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Monday, August 25, 2014

August 26th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

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* Organic Gardening for Dummies [link]

Today's morning show interview: 
Visions of the Wild! with Meriel Melendrez of The Student Conservation Association, and Brenda Crawford, a conservationist with the Forest Service, with info on all of the Festival events!
Tune in next week for more Visions of the Wild, with festival event organizer Susan Schneider to talk about how we can help the community support the preserving of our wilderness!

VISIONS OF THE WILD FESTIVAL: Connecting Nature, Culture & Community!
The Wilderness Act is turning 50! Join us September 3-6 for a celebration of wildness in our own backyard. Visions of the Wild is 4 days of entertainment, education and activities for all ages!
The Visions of the Wild Festival in Downtown Vallejo celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act--by connecting diverse urban communities to the wildness of nature around us, with art shows, speakers, films, music, and off-site Field Trips!
Many of the events are free! For music & films featured at Vallejo's Empress Theatre, purchase full festival passes and individual tickets here: [].
Events are being held across Downtown Vallejo: Empress Theatre, The Hub Vallejo, Artiszen Cultural Art Center, The McCree-Goodeau Gallery, Temple Art Lofts, John F. Kennedy Library, The Bank Building, Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum, Vallejo Ferry Terminal, USA World Classics Event Center, Vallejo Municipal Marina, and more!
For Festival information and Schedule of Events, please visit [].
To join the Visions of the Wild "Flash Mob," visit: [].
"Visions of the Wild" honors the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act and celebrates wildness in our own backyard. The four-day Festival features entertainment, education and activities for all ages, including art shows, speakers, films, music, and field trips. The festival reflects the beauty and diversity of our community and our natural surroundings.
The festival is supported by the following sponsors and partners:
U.S. Forest Service, Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Callahan Property Management, Carlton Senior Living, Team Superstores Vallejo, Californians for Western Wilderness, Resource Renewal Institute, Sierra Club-Redwood Chapter, Student Conservation Association, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior, City of Vallejo, Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control District, Ozcat Radio 89.5 FM KZCT, California State Parks, Domus Development, East Bay Regional Park District, Greater Vallejo Recreation District, Imani Fellowship Presbyterian Church, Sierra Club, Solano Land Trust, Sonoma Birding, Tuleyome-Deep Home Place, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arrastra Vineyards, C&J BBQ, Catering By Ray Martin, Charmed Cupcakery, China Wok, Chris Benz & Friends, City Lights, Coca-Cola, Donsuemor Madeleines, First Street Cafe, Gracie’s, Laird Winery, LifeGear Design, Moschetti's Coffee, Muir-Hanna Vineyards, Napoli Pizzeria, Scotty’s Donuts, Wooden Valley Winery and MORE!
Image at top of this webpage is "Mare Island from Lemon," one of the four original designs created by Vallejo artist Robin McLean, exclusively for the Visions of the Wild Festival.

Positive News Headlines
* California changes law to allow for expansion of alternative monetary systems [link]
* More info about Community Currencies [link]
* Organic Photovoltaic Cells developed by Institute of Materials Science at the University of Tsukuba [link]
* Transparent Luminescent Solar Concentrator developed by Michigan State University [link]

Wednesday the 27th, Sustainable North Bay--the people behind Sustainable Enterprise Conference--is hosting an Open Space Technology format event exploring the question, "What are the barriers to local festivals serving local food?"
If you care about this, Open Space is a great way to bring your unique perspective to a real opportunity for change. This will be a results-oriented activity drawing in part from the Sonoma County Food Action Plan. Have look at this link for more info: []

from "Taproot & Aniseed" newsletter, Aug. 2014, published by Peter Bray, who writes:
Yes! It’s an amalgam of stuff, started in 1987, and it comes and goes, so stay tuned. Currently it’s back to being a monthly for the past 49 issues! By PDF only with LIVE links! Check out some other, recent cool stuff: [] [].
This is only a preview. E-mail me at [PetrBray@)] and I’ll send you the whole Enchilada!

