Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools, Northbay UPrising morningshow

We are now OzDawg radio, 89.5FM KZDG!

The management of our Community FM radio station is pleased to announce a new change in our station's format. We made this switch thanks to our new director, Susie, a Black Labrador and longtime Oz Fam.
Now, dig the awesome Hippy tunes of Happy Dog Music! []
Here's an excerpt from our new animal liberation news program (listen to them yap!), and there's a new show for culture and community (more yapping), and a new segment with interviews of awesome local personalities (lots of yapping). []
More programming includes:
* 4 hours of Quality Dog Barking []
* Howling Dogs! []
* Cat Fights! (in Stereo) []

Join the Pack! at the Wardlaw Dog Park
Location: Ascot Parkway – across from Bethel High School

In May, 2006 the Vallejo’s new 2.2 acre Dog Park opened at this site. It includes two separately fenced areas: a small one for elderly and shy dogs, and a much larger fenced area for active dogs that enjoy romping and socializing. Dog owners will find shared watering/washing facilities with positive drainage that receives multiple treatment before it enters the storm drain system. Multiple picnic areas are provided around the site for all users. The site includes a restroom, a bridge to the Blue Rock Springs Corridor, and a parking lot with room for concession trailers. The park also features a bantam soccer field.

Bark for a new Dog Park! []
* "Unofficial Mare Island dog park dumped" (2011-05-24, Vallejo Times-Herald) [link]
* Dog owners seek a new dog park off Wilson Avenue (2012-09-02, Vallejo Times-Herald) [link]
* "Petition in favor of a dog park in Vallejo" []:
To: Citizens To: Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD): The goal of this petition is to support the construction of a 5 acre, enclosed dog park at Wardlaw Park. It is essential to have your voice heard if you want this dog park. The GVRD is now considering the amount of space it\'s willing to allocate for the dog park. It\'s looking like it might not be as large as we feel is needed to represent the 118,000 residents of Vallejo (FYI, Benicia has 30,000 residents with TWO dog parks). The GVRD is also feeling a lot of pressure from residents to make the skate park a priority in building. Let your voices be heard, sign this petition and get your neighbors and friends to sign too. Vallejo city ordinance mandates dogs be kept on a leash in public areas for the protection of fellow residents, as well as the dogs themselves. As you are aware, several dog parks have been constructed over the years to provide safe places for dogs to gather and play legally \"off-leash\". Unfortunately, there is not one of these dog parks in the city of Vallejo, where many dog owners reside. Therefore, we are asking the GVRD to construct a dog park at Wardlaw Park for the following reasons: + There is not a facility in our to accommodate safe, \"off-leash\" activity + Such a facility would resolve the ongoing angst between dog owners, non-owners, police and park authorities regarding dog access to the park + Many dogs need exercise over and above human limitations; leashes limit the dog.

A public service announcement from OzDawg: Tell your representatives to represent your interests, and support legislation against Animal Cruelty (and to support programs for the People, too)!

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