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May 27th Northbay UPrising morningshow

Join us for a conversation about Healing Herbs in the Community, with...
Ozma of Oz, as she shares her lessons of utilizing healing herbs that grow naturally across the northeast San Pablo Bay Area! Today is an introduction to what there is to appreciate in the so-called weeds which grow all around, in this year-round micro-climate we call the northeast San Pablo Bay Area.
Join Ozma of Oz again next week as we parlay knowledge of individual medicinal weeds and the methods for utilizing their medicinal properties.

* Spiderwort (Purple Heart): Menstrual cramps
* California Poppy: Sleep inducing, non-addictive
* Pineapple Weed: Calming
* Mallow: Throat and Lungs
* Plantain: Bites, cuts, first aid
* Sticky Willy: Bronchidal, throat
* Chickweed: Diuretic, weight loss

New music debut!
"I Can' Slow Down" by David Landon
from the album "I Like It Too Much" []
David Landon Solo Acoustic Performance, Friday, May 30 @ 8 to 11:15 PM, at the First St. Cafe, 440 First St., Benicia, CA 94510

Local fauna of the week:
California Red-Sided Garter Snake

Seen at Skyline Park in Napa city, and in western Solano County

How Will the Drought Impact Amphibians? [link]

as seen in the Vallejo Post weekly newspaper

Vallejo Post is available free of charge at the following locations -
My Homestyle Cafe, 523 Marin St, Vallejo, (707) 552-9090
Boss Market, 340 Mini Dr, Vallejo, (707) 554-3277 (courtesy of First Amendment Dist.)
For a small selection of Vallejo Post articles, visit their news blog []

"With California drought order, Gov. Jerry Brown instructs fine-happy HOAs to back off"
As detailed in a new executive order further urging residents to conserve water, homeowners associations can no longer punish residents for allowing their once-lush lawns to go brown.
Although California’s historic drought rages on, a bit of good news for water-conserving residents who want to practice restraint in the lawn irrigation department but fear punishment from overzealous homeowners associations hellbent on keeping up immaculately lush appearances:
Just one part of a third executive order issued late last week by Gov. Jerry Brown to “redouble drought actions” across the state, HOAs are now forbidden from fining homeowners who have let their lawns go brown in an effort to help conserve water. California has been in an official state of drought emergency since January.
Reads the fourth tenant of Brown’s executive order: [begin excerpt] Homeowners Associations (commonly known as HOAs) have reportedly fined or threatened to fine homeowners who comply with water conservation measures adopted by a public agency or private water company. To prevent this practice, pursuant to Government Code section 8567, I order that any provision of the governing document, architectural or landscaping guidelines, or policies of a common interest development will be void and unenforceable to the extent it has the effect of prohibiting compliance with the water-saving measures contained in this directive, or any conservation measure adopted by a public agency or private water company, any provision of Division 4, Part 5 (commencing with section 4000) of the Civil Code notwithstanding. [end excerpt]
You’d think that homeowners associations would practice a bit of understanding and go with the severely restricted flow considering the dire situation in California. Heck, maybe they'd even offer residents a slap on the back for doing the right thing. But as evidenced by the need for Brown to specifically call out the practice of HOAs penalizing water-conserving homeowners, this hasn’t been the case. Back in January, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on one instance of an association threatening to slap non-lawn-watering residents with fines ranging from $100 to $1,000. In this case, residents had no choice but to start watering their lawns. “I’m going to water as much as I possibly can,” explained one resident who had felt the wrath of his HOA after letting his turf go brown.
Aside from instructing HOAs to kindly knock it off, Brown’s sweeping order also asks residents to conserve by refraining from washing off sidewalks and private driveways with water; turning off decorative water features such as fountains (unless said features use recycled water or greywater); and washing cars not at home but at commercial car wash establishments that recycle waste water. Furthermore, he requests that residents not water their lawns more than twice a week, if that.

Community Calender

Call (707) 373-9609 to reserve your place at Joyce Venturini's scrumptiously set feasting table today - AND experience amazing vocal performances by: Kyle Pretty Cool Stoner, Jarrett Battenberg, Miguel Evangelista, Melynda Kiring and (yours truly, but less amazing than the others) Jeff Lowe! Accompanied by the incomparable piano of Justin Pyne! We're looking to do even more fantastic shows and we need your support! ~ Bay Area Stage Productions - Pick your day May 31st or June 1st or BOTH!

The City of Vallejo and Vallejo Community Arts Foundation present
Jeff Snell Paintings: 2012 and 2013
Opening Reception
Fri, May 30, 2014
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Vallejo City Hall, 555 Santa Clara Street
You are invited to an evening of art and conversation. Jeff Snell has put together a selection of paintings from 2012 and 2013, all charged with expressive energy! There will be snacks as well as the amazing guitar playing of John Miner. Bring your friends and demonstrate that art is alive in Vallejo!

All Vallejo Gardens Potluck:  Everyone is invited to the next potluck for all Vallejo community gardens!
Sunday, June 1, 5-7PM
At 58 Romine Way (off of Maple Ave) in Vallejo
Questions? Call Michael at (707) 652-9912
Future potlucks are the last Sunday of the month, hosted by different Vallejo farms and gardens.
Harvest Happens Every Week @ the Vallejo People's Garden! Do you want to pitch in and help?
Visit [] to find out how!

Introducing "Autism Spectrum Radio" with Rob Haupt, connecting autism with resources and information!
A weekly radio program created to support families by highlighting the work of experts and authors in the field as well as featuring guests including inspiring advocates, mentors and community members. Produced in-part by "Autism Spectrum Therapies" [310-641-1100]

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