Poets on the Porch" (click or download images for better view). “Methane Jane,” sung at “Poets on the Porch” during Benicia ARTWalk, []

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Transforming Vallejo and Mare Island: Summary and Proposals

Contact Transforming Vallejo facilitator Dr. Kay Flavell at New Pacific Studio in Vallejo, 321 Nevada St., [], office [707-563-5166], cell [707-342-7470], [newpacificstudio@)].
We are now ready to move towards constructive collaborative action in discussing how we wish to reshape the infrastructure of our museums /cultural destinations. Exciting times ahead!
Please add your names (if applicable) to a new list I am setting up called Vallejo Museums Consortium Resources  - Designers, Curators, Children's Museum Consultants, Medical History experts etc.
Hope to see you at the gallery on Friday Sep 12, 6:30pm. Since this will be during the September Art Walk, I hope our formal meeting can be over by 7:30pm so that some of us can then visit all the other venues and collect signatures.
We could not have reached this point without your support and many suggestions at our meetings from April- July, so thank you, everyone.

Transforming Vallejo and Mare Island 2014-2024  
Summary, Vision and Proposals of Study/Discussion Group after 8 meetings April 12 through July 19, 2014, facilitated by Dr Kay Flavell.
Next meeting: Friday September 12, 6.30pm- 9pm  McCree-Goudeau Gallery, cr. Marin and Florida. Founding meeting  of VALLEJO MULTICULTURAL COALITION. All welcome.

Summary -
Vallejo’s public parks and libraries are functioning well. Its schools are receiving intensive attention and pursuing clear strategies aiming at excellent results for all students. The main problem we identify is that Vallejo lacks an inclusive daytime public cultural destination with café, comparable to the Oakland Museum but on a smaller scale. The JFK Library lacks a café. The Empress is evenings - only, with an entertainment focus. Both museums target special-interest groups with a naval focus and receive no city funding. Two new independent groups, The Hub and Artiszen, are bravely attempting to fill that gap. This lack of a credentialed daytime public cultural space as an inclusive visitor destination is retarding the development of the city.

Vision 2014-2024 -
** Over the next decade Vallejo and Mare Island will become widely known to locals and to national / international tourists as an exciting multicultural city famous for its
* diversity, cultural festivals and street markets
* rich maritime heritage and Mare Island Historic Core
* ferry services to downtown San Francisco and Vallejo/Mare Island
* historic downtown and adjoining Victorian residential districts
* Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve and San Pablo Bay Trail
* panoramic vistas, and twin-waterfront location in the northern San Francisco Bay Area.

** Its cultural infrastructure, such as schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, parks and hospitals, will draw on the best professional expertise to foster a climate of learning, creativity and healthy living, build collaborative programs, and partner with other Bay Area and regional institutions

** Its economic development will encourage mixed-use and environmentally friendly businesses.
The city will emphasize its central location, its excellent climate, and its accessibility to all Bay Area markets.

Proposals -
1. Set up a VALLEJO MULTICULTURAL COALITION.  Founding meeting – Friday September 12, 6.30pm- 9pm McCree-Goudeau Gallery, cr. Marin and Florida.
* to educate ourselves and others about our different cultural perspectives and histories (via monthly talks, discussions, films)
* combat institutionalized racism, and work together for equal justice.
* acknowledge the long history and continuing presence of Indigenous Native Americans and honor their cultural sites in our community
* Turn our diversity into a valued community asset, and bring together business, arts and college communities.

2. For the July 4 parade, invite students to work with Michael and Valerie Nelson of Magical Moonshine to create GIANT puppets representing central figures in the struggle for civil rights : African American, Filipino, Latino.   (Current puppets General Vallejo and his wife Benicia, their mare, the submarine Mariano Vallejo, and the Statue of Liberty were all made by the Nelsons). Invite the Native American community to participate in civil rights performances.

3. Create a new Annual Multicultural Calendar of Events listing all environmental and cultural ethnic festivals.

4. Develop a NEW DESTINATION: a contemporary Vallejo  Multicultural  Center/Museum downtown, with a café, children’s play area, and hands-on educational, environmental and creative activities designed for people of all ages.  Its focus will be on the Vallejo community now and the shaping of our future.
(The existing two naval and historical museums focus on memorializing the pre-1996 past, though the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum (VNHM) also hosts art exhibitions and various community events. 95% of out-of-town visitors to the VNHM are naval-related. The Mare Island Artifacts Museum (MIAM) lacks a professional director, lighting, design and narrative. Volunteers have enabled both institutions to survive but not to thrive. Given improved resources including more professional staff, VNHM director James Kern could transform both history-based museums into city hotspots with much greater visitor figures.)

