union Hotel,
all with fine wines, cocktails, and up-scale menus.
The towns-folk have Sandoval’s, the First Street Café,
and the Benicia Grill on East Second Street.
The city-folk have coffee at the Relik and Starbucks;
ice cream at the Double Rainbow and Baskin Robbins.
The towns-folk have coffee at Rrag’s and Java Point
Café, and Thrifty ice cream at the drug store.
Mostly, we work away from our city/town
during the day, returning at night and on weekends
to homes, family, and friends. There’s not much occurring
in winter, spring and fall except for school,
after hour sports, library visits,
trips to the store and city council meetings.
But in the summer, we all get together for Thursday
evening farmers’ markets, Friday night
movies in the park, or strolling downtown
enjoying the shops and the breeze from the bay.
And every year in July, we line First Street
to see family and friends marching by
or riding on floats in celebration of where
we have been and how far we have come, affirming
who and what we all will be tomorrow.

"Life Poem"
My life has been one long poem
seventy plus years in the making.
Some stanzas have been sad,
some filled with joy, but all
somehow satisfying. Two wives,
four children and, at the end,
a Lady fully in tune with me,
my soul, my sense of purpose.
If life is an accident, a game
of chance, to be won or lost,
it really doesn't matter
if there is a God…
or not. But somehow I think my being
on this earth, my span of time,
was not a waste - nor my four children
with their perfect souls.
Life Poem
My life has been one long poem
seventy plus years in the making.
Some stanzas have been sad,
some filled with joy, but all
somehow satisfying. Two wives,
four children and, at the end,
a Lady fully in tune with me,
my soul, my sense of purpose.
If life is an accident, a game
of chance, to be won or lost,
it really doesn't matter
if there is a God…
or not. But somehow I think my being
on this earth, my span of time,
was not a waste - nor my four children
with their perfect souls.

excerpt from...
"Who’s Suffering, Who’s Not as Drought Stretches On"    
2013-11-18 by Eric Simons []:
[ ... ] Several drought-adapted natives, actually, should be doing OK. While the rare vernal pools at Jepson Prairie Reserve [] in the Sacramento Valley weren’t much to look at this calendar year, everything out there’s pretty resilient about water, said Virginia Boucher at UC Davis’s John Muir Institute for the Environment. Native annual plants have seedbanks that are well-accustomed to waiting out a dry spell. Perennial plants have taproots down and will be poised to spring in the next rain. Tiger salamanders that breed in the pools live a surprising chunk of their lives in dry upland habitats.
Vernal pool poster-species fairy shrimps, well, they’ll just chill for 50 years if they need to.
“They’re ready for this,” Boucher said. “They could send them into outer space on the space capsule and they’d still be viable when they got back. These babies are tough.” [ ... ]

"Renewables Provide 99% of All New US Electrical Generating Capacity in October"
2013-11-22 from "SPX" []:
Washington DC -
According to the latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Office of Energy Projects, solar, biomass, and wind "units" provided 694 MW of new electrical generating capacity last month or 99.3% of all new generation placed in-service (the balance of 5 MW was provided by oil.)
 Twelve new solar units accounted for 504 MW or 72.1% of all new electrical generating capacity in October 2013 followed by four biomass units (124 MW - 17.7%) and two wind units (66 MW - 9.4%).
 For the first ten months of 2013, renewable energy sources (i.e., biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, wind) have accounted for nearly a third (32.8%) of all new electrical generating capacity.
 That is more than that provided thus far this year by coal (1,543 MW - 12.5%), oil (36 MW - 0.3%), and nuclear power (0 MW - 0.0%) combined. Solar alone comprises 20.5% of new generating capacity (2,528 MW) thus far this year - more than doubling its 2012 total (1,257 MW). However, natural gas has dominated 2013 thus far with 6,625 MW of new capacity (53.7%).
 For the first ten months of 2013, compared to the same period in 2012, new capacity from all sources has declined by 27.5% (from 17,008 MW to 12,327 MW).
 Renewable sources now account for nearly 16% of total installed U.S. operating generating capacity: water - 8.30%, wind - 5.21%, biomass - 1.32%, solar - 0.59%, and geothermal steam - 0.33%. This is more than nuclear (9.22%) and oil (4.06%) combined.
 A second new federal study, the latest issue of "Electric Power Monthly" by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (with data through September 30, 2013), notes that renewable energy sources accounted for 12.95% net electrical generation for the first three-quarters of 2013 (hydropower - 6.90%, wind - 4.03%, wood + biomass - 1.40%, geothermal - 0.41%, solar - 0.21%).
 This represents an increase of 5.22% compared to the same period in 2012 with non-hydro renewables combined growing by 15.9% (solar - 91.9%, wind - 21.7%, geothermal - 1.2%, wood + biomass - 0.4%). By comparison electrical generation from all sources (i.e., including fossil fuels and nuclear power) dipped by 0.8%.
 "As the threats posed by climate change grow increasingly more dire, renewable energy sources have clearly become a viable alternative to fossil fuels as well as nuclear power," said Ken Bossong, Executive Director of the SUN DAY Campaign.
 "Accordingly, efforts by some at the state and national levels to roll back support for these sources are clearly misguided."

