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Dec. 9th, 2014 Northbay UpRising morningshow

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(Yes, that's a real, unmanipulated photo, published in the SF Chronicle)

Community News
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Ozcat Radio was represented at the recent "Mad Hatter Holiday Parade and Festival" in Vallejo [http://www.hattervallejo.com/], with our friends in the Northbay Evolver Network providing their Cat of a Different Color as our "unofficial" mascot, shown here with Mis Demeanor and our Ozcat Kitten Mateo Skye! At left is Mis Demeanor and Dr.G. on page 12 of a recent newspaper article on the Mad Hatter Costume Ball (download the image or right-click into a new tab for greater resolution)!
Photo showing Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis escorted by Imperial Storm Troopers during the Mad Hatter Holiday Parade:

"California Central Valley Kwanzaa 'First Fruits of the Harvest' " [Indybay.org link] [archive.today]

"What To Do When Ladybugs Make Your Home Theirs?" [BayNature.org link] [archive.org]

"The Significance of Wonder" [BayNature.org link] [archive.today], an interview with well-regarded Bay Area naturalists Malcom Margolin and Sylvia Linsteadt about their recently released nature book. For more about Sylvia's work as a creative ecologist, visit [Wildtalewort.net]. From the interview:
Bay Nature: Can you describe buzz pollination?
Malcom: Pollen is formed within the anther of a flower. Usually the anther splits open and the bee goes in and covers itself with pollen, then goes to the next flower and deposits the pollen. But some plants, like manzanitas and shooting stars, have flowers where the anther is rigid and doesn’t split easily so it’s hard to get the pollen out. So certain species of bumblebees have developed the most extraordinary trick: They cling to the rim of the petal, and vibrate their wing muscles, which sets up a sympathetic vibration in the thorax, which produces a middle “C” note. That middle C note causes the anther to tremble in sympathy, and the tufts of pollen come out. All this activity creates a negative electrical charge around the bee, so that when the pollen comes out, it’s attracted to that negative electrical charge and clings to the bee, which then goes off with the pollen.
Bay Nature: What is your favorite wild place?
Sylvia: The trail from Jewel Lake to Wildcat Canyon in Tilden Park is my favorite spot. I started going there when I began doing a lot of animal tracking. There’s a lot going on there because of Wildcat Creek, so it’s a crossroads for lots of animals. They have regular coyotes – I’ve noticed one that has a heel pad with a funny shape. And I see tracks of bobcats and deer and wood rats and salamanders.
Chestnut-backed chickadee on blue elderberry bush. Photo: Jerry Ting

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