5. Expand marketing of Vallejo/Mare Island to Bay Area day tourists. Current focus of Convention/Visitors' Center is solely on Six Flags and overnight family stays.

6. Create a Guide to Vallejo’s Community Gardens, to encourage ongoing public participation.

7. Expand marketing of Vallejo’s historic residential districts and downtown buildings via monthly rather than annual guided tours, following Benicia’s model.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 19th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

Get Up and Rise Up in the morning with the Northbay UPrising morningshow!
Produced by the Gathering of the Tribes [link]. Listen in on your Smart Phone with our Tune-in App [link], on a Desktop with our live U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], with our Live Mp3 stream (.pls) [link], on a Netbook / Laptop [link]. Check out our FM Transmitter Range [link]!
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Ongoing Community Events [link], weekly and monthly
Farmer's Markets page [link]. Learn how to make your own artisan products [link]!
Local Food Guide [link]

Year-round gardening in the San Pablo Bay:
* Fall & Winter [link]
* Cool Season Crops [link]
* Organic Gardening for Dummies [link]

Today's morning show interview: 
Visions of the Wild! festival coordinators Steve Dunsky of the Forest Service, and Leigh Beck from Vallejo Community Arts Foundation.
Tune in next week for more Visions of the Wild, with Meriel Melendrez of The Student Conservation Association, and a conservationist with the Forest Service, with info on all of the Festival events!

Community Headlines and Announcements:

from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper [link]:
Celebrate Diversity on Fridays  
The Downtown Arts and Entertainment District will close down Georgia and Marin Street for a Celebration of Diversity on Fridays, through the end of August. Join in the festivities to embrace Vallejo's Filipino, Latino, and African-American Culture, food of international flavors and various musical performances. Performers include Ballet Folklorico, "El Valle," performing traditional Latin American and Mexican dances, Native American performers, Gospel Choirs and other cultural groups. Guests can visit the number of galleries downtown, enjoy other performances and shows ongoing on Georgia and Marin Streets and participate in a cultural experience that promotes racial and cultural awareness and harmony in the community. Celebrate Diversity Fridays will be from 6pm to 9pm in downtown Vallejo. For more information, or if any cultural groups or food vendors would like to participate, contact Frank Malifrando at 415.533.1522.

Arts makers invited to Town Hall meeting on new Community Art Center -
Construction is underway to remodel 7,200 feet of space on Industrial Way in Napa for the new Lucky Penny Community Art Center. Since the project launched in the spring of 2014, around $60,000 of the needed $225,000 has been raised to create this new affordable creation and gathering place for performing and visual arts. The target date for opening is October 1, 2014.
The Community Art Center is envisioned as a place where creative people of all ages and artistic interests can learn/train, practice/rehearse, and present/perform. It will include space for music, dance, theatre, and all types of visual arts.
On Monday, August 25 at 6:00 p.m., a Town Hall meeting for all interested arts organizations and individuals will be hosted in the Sato Family Building at 3299 Claremont Way, Suite 4 (the former Cybermill Clubhouse), presented in partnership with Arts Council Napa Valley. The meeting will include a short presentation on the basic design of the space and an open discussion on how arts makers may put the space to use. Discussion of how to structure user fees and other topics will be included.
Ready to join us? RSVP at []
More information on the Community Art Center can be seen at [].
Questions can be sent to [info@)].
Find us on Facebook at [].
Follow us on Twitter at [].

The Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association (PCFMA) recently announced the grand opening of the Vallejo Farmers' Market at Unity Plaza on Wednesdays. For the next eight weeks, the Farmers' Market will set up shop from 3 p.m. to 7:p.m. in the new downtown location with all the tra-ditional certified local organic fruits and veg-etables every week. PCFMA is also inviting local artisans to participate in the market and showcase their work for the community. The additional farm-ers market hours will give Vallejo residents a chance to shop during the week, as well as the weekend, and experience an evening community market. For additional information, contact Director John Silveira at 925.825.9090.