Community Culture Calender

Sunrise Ceremony in San Jose
Thursday, November 28 2013 @ 5 AM
Mexican Heritage Plaza
1700 Alum Rock Avenue
San Jose
In solidarity with the International Indian Treaty Council's historic Alcatraz gathering please join the School of Arts & Culture at MHP in collaboration with Calpulli Tonalehqueh, Akoma Arts, the Black Berets of San Jose, New Fire/Yancuic Xihuitl and the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee Chapter Silicon Valley to commemorate all indigenous cultures and traditions in a sunrise gathering.
This is especially for those who can't make it to Alcatraz and would like to commemorate all Indigenous Cultures here in the South Bay.
Offerings of song and dance will be: Akoma Arts (African Drum) led by Keith Hames and Calpulli Tonalehqueh with Mexika/Aztec dance and song.
Speakers: Elder Ron Pinkham (Nez Perce)
More to be confirmed soon.
All are welcome, todos son invitados, this event is free however donations of pan dulce, coffee/tea are accepted for post ceremony socializing. Volunteers for set up and clean up please message the School of Arts & Culture @MHP via their inbox.
This event is sponsored by School Of Arts At Mexican Heritage Plaza

Burn the Turkey Hike
November 29 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Website: []
It’s the day after Thanksgiving and time to work off that holiday meal!  This 2.5 mile winter walk is designed to burn the calories yet feed the soul as we hike the steep forested slopes of the west ridge, tres sendas, and stream trails. Rain cancels. Meet at the Skyline Gate Staging Area.

Eagle Rock Guided Hike
November 30 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Hike the trail to Eagle Rock and get a spectacular view over the Santa Cruz Mountains!  Check out the changes in flora and fauna as you hike up to the highest point in Big Basin State Park at 2,500 ft elevation. This fairly strenuous hike is about 4-5.5 miles round trip (depending on route), including a two-mile uphill hike. Bring plenty of water to drink and a snack.
Directions: From HWY 236 towards Big Basin, Little Basin Road is a left at the top of the hill. There is a new sign on the left of the HWY. Follow Little Basin Road for 1.5 miles. The road is narrow in spaces, so please drive slowly. Little Basin is at the end of the road.
Meeting place: Meet at the Nature Fun Zone next to the picnic area, or just go to the main office and ask for directions to the Nature Fun Zone.
All programs are provided by the Web of Life Field School, [].
For weekly updates visit our facebook: []
or: []
Contact us to ask about our naturalists for hire program to provide a special program for your family or group at or call 831-338-8018.

"Running of the Trolls"
Nov. 30th at Sherwood Forest in Vallejo!
We intend to flush out the negative element that hangs out at Hanns park, even if it's just for one night. Also, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD).

Rock the Red
benefit show for World AIDS Day

at the Artiszen Cultural Art Center [337 Georgia st., Vallejo]

The Empress Theatre Presents the Wednesday Night Ramble with the North Bay All-Stars and
Special Guest: Mighty Mike Schermer

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 7pm-10pm
Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street Vallejo, CA  94590] []
All Ages Venue
Cover $7/advance and $9/door
Beer-Wine-Martini Bar
707.552.2400 tickets and information
The North Bay All Stars will host the gathering of musical friends in the latest installment of The Wednesday Night Ramble at the historic Empress Theatre in downtown Vallejo with Don Bassey on bass, T. Moran on drums, Matt Silva on guitar and Mike Emerson on keyboard. Joining the house band will be guitarist Mighty Mike Schermer.
Mighty Mike Schermer has been a fixture on the Bay Area Blues scene for over 20 years. In that span of time he has carved out a solid solo career, with two critically acclaimed CDs, an award winning single and thousands of performances at festivals and nightclubs the world over. He has also become the "go to guy" sideman for such heavyweights as Elvin Bishop, Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Musselwhite, Maria Muldaur, Howard Tate, Angela Strehli, Sista Monica, Shana Morrison and many, many more.
Charlie Lange of Bluebeat Music writes "…equally at ease with hard-ass blues or the spare necessities of vintage soul, Schermer steps forward with clever tunes, sturdy vocals and loads of great guitar!"
Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal calls him "… one of the most extraordinary guitarists of the new generation."
Mike's musical journey started at age ten…fumbling around with guitar, trumpet and clarinet. He played in school and in various rock and roll bands throughout his teens, but everything changed one night in 1984 when he plunked down three dollars to see The Master of The Telecaster - Albert Collins. "Albert hit that first note," says Schermer " and it was like a door slammed behind me and another one opened up in front. That was the sound and the soul and the feeling I'd been looking for in music up to that point."
Willie Dixon told him, "Boy, you play your ass off," while Snooky Pryor lauded his "stingin' guitar." At a show at the legendary Sweetwater in Mill Valley, CA in 1996 Bonnie Raitt dubbed Schermer her "new favorite guitar player."
In 2006 blues/rock legend Elvin Bishop hired Schermer on as his lead guitarist. The blending of their two unique styles has proved a tough combination to beat. Elvin's recent release The Blues Rolls On (2008) puts Mighty Mike side by side with some of the best guitarists in the business including Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks and even the king of the blues himself - B.B. King!
Mike's extensive discography also includes recordings with Angela Strehli, Howard Tate, Sista Monica, Shana Morrison, Terry Hanck and many more. Finedog Records recently released a long awaited compilation CD, Right Hand Man Vol. 1, which chronicles Schermer's career alongside many of these top artists. That CD debuted at #4 on the Living Blues Radio Charts.
He has toured through a host of festivals including the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the San Francisco Blues Festival, the Poretta Soul Festival in Italy, the Park Tower Blues Festival in Tokyo and as a hometown favorite at eight Santa Cruz Blues Festivals. He has performed in all 50 US states and in 19 countries around the world.

"Mighty Mike Schermer is probably the best blues guitarist, singer and songwriter you've never heard of…and probably not for long!" Tommy Castro
"Every time I play with him my booty hurts afterwards from him kicking it all night!" Elvin Bishop.
The Wednesday Night Ramble feels like a family reunion where everyone plays and the odds are more likely than not that the person you’re sitting next to will soon be up on stage playing with the house band.   The music careens from Americana, roots, blues, country to funk as the faces of the musicians change on stage.

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