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August 12th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

Get Up and Rise Up in the morning with the Northbay UPrising morningshow!
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Feature Announcements!
Attention Local Artists! a special message from Books RioV
Local Artists are invited to discuss display opportunities with us.
We plan to rotate artwork on a monthly basis.
We will not sell the artwork, but encourage the provision of contact and price information.  We will be developing themes for the window display, which will change at two-week intervals, and will usually select items that coordinate with a display.
Call or come in during open hours to see the current works and get more information.
Tentative Window Display Schedule
Call Us at: (707) 374-5650
Mailing Address: 187 Main Street, Rio Vista, CA 94571
email Us: [Bookstore@)]

Community Headlines
Animal Place's Rescue Ranch (in Vacaville, California) can save nearly 2,500 hens...with your help! Learn about our upcoming Operation Hen Freedom and find out how you can make it happen []
We are the only sanctuary in the nation that regularly performs large-scale rescues directly from farms. These hens needs ALL of our help! They have lived in cages their whole lives and are ready for liberation and adoption into permanent, pre-screened, loving homes. Join us in this effort!

The City of Vallejo is looking for various unique vendors to spearhead a pilot program to sell goods on the Vallejo Waterfront next to the Ferry Terminal. Vendors who sell food, art, flowers, crafts and more are encouraged to apply for a 10-by-10 square-foot space, for a total of $150 per month. Vendors would be able to sell in their space daily from May through October, including during waterfront events. Tents and awnings are not required, but are encouraged where appropriate. Applications are available at the Central Permit Center on the second floor of City Hall. Other requirements may include, but are not limited to, Administrative Permits through the Planning Department, Business Licenses from the Finance Department, County Environmental Health Certification for food vendors, and so on. For additional information, please contact the Planning Division at (707) 648-4326. Please join us in creating a new and exciting Vallejo waterfront.

"New evening Farmers Market coming to downtown"
2014-07-25 by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen from "Vallejo Times-Herald" daily newspaper:
Vallejo’s Saturday Farmers Market has become so successful in recent months that its organizers have decided to create a mid-week, evening version starting Aug. 6, it was announced Wednesday.
Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association spokeswoman Elena Trierweiler said the new Vallejo Farmers Market at Unity Plaza will kick off an eight-week run from 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 6 at Georgia and Santa Clara streets.
“We took a survey of people at the Saturday Farmers Market, and we found that 70 to 80 percent said they’d shop at the Wednesday market, too,” Trierweiler said. “They were very enthusiastic. This year we saw a lot of extra support from the community at the Vallejo market and we feel this will be successful.”
The new market at Unity Plaza will provide a place to shop during the week as well as creating a wholesome, family-friendly weekday activity, she said. Since the Wednesday market will be visible from the Ferry terminal, organizers hope it will also attract some ferry commuters, she said.
“There’s a different feel to an evening market, and it’s something for families to do during the week,” Trierweiler said.
The market will include certified local organic vegetables and fruits, and organizers are working on bringing on local artisans, organizers said.
“There will be about 10 agricultural stalls, at least three non-ag specialty gourmet baked goods, at least three hot food vendors and local artisans,” Trierweiler said. The Aug. 6 kick-off event will also include live music, something organizers hope to make a weekly tradition, she said.
This is a pilot program, and organizers hope it does well enough to become an annual event, Trierweiler said. At least one downtown business owner thinks the idea is “fantastic,” and plans to “check it out.”
“That’s great. Excellent. It’s the time of the season,” Vallejo Antiques owner Bill Neads said. “The community supports the Farmers Market — it’s jammed on Saturdays — so, if the community supports it, it will benefit the city.”
At least one downtown business owner is adopting a wait-and-see attitude about the new endeavor.
“The Central Core Restoration Corporation negotiates the Saturday Farmers Market contract, but this is being held in an area outside their district,” Gracie’s Family Barbecue owner Ken Ingersoll said. “If it generates revenue it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”
Ingersoll said evening markets “tend to be more social events,” and he’s reserving judgment on whether or not that’s a good idea in downtown Vallejo.
“I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not; if you’re going to be able to draw the people down,” he said. “It’s a different atmosphere during the week than on the weekend,” he said. “It’s kind of a wait and see. It’s a pilot program. The Farmers Market certainly fills a need with produce of unsurpassed quality. And this will be more of that.”