Napa Valley Arts Council's Creative Directory Spotlight:
Oscar Aguilar []

"In the field of figurative art, the realism is an accidental abstraction" - Oscar Aguilar
Oscar Aguilar has dedicated several years to research techniques that include egg tempera al fresco, oils, watercolors, etchings, drawings, woodcutting, and sculpting.
Now, as an artist and teacher, hecontinues to apply and research many of these techniques; "I consider them part of the foundation of my artistic education".

3rd Annual Vallejo Art Windows (VAW), a public arts initiative designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of Vallejo 's downtown district, promote artists, and use the dynamic power of art to spark economic revitalization. Working in conjunction with the downtown property owners association and the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, VAW secures temporary installation sites inside vacant store-fronts. Artist's installations will remain in the windows for a year, or until the space they occupy is leased. There is no entry or rental fee to the artist. This ongoing arts initiative seeks applications from local and regional artists to create art installations in an area with historically large amounts of vacated retail space, recently experiencing a surge of artistic activity.
VAW is accepting submissions in a variety of mediums including 2D visual art, sculptures, video, and new media. For more information and to submit entries, visit [] or call Program Coordinator Erin Bakke at 702.339.4249.

City of Vallejo Launches Community Partnership Opportunity for PB Vote -
From September 27 to October 6, all Vallejo residents over the age of 16 will have the opportunity to vote on how to spend $2.4 million in the second cycle of Participatory Budgeting (PB). As the Vote approaches, the City of Vallejo invites Vallejo organizations, schools, community leaders and residents to join the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Network.
A coalition of volunteers, GOTV Network members, will raise PB awareness together in an effort to increase voter turnout.
As a member of the GOTV Network, organizations will receive perks, including:
• Access to the Vote Results Celebration Party on October 7th
• Exclusive PB promotional items
• Advance notice of PB events
• Recognition on the PB website
• Recognition at Project Expos (events to be held on 9/27, 9/30 10/2 and 10/5 where residents can learn about projects on the ballot and vote)
The PB GOTV Network launch party and training will be held on Tuesday, August 26 at the Filipino Community Center located at 611 Amador Street from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Interested organizations and community members can RSVP here.
For further information, contact Alyssa Alford, Administrative Analyst I, via e-mail or phone (707) 648-4577.

City of Vallejo Participatory Budgeting (PB) Steering Committee meeting
Tuesday, August 19, 6:30 — 9:00 p.m
At Kyles Temple 912 Florida Street in
6. BUDGET DELEGATE UPDATE The Steering Committee will receive an update on the budget delegate phase, including recently completed City vetting of Cycle 2 project proposals. 
7. GET OUT THE VOTE & VOTE PLANNING EFFORTS The Steering Committee will receive an update on outreach and vote planning efforts and upcoming opportunities to participate. 
8. ELECTRONIC BALLOT PRESENTATION WITH STANFORD PARTNERS The Crowdsourced Democracy Team at Stanford University will present the prototypes they have been developing for the electronic ballot that will be available at all polling sites. 
9. BALLOT DECISION-MAKING The Steering Committee will consider and decide how many votes a resident may cast in the PB vote and the structure of the electronic and paper ballot, based on recommendations from a subcommittee of Steering Committee members. 
10. IMPLEMENTATION UPDATE Staff will provide an update on the implementation of Cycle 1 projects. 
11. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NEXT STEPS City staff or Steering Committee members may address the Committee on relevant business. 

MIRA Theatre Guild awaiting approval to open Day Center for residents without homes in Vallejo
To be considered at an upcoming special meeting for the HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION for an Agreement By and Between MIRA Theatre Guild and the Vallejo Housing Authority in the Amount of $75,000 to Provide Homeless Services in the City of Vallejo Through a Day Center.
As related in the upcoming meeting's agenda, "By motion, recommend approval of an Agreement by and between the MIRA Theatre Guild and the Vallejo Housing Authority in the amount of $75,000 to provide homeless day center services at 1020 Colusa Street, Vallejo."
Plan on being there to voice your support!
Council Chambers Vallejo City Hall 555 Santa Clara Street
Thursday, August 21, 2014, 7:00 P.M. 

Community Calender

Comics Drawing Meetup Time! 
at Waterfront Comics from 6-8!
You can create, draw, and network with others in the indie comic book field.
Come on out, everyone is welcome!

