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July 19th, 2016, Community Headlines

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* "Participatory Budgeting Cycle 4 Idea Has Collection Begun" [archive.is/NbBmS]
Ribbon Cutting for Cycle 1 PB-Funded PAL
Restroom/Snack Bar Facility
The Police Activities League (PAL) held a ribbon cutting on June 17 for the new restroom and concession stand at the soccer and softball fields located at 301 Wallace Avenue. Those in attendance included Mayor Osby Davis, Councilmember Bob Sam-payan, PB Steering Committee Chair Michelle Whitney and Member David Wolins. The Cycle 1 Project was recommended by voters as part of the Parks & Recreation Improvements Project. Visit the PB Facebook [facebook.com/ParticipatoryBudgetingvallejo] and Twitter [twitter.com/PB_Vallejo] for implementation photos and updates.

* "Four Benicia High friends do odd jobs throughout county" (2016-06-29, beniciaheraldonline.com) [archive.is/MDRQA]

* "Raley's will remove artificially flavored private label brand sodas" (2016-06-29, Benicia Herald):
Raley's Family of Fine Stores has announced its decision to eliminate certain Raley's private label brand soda to advance their vision of health and wellness. This includes all flavors containing high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors, including diet soda varieties "This is a bold first step towards improving our private label options for our customers," said Kevin Curry, Raley's Senior Vice President, Merchandising & Supply Chain. "Where we
have control over our product lines, we want to offer products that reflect our ongoing vision to infuse life with health and happiness. Essentially, we want to make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices." A number of studies conducted over the past few decades suggest that consumption of high-fructose corn syrup is connected with health concerns, including a significant risk of weight gain and obesity, an increased risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension and elevated "bad" cholesterol levels and liver damage. Raley's vision
is to infuse life with health and wellness. The company strives to educate customers and provide wholesome Raley's brand options. Raley's has discontinued production of private label soda with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors and will phase-out remaining inventory over the next two-weeks. All Raley's private label soda with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors will be out of stock by Aug. 1. In another first step in providing healthier options to customers, Raley's eliminated tobacco in 2015.

* "Habitat for Humanity to sponsor first new Napa home" (2016-06-14, napavalleyregister.com) [archive.is/tXotk]

* "Enriching Arts Festival Napa Valley keeps you busy with musical bounty" (bohemian.com) [is.gd/7ccKzz]
Founded in 2006 and previously known as Festival del Sole, the Festival Napa Valley has undergone a name change, but is still committed to offering diverse and culturally uplifting concerts featuring international stars of opera, jazz and dance alongside fine food and wine, happening throughout the valley July 15–24.
The festival also offers free community events. A series of young-artist concerts includes performances by award-winning violinist Alexi Kenney, Ukrainian-American soprano Yelena Dyachek, piano prodigy Daniel Hsu and the Young People's Chorus of New York City.
The Festival Napa Valley runs Friday, July 15, through Sunday, July 24, at various venues in Napa County. [festivalnapavalley.org].

* How to make homemade sunscreen (wellnessmama.com) [archive.is/nzrCd]

* "Aztec Heirlooms and Other Priceless Plants" (by Matt Morris, organicpathways.co.nz) [archive.is/xBXZ9]

* "Put a Bird on It:  New research reveals birds' beneficial impact on Napa Valley vineyards" (bohemian.com) [is.gd/BmQ1Ra]
Photo caption: Humboldt State University researcher Carrie Wendt is studying the impact of owls on vineyard rodents in the Napa Valley.

Amphibians of San Franscisco Bay Area
Guide (.pdf) [is.gd/kDNYYf]
Pacific treefrog (Hyla regilla)
LENGTH: 1-2 inches.
Previously called the chorus frog, our smallest native frog, possesses a big voice.
Sometimes found in shrubs or trees, they can be green, brown, or golden tan but all have a dark stripe through the eye. They may change from light to dark in a matter of minutes, but the over-all color does not change. The underside is a pale cream with yellow on the hind quarters. Males have a wrinkled, dusky throat. Egg clusters of 5-10 eggs are usually attached to submerged vegetation enclosed in a loose, clear protective fluid. These diminutive frogs have the most common and familiar voice along the Pacific Coast, a loud two-parted sequence of “kreck-ek” that is repeated; often many will sing together in a lovely frog chorus.
FOOD: leafhoppers, flies, ants, beetles, and spiders.

California slender salamander (Batrachoseps attenuatus)
LENGTH: 1 ¼ - 1 7 ⁄ 8 inches.
A small, thin salamander that appears legless, but by looking closer, you can see the tiny limbs. They have four toes on front and back feet, unlike other salamanders that have five toes on the hind feet.
They are brown, black or reddish and are well-camouflaged. If disturbed they move quickly to wriggle away underground. The tail of this salamander comes off easily, providing a meal for a would-be predator and allowing the salamander to escape unharmed.
FOOD: earthworms, small slugs, snails, sowbugs, millipedes, mites, spiders, and small insects.

* "Stanford team creates bone, heart muscle from embryonic stem cells" (2016-07-14, mercurynews.com) [archive.is/8VxtH]

* "Eating Air, Making Fuel; Weizmann Institute scientists engineer bacteria to create sugar from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide" (2016-06-23, wis-wander.weizmann.ac.il) [archive.is/aUi2b]

* "Chemists find new way to recycle plastic waste into fuel; Approach tackles most commonly used synthetic plastic" (2016-06-21, news.uci.edu) [archive.is/xsCg4]

* "3-D printed polymer turns methane to methanol" (2016-06-15, llnl.gov) [archive.is/e7UWz]

* "Self-driving 3D printed bus named ‘Olli’ can be hailed via app & learn skills" (2016-06-17, rt.com) [archive.is/pQfkN], photo (Rich Riggins, IBM) caption: Local Motors CEO and co-founder John B. Rogers, June 16, 2016 in Fort Washington, MD.

* "New molecular design to get hydrogen-powered cars motoring" (2016-06-07, bio21.unimelb.edu.au) [archive.is/Gk4kK]

* "Bionic leaf 2.0 increases efficiency for turning sunlight into liquid fuel" (2016-06-02, wyss.harvard.edu) [archive.is/fxDKD]

* "Making biodiesel with used cooking oil and a microwave; SiO2 Beads Decorated with SrO Nanoparticles for Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using Microwave Irradiation" (2016-04-20, acs.org) [archive.is/cDOc9[begin excerpt]: The researchers developed silica beads coated with a catalyst and added them to waste cooking oil. Then, they zapped the mixture with a modified microwave oven to spur the reaction of the beads with cooking oil. In just 10 seconds, nearly 100 percent of the oil was converted to fuel. The researchers could also easily recover the beads and reuse them at least 10 times with similar results. [end excerpt]

* "Berkeley Lab Scientists Brew Jet Fuel in One-Pot Recipe JBEI researchers use engineered bacteria to simplify biofuels production, potentially lowering cost" (2016-05-10, newscenter.lbl.gov) [archive.is/3fQ6U]

* "Perovskite Solar Cells Surpass 20% Efficiency; EPFL researchers are pushing the limits of perovskite solar cell performance by exploring the best way to grow these crystals" (2016-06-09, actu.epfl.ch) [archive.is/KvHjG]

* "EPFL Researchers Push Limits of Perovskite Solar Cell Performance" (2016-06-10, azocleantech.com) [archive.is/EkF6X]

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