"Vallejo No. 7 in Best Cities for Women in the Workforce for Medium Sized Cities"
from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper:
A recent NerdWallet article named Vallejo as the 7th best city for women in the work-force for medium sized cities. The study analyzed 522 cities: 61 large cities with populations over 300,000; 241 medium-size cities with populations from 100,000 to 300,000; and 220 small cities with populations under 100,000. The number of women working in the U.S. workforce has experienced a steady increase in the last 50 years, with an in-crease of 29 percent to nearly 50 percent since 1967.According to the study, in 1960, only one in 10 mothers in the U.S. was the sole or primary family breadwinner. In 2011, the number reached four in 10. NerdWallet crunched the numbers and analyzed the fol-lowing factors: Women's earnings, which looked at the median salary for the full-time, year-round female workers in each city and included the median gross rent as a proxy to gauge cost of living; Income equality, which calculated women's pay as a percentage of men's pay to measure the level of income equality in each city; and, Population growth, which assessed long-term growth potential by including recent population growth for each lo-cation.
By using median earnings, median gross rent, women's earning as a percentage of men's earnings and population growth from 2009 to 2012, Vallejo was placed at 7 over-all with its median earnings for female workers was $47,420 and women's earnings as a
percentage of men's earnings was 104.63 percent both ranking second overall. The median gross mat was $1,154 and population growth experienced just a 2.8 percent in-crease from 2009, both ranked seventh overall.

"Vallejo Will Convert City Streetlights to LED for Savings and Rebate"
from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper:
Last month, the Vallejo City Council voted to convert approximately 8,000 high-pressure sodium street-lights around Vallejo to LED fixtures. The contract, which will go to Tanko Lighting of San Francisco, will be in the amount of $1,732,214, and the conversion will result in an estimated annual energy savings of $392,764.
In addition to the annual savings, the City of Vallejo Public Works Department will have a team focused on converting the streetlights to LED fixtures before December 31, which will qualify the City for a PG&E rebate of approximately $650,000.
Tanko Lighting of San Francisco will provide project management services to oversee the conversion of the remaining 8,000 street-lights, and provide all PG&E approved LED fixtures, mapping and recording of inventory and location of all City streetlights, recycling of the old streetlight fixtures and eligibility and participation in the PG&E rebate program.
The project is fully funded by Measure B, the City of Vallejo's one percent sales tax. Staff assigned to the conversion project are currently undergoing extensive training on how to replace the fixtures and safely operate a bucket truck. Of the nearly 9,300 streetlights the City owns and maintains, approximately 1,000 have already been converted within the past two years. Originally, a portion of the lights were a part of the Participatory Budgeting "Light-up Vallejo" project, which will now turn full focus on installing new streetlights throughout Vallejo until all project funds are expended.

Sign The Petition to Protect California’s Green Jobs!
Thanks to AB 32, California is leading the charge in the clean energy economy. By 2020, it’s estimated that California clean energy programs will add up to $120 billion in green investments.
AB 32 ensures green buildings standards, increased recycling, investments in high-speed rail, better public transit and funding for water-energy efficiency infrastructure. All that translates to a whole lot of good-paying union jobs for hardworking Californians. But those in the fossil fuel industry are attacking AB 32 all over again and hurting our chances for a real economic recovery.
It’s up to us to defend our right to a healthy planet and a healthy workforce. Find out how you can join the “Jobs Squad” and sign the petition here!

WIC Vendor Rule Changes for Food Access Advocates -
A long-running moratorium on new vendor applications in the California WIC program has caused hassles for some grocers. Newly opened stores haven't been able to apply for WIC authorization because of the federally-imposed freeze. Thankfully, these stores - and their WIC customers - will soon get relief. The California WIC Program has been working hard to fix a spiraling food cost problem by completely revamping its WIC vendor approval and reimbursement system. Over the next several months, the moratorium is being lifted in stages so that more stores can participate.

Community Calender

Sonoma County VegFest
Sonoma County’s first full-featured, indoor-outdoor celebration of compassionate, healthy and environmentally responsible living.
This exciting day-long event will be held in Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Center from 10 am to 5 pm on August 16. It’s only $5 and kids under 13 are free! []

Vallejo Watershed Alliance
Annual Planning Meeting, Saturday, August 16
Dan Foley Cultural Center/Vista Room, 9:00 a.m. to Noon
The Vallejo Watershed Alliance is proud to present Alex Rabidoux from the Solano County Water Agency, and Pam Sahin from the City of Vallejo Water Division. Alex will provide an overview of California and Solano water supplies and concerns, while Pam will discuss Vallejo’s water from a supply and water rights perspective. The water talk will last about an hour; after a break the Alliance will prioritize and calendar workdays and research projects for the next twelve months. All are welcome; free refreshments. (It’s fine if you just want to come for the water talk!)

August 16th & 17th

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