August 2014, 6thYear-Anniversary Bash
"ALL THAT JAZZ" Fine Art Exhibit Featuring
"Featuring Many East Bay Musical Giants"
Special Guest Artist - the Incomparable JOHN HANDY
And host Cleven"Goodie"Goudeau
Saturday, August 23rd,2014
Fabulous Food, Sweets & Titillating Drinks
Silent Auction, Raffles, Door Prizes & More
TICKETS: $15.00 ADVANCE $20.00 @ DOOR
For ticket info, call Janet Slyvain - 707.644-6768
The McCree-Goudeau Gallery is a commercial fine art gallery located in the hub of downtown Vallejo's Art District. It exhibits a wide and diverse body of creative works, from International artist to emerging artists.
The goal of the gallery is to bring a collective force of artistic energy from its artists on display to the delight of a broad audience.
Regular Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 1 - 6pm  ~ Sundays 2 - 5pm  (Call for special appointment.)
McCree-Goudeau Gallery
930 Marin Street (corner of Florida)
Vallejo, Ca 94590
(707) 246-4991 ~
Exhibit space sponsored by Vallejo Art District, BJ Conrad

Saturday August 23rd
at the Occidental Center for the Arts.
An all-day celebration of West County culture and music

An evening of Latin, Contemporary and Smooth Jazz 
at the beautiful Downtown Theatre in Fairfield
Doors open at 5:30 PM with performance beginning at 6:30 PM
Tickets & Information at []
General Admission Visit online: [] []
with Ray Obiedo and The Urban Latin Jazz Project and special guest, world renowned bassist Michael Manring and the energy of 2nd Planet with guest Los Angeles saxophonist Damon Rentie Ray Obiedo's resume includes recordings and performances with the music legends Herbie Hancock, Peter Escovedo and the late Grover Washington Jr. Ray will generate excitement from the great masterful and pristine performance of his ensemble with their exicitng brand and beautiful landscape of Latin rhythms. Michael Manring, Bass Player Magazine Reader's Poll 1994 Bassist of the Year and hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist, Michael has been pushing back the boundaries of what is possible on the bass guitar for over two decades. Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend Jam Pastorius, Michael has developed a new approach to the instrument that includes unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. 2nd Planet has been performing in Northern California since the year 2000. A diverse music experience specializing in the styles of contemporary and smooth jazz, rock, r&b and funk. The Northern California based band which consist of 4 musicians have released two CD titles "Beyond the Surface" and "The Next Level" and have co-headlined a concert with music industry renowned guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. and Latin jazz artist Ray Obiedo.

Visions of the Wild
A festival connecting nature, culture and community
September 3rd (Wednesday) to the 6th (Saturday)
What is your vision of the wild? Whether it's bird watching in your local park or backpacking through remote forest, wildness is where you find it.
The Visions of the Wild festival marks the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act and will feature local artwork depicting the wildness of nature. There will be author talks, a film series, art showings, panel discussions and field trips highlighting both wilderness and local wildlands. The festival will take place in Vallejo, a city known for its cultural and natural diversity and vibrant arts community. With the help of many public and private partners, the festival will spotlight the anniversary of the historic legislation that preserves and protects wilderness areas across the American landscape.
The Visions of the Wild festival celebrates these magnificent public lands and invites you to find the wildness wherever you live. Join Us!
[] []

Sunday, September 14, 2014
10 am - 5pm
Vallejo City Park
We are so excited!!
Please share this very special event!!
We still have room for vendors!!
Email us at
Vallejo Together []

Vallejo Together with GVRD Presents:
The 5th Annual Vallejo Unity Day Celebration
Vallejo Unity Day celebrates Vallejo's amazing diversity!!!
We will be celebrating all areas of community - cultural, sexual orientation, age and abilities!
We have 2 stages - Cultural Stage and the Millennium Stage, International Food Arena; Business and Nonprofit Booths; Activities for youth and families.
Stay tuned!!
We will update this page as confirmations come in!
We are looking for vendors!!

