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June 2nd, Northbay Morningshow

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Why call the bird a rooster?
from "The Rollo series, Volume 1: Learning to Talk" (1855 by Jacob Abbott) [books.google.com/books?id=IYtKAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA12]:
And there stands the rooster, too, opening his mouth to crow. He says, cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo ! Do you know why they call him a rooster ? It is because he roosts. When it is night do you suppose those hens go to bed, and lie down and cover them-selves up with clothes and go to sleep? No indeed, they do not do that. If you should put one of them into a bed in that way, she would jump out and run away as fast as she could. What do you think the hens do when they want to go to sleep Why, they get up on a long pole and cling to it with their long, sharp claws, and sleep there on a high pole. And that is roosting. So they call the great bird a rooster. Do you think you could sleep on a high pole?

Local fauna of the week: The Pacific Angel Shark
* "Seven Things You Should Know About Angel Sharks" (baycrossings.com) [archive.is/sg8wf]

* "Square Dance: Santa Rosa's Newest Music Festival Is A Hoot" (bohemian.com) [archive.is/ZAqoo]
The Railroad Square Music Festival chugs into town Sunday, June 7, at Fourth and Wilson Streets, Santa Rosa. 11am to 7pm. Free. [railroadsquaremusicfestival.com].

* "Summer Sailstice Brings Sailing to the Masses" (baycrossings.com) [archive.is/fEt3o]
Ever wanted to sail the Bay? As part of the 15th annual worldwide Summer Sailstice celebration of sailing, many SailSFBay.org affiliate organizations are inviting Bay Area residents to come out for a sail on the Bay. For non-sailors, it’s an invitation to connect with sailing at one of the dozens of Bay Area sailing programs and facilities that are open and available to the public on the SailSFBay.org website. For current sailors, this means starting their summer of sailing by hoisting sails on the summer solstice weekend of June 20-21.
The Summer Sailstice website again plays host by allowing everyone to discover sailing opportunities in the Bay Area—or, in fact, anywhere in the world. People can find nearby sailing event and post their weekend sailing plans to showcase their weekend in the life of sailing.
“We really want to make people aware of just how accessible sailing is,” said Travis Lund of the Treasure Island Sailing Center and member of the SailSFBay steering committee. “With seven million people living in the Bay Area, there are just too many people who don’t know how to connect to sailing on the Bay and, with all the affiliated SailSFBay.org organizations, it’s much easier than most people think.”
To learn more about Summer Sailstice, visit [www.summersailstice.com] and visit SailSFBay at [www.sailsfbay.org].  In addition, Bay Crossings includes numerous sailing activities every month in its Waterfront Activities section, located this month on pages 18 and 19.

* "Mega Cargo Vessels Bring More Goods, and Jobs Too" by Patrick Burnson, past president and current board member of the Pacific Transportation Association, based in San Francisco. (www.pacifictrans.org) [archive.is/Lv03O]

Another Food Forest Created By Benicia Community Gardens
Many thanks to Constance Beutel for filming and producing this video.

* "Lake Berryessa site of World Environment Day cleanup event" (2015-06-01, dailyrepublic.com) [archive.is/7oum8]

* "Lynch Canyon Trail Run returns for 8th installment" (2015-06-01, dailyrepublic.com) [archive.is/HAUG3]

* "House of Acts graduates clean and sober men" 2015-05-28, timesheraldonline.com) [archive.is/stdNy]

* "Family, teachers proud of St. Patrick-St. Vincent High students’ achievement" (2015-05-30, timesheraldonline.com) [archive.is/CH6a2]

* "State budget proposal would boost funds to Napa Valley College" (2015-06-01, napavalleyregister.com) [archive.is/nIsZP]

* "County water agency gets federal mine grant" (2015-05-29, beniciaheraldonline.com) [archive.is/tJeVP]

The Suisun Valley Review (SVR) is a literary magazine put together and run by the students of Solano Community College. [suisunvalleyreview.tumblr.com] [facebook.com/suisun.review]. Dennis Schmitz, the 2015 SVR featured poet, performed at the Solano Community College Library, May 6, for the book release reading of SVR.

* "Fairfield author writes for young adults to better world" (2015-04-04, timesheraldonline.com) [archive.today/ELGwX]

* " ‘Vision of Paradise,’ documentary on Reggae and Dub master Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: an interview wit’ co-executive producer Volker Schaner" (sfbayview.com) [archive.is/BSRPp]

* "Vallejo Commits to Develop Fiber Master Plan" (2015-04-30, ilsr.org) [archive.is/b4T6T]
* "Vallejo hires consultant to help with developing a fiber optic master plan" (2015-05-23, timesheraldonline.com) [archive.is/LoUGQ]

* "County schedules free child support workshops" (2015-06-01, dailyrepublic.com) [archive.is/VCua9]

* "Rising Sun Energy Center Hopes to Return to Vallejo" from Vallejo City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Report (2015-04-03):
Rising Sun Energy Center, a non-profit organization, provides free energy and water assessments and mini-retrofits to low- to moderate-income households in the Bay Area and Central Valley through the California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program. As a part of the program, the CYES program is designed to provide young people ages 15-22 with hands-on job training and a paid employment experience in the green industry.
City staff are currently looking for a home base location in Vallejo for this year’s summer program. Additionally, they are currently accepting appli-cations for the position of Energy Specialist. The job description and application can be downloaded here [cityofvallejo.net/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=221113].

* "S.F. welcomed 1st Northwest Passage sailor but mistreated sloop" (2015-05-08, sfchronicle.com) [archive.is/34HbK
* "Before Now – The Gjoa, through the Northwest Passage to Golden Gate Park" (2011-09-27, oceanbeachbulletin.com) [archive.is/peEtY]
Map of North America, Asia and Europe first published in 1540, showing Strait of Anian or Northwest Passage

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