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September 16th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

Get Up and Rise Up in the morning with the Northbay UPrising morningshow!Produced by the Gathering of the Tribes [link]. Listen in on your Smart Phone with our Tune-in App [link], on a Desktop with our live U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], with our Live Mp3 stream (.pls) [link], on a Netbook / Laptop [link]. Check out our FM Transmitter Range [link]!
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GOTT is pleased to introduce...
Blind Willies [] [], with their track
"The Possible World", from their new album "Every Day Is Judgment Day"

Blue Grosbeak, seen recently at Lynch Canyon [link].
More info about the bird at [link].

Through Sept. 21st, the Sebastopol Village Building Convergence is underway!! Grow community by helping transform public spaces with this placemaking festival. Check out all the exciting project afoot and plug in [].

Daily Acts [Facebook link], in partnership with City of Sebastopol and Permaculture Artisans, is excited continue the transformation of the landscape around the Library know as Our Front Yard as part of the VBC. Join us Sept 20! [].

The Petaluma Bounty [Facebook link] and Daily Acts hosted their annual Harvest Party last Sunday, alongside the Farmers Guild, with music by the Bad Apple String Band [Facebook link]. Patrons sampled homegrown produce, pressed some cider (a five gallon bucket of apples produces about one gallon of juice), enjoyed the potluck and competed in the farm Olympics!

All at the Bounty Community Farm, 55 Shasta Ave. in Petaluma.

Petaluma Bounty says it is proud to be leading efforts to make healthy food accessible to all, while also seeking to support our local farmers and economy. []. For context, read "The Price of Healthy Eating" from "Harvard" magazine [link], where it says "A daily price difference of ∼$1.50 translates to ∼$550 higher annual food costs per person. For many low-income families, this additional cost represents a genuine barrier to healthier eating. Yet, this daily price difference is trivial in comparison with the lifetime personal and societal financial burdens of diet-related chronic diseases."
Petaluma Bounty Farm offers Service learning for youth and educational programs [link], and resources about where to find free and reduced cost food in Petaluma [link].
Formed in summer 2006 with initial seed funding from the Hub of Petaluma Foundation, Petaluma Bounty is a community-based nonprofit that is helping folks to grow their own healthy food, redistributing surplus food, and providing affordable fresh food to low-income families and seniors.
Their core programs include:
* a network of Community Gardens throughout Petaluma to increase food self-sufficiency and strengthen community;
* Bounty Hunters –a community food gleaning program that collects  fresh, surplus food from backyard gardens, farms and businesses and distributes it to food pantries and senior centers;
* Bounty Farm– an educational urban farm growing sustainably farmed food for the community and teaching sustainable agriculture to students, interns and the general public;
* Bounty Box Food Club–weekly boxes of organic fruits and vegetables sold at wholesale prices to low-income families (with retail Boxes also available);
* Backyard Bounty–our newest program, that will build your new Victory Garden or expand your existing garden, with pre-built garden boxes and containers, or a custom designed “permaculture” inspired food forest.

"Non-Profit Self-Sustaining Communities in Richmond Seeking 1+ Acres to Expand Urban Farming & Local Food Production"

Self-Sustaining Communities, a charitable 501(c)(3) serving Richmond communities to help create urban farms, city-wide food production, and greening, is seeking to expand to a larger site where farm animals are allowed, an orchard, vegetable beds, a small aquaponics set-up, and the space to create some natural building structures. This would be a respite for some from the stresses and challenges in Richmond, while also expanding our skills and training levels.
We are looking for at least an acre or two but more is welcome, which can be either donated, purchased, or used very long-term. We would like a living structure already in place there, with water.
You can see more of our work at
Self-Sustaining Communities (SSC) is a Richmond, CA, organization working with low-income residents and community members to create wide-scale, environmentally sustainable local food production in distressed and needy neighborhoods. An entirely volunteer organization, SSC has helped launch three urban farms in low income, high crime areas of Richmond since 2010—Parchester Village, North Richmond, and the S.W. Richmond Annex. These projects have engaged a wide spectrum of the community, from the mayor to recently released offenders, in a “from-the-ground-up process” to reclaim and rejuvenate abandoned and blighted parcels and make them hubs of productivity.
The ‘seeds’ of the current SSC projects began with the idea to distribute fruit trees in low-income areas of the East Bay, mostly in West Contra Costa County, as a way to establish a simple but long-lasting means of food cultivation, and introduce a much-needed natural systems element into the environment. Since 2009, over 9,400 fruit, nut and olive trees have been donated and distributed in Richmond and elsewhere, as well as several thousand packets of vegetable and herb seeds. Drawing upon donations from individuals and businesses, Self-Sustaining Communities has distributed chickens to interested residents, and has provided an incubator and fertile eggs to numerous kindergarten classes. Donated materials and labor have been organized to support an urban farm in the Iron Triangle and more recently for a similar initiative in Atchison Village. Enabling mutual endeavors to proceed, through sharing of resources and information, is a core value of the organization.
Chickens, rabbits, beehives, worm bins, aquaponics, rainwater harvesting set-ups, fruit trees and vegetable beds are either all up and running or are in various stages of completion at all of SSC’s projects. Solar energy provided by portable panels drives pumping and other systems needing power. The majority of these projects use recycled or reused materials whenever possible, obtained at no cost, to demonstrate both affordability and resource efficiency to other low income neighborhoods. As they are established, farms become the venue for free workshops offered to the community, for example on beehive building and swarm catching. Each urban farm also is available for viewing or participation by schools, community members, community service workers and other volunteers.

Community Calender

Volunteer Hours & Events at Gardens Across Vallejo:

Vallejo People's Garden is Open
E. Poplar and Oscar Streets
Sundays Sept. 14, 21, 28;   9AM-1PM
Bring your garden gloves and help with the weekly compost turning, harvesting, and planting.
Volunteer Host: Ravi

St. Vinnie's Work Days
Marin and Ohio Streets
Saturday August 30,  9AM - ?
Show up with a water bottle and your gloves, anytime starting at 9AM.

Vallejo People's Garden Board & Governance Meeting
Monday September 8, 7PM-9PM
Global Center for Success
Direct questions to

Vallejo Grown Potluck
Need a garden host... your garden?
Sunday Sept 28,  5:00PM

MIRA Garden Work Days
51 Daniels Ave.
Ongoing: Saturdays and Sundays, 10AM - 12PM, weather permitting

Acoustic/Lectro Expresso
Thursday, September 18, at 6:00pm - 1:00am
The Arlene Francis Center
99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa, California 95401
* Meme-catcher Presents The Last Secret Angels []
* The Corner Store Kids []
* Derailed Freight Train []
* Guthrie Galileo
* No Limit Creation []
* Chris Ferdinandson
* Nate Pena
($1-$5 Supportive Donation)

Port Costa Art Show and Craft Fair
Hosted by Port Costa Conservation Society
Get directions to Port Costa, a burg right on the Carquinez Straits!

California Institute for Rural Studies presents...
"the Real Dirt on Farmer John"
At the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve [link], 1595 Railroad ave., Mare Island
A great movie, and an all-star line up of guests for our Q & A! Nigel & Lorraine Walker of Eatwell Farm, Annie & Jeff Main of Good Humus Produce, and Dr. Gail Myers of Farms to Grow [link] - all talking about their CSA programs, and what they mean to their farms and organizations.
FREE! Join us! More info & to RSVP: []

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