Admirals Baseball Toss
Bay Bizness Motorcycle Club Exhibit
Fire Department Tour
Free Face Painting
Free Haircuts with Whip It Up Haircut
Garden Tour at St. Vinnie's Community Garden
Horse time with Spirit Horse Bay Area
Kite & Kayaking with Stephen Souza
Mad Hatter

Evolution Training Center
It Works
Simply Classic Dance Company
The Unconventional Garden

African - Simply Dance Company
Chicano - Xhicano Theater
Filipino - Vallejo Bayanihan Dance Group
Greek - Panagiri Dancers
Inca - Danza Mexica Nanahuatzin
Latin - Ballet Folklorico
Latin - Zumba with Cristina Galicia
Middle Eastern - Grateful Siren Belly Fusion Dancers & Friends
Pacific Islander - Ohana O' Lokomaika'i
Thailand - Muay Thai with Evolution Training Center

Care to Share Mobile Unit Lumpias
CLIFF's Soul Food
Good Life Cookies
Ice Cart
La Michoacán
Meyer's BBQ
Queen Empanada

Blessed Love Gospel Reggae Band
Erin Bakke and Don Bassey
Iota Phi Theta Inc.
Naomi Smith & Friends
The Yaks

Alpha Pregnancy Center
Black Infant Health
Bridgeway Church
Care to Share Mobile Unit
Diaz & Loera Centro Latino
Food Rescue
Participatory Budgeting Vallejo
Real Life, Real Talk
St. Vinnie's Community Garden

Stage Sponsor - Michelle Nix

Cajun Festival
Saturday September 6th
at Ives Park in Sebastopol
Live FM broadcast

Dance N Grooves & Sweet Vibez
Thursday, September 4, at 7:30pm
at la Casa Voltron [] []
Performances By:
* Clay Venezia []
* Calvin Houser []
* Harmonic Resonance []
Keeping It All Positive, Keeping it Real!
It's All About The Movement!

Jake Ward Presents: 
Saturday, September 6, at 8:00pm
The Arlene Francis Center, 99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa, California 95401
8pm / $8
Jake Ward Presents THE HIVE DWELLERS on tour from Olympia, Washington!!!
Hive Dwellers is the latest band fronted by the legendary Calvin Johnson (Beat Happening, The Halo Benders), founder of the influencial K Records / Dub Narcotic Studio. Johnson has worked with artists such as Beck, Modest Mouse, The Microphones, Built to Spill, and many others. Come see his *first ever* Santa Rosa appearance!

The streets of Olympia ring with that boot heels-on-cobblestone sound as the Hive Dwellers traverse the township east to west on way to their next musical adventure. Spawned in the late double-O decade by Calvin Johnson at the Dub Narcotic Studio, the Hive Dwellers is a band, a combo (as in combination) of disparate individuals who share a common love of rock’n’roll, library cards and railroad travel. When they emerge from the froth and frumble of their active bicycle-powered lives to make music, the Hive Dwellers emit a pelt of bright, shiny ((NOW)) with a love of pop music underground and it’s more vacuous mainstream distant cousins. Dance. Smile when you say that. Raw freedom dance.
The assorted cacophony of membership slides around, currently the Hive Dwellers are Gabriel Will, Evan Hashi and Calvin Johnson. Past members include K.E. Sixx (The Vibrarians), Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System, Chain & the Gang), Faustine Hudson (The Curious Mystery), Spencer Kelley (Wallpaper, Basemint), Karl Blau, Brett Lyman, Fred Thomas (City Center, Saturday Looks Good to Me), and Michelle Mae (Make-Up).
In 2009, the Hive Dwellers launched an expansive Pan-American tour seeing for themselves how it is to be a slave to the rhythm hive active; 2010 saw the release of “Get In” (KLP223), and 2011 brought out their Dub Narcotic Disco Plate, Lynch The Swan (DBN126). In 2012, the Hive Dwellers release a new LP, Hewn from the Wilderness [KLP241]. As the future unfolds into the conscious mind and continues to fade gently into the past, the Hive Dwellers are present tense, bearing witness to the maraca wilderness of the modern Basement State.

Following up two brilliant albums (2008's Carefree and 2011's Euphoria), Slumberland and Los Angeles' Devon Williams are very proud to present Gilding The Lily. Williams' shimmering pop combines his broad musical tastes with exceptional song-writing and arranging skill, and an unerring ear for melody - all of which are in ample evidence on Gilding The Lily.
Devon started recording Gilding The Lily with long-time associate Jorge Elbrecht (Lansing-Dreiden, Violens, Ariel Pink) immediately after completing Euphoria, and over the intervening two years the songs steadily evolved, mirroring changes in Williams' life that include marriage and multiple intercontinental relocations.
From album opener "Deep In The Back of Your Mind" through first single "Flowers" and the lushly romantic "Will You Let Go Of My Heart?" Williams has honed his trademark blend of power-pop, orchestrated soft-rock and layered, melodic jangle-pop to a perfect edge. The elegant "Games" is a great example of what Devon does best — complex emotions played against a driving pop tune that recalls The Church at their melancholic best.
The aforementioned single "Flowers" is a masterpiece of orchestral texture, with rolling drums, chorused guitars and swelling synths backing a tune that hearkens back to the most delicate 60s soft-pop — while sounding totally of-the-minute. "Puzzle" is pure power-pop heaven, a great contrast to the dreamy "Rabbit Hole" and closer "Gilding The Lily."
It's these contrasts that enliven Gilding The Lily_ and the consummate skill with which Williams arranges and executes his beautiful songs that mark him as a truly unique talent who, with this album, has reached a new peak of craft and creativity.

Ever-active in other mediums, the kids comprising Secret Cat are at it again, after nearly a year away! Their sound has been pegged as an operatic play on the weirdness of humanity and otherworldly matters as made sense through a new rendition of overindulgent post-punk pop!

Acoustic/Lectro Expresso
Thursday, September 18, at 6:00pm - 1:00am
The Arlene Francis Center
99 Sixth St, Santa Rosa, California 95401
* Meme-catcher Presents The Last Secret Angels []
* The Corner Store Kids []
* Derailed Freight Train []
* Guthrie Galileo
* No Limit Creation []
* Chris Ferdinandson
* Nate Pena
($1-$5 Supportive Donation)

Vallejo City Council has agreed to reinstate Vallejo Waterfront Weekend for the community in October.
Vallejo Waterfront Weekend celebrates the uniting of unique talents and diversities in the community while providing a one-stop shop for regional sponsorship. The Bay Terrace Theater (Mira Theatre Guild) has been designated as this year's main beneficiary, though the event will provide an opportunity for other nonprofits to raise money for their organizations as well. By maximizing resources and reducing expenses to create one major event, Vallejo is creating an organizational structure that small stand-alone nonprofits can thrive under for many years to come.
Taking place October 4th and 5th, the event will feature music, food, entertainment and activities for the entire family, potentially drawing thousands of individuals from Vallejo, Solano County and the entire Bay Area. The festival will unite the Downtown Arts and Entertainment District and the Water-front communities, and will also help celebrate the historic significance of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. This event will require the support of local and regional sponsors, companies, vendors and hundreds of volunteers. To donate or become a sponsor, call 707.642.3653 or visit [].
The first Vallejo Waterfront Weekend was developed in 2004 as a collaboration of events and organizations in Vallejo and the surrounding area. After a decade, we are re-establishing this event to once again bring our community together. By maximizing resources and reducing expenses to create one major event, we are creating an organizational structure that local non-profits can benefit from for years to come. We are celebrating and uniting the unique talents and diversities of our community while providing a one-stop shop for regional sponsorship.
We have designated the Mira Community Cultural Center as this year's main beneficiary, but the event will also provide an opportunity for other non-profits to raise money for their organizations by taking advantage of the regional venue. Taking place over two days during the first weekend of October, the event features music, food, entertainment and activities for the entire family.
The Vallejo Waterfront Weekend will draw thousands of individuals from Vallejo, Solano County and the entire Bay Area. The festival unites the Downtown and Waterfront communities and will also celebrate the historic significance of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. This effort will require the support of local and regional sponsors, companies, vendors and hundreds of volunteers. Transportation will be provided throughout the event so visitors can park and get around to all the various activities.

Viking Fest 
October 11th, 2014 — 10 AM to 3 PM
At Norway Hall, 619 W. Ninth Street, Santa Rosa, CA.
Open to the Public - No Admission Charge.
* Live Viking crafts.
* Re-enactments by Vikings of Bjornstad-Cultural Demonstrations.
* Taste of Norway Lunch.
* Home Made Baked Goods.
* Imported Scandinavian Foods and Gift Items.
* Fresh Waffles and Coffee.
* Live Music.
* Viking Photo booth.
Additional information on [] and [].
Anne-Marie Winterhalder, Vice President, Freya Lodge, Sons of Norway [707 894-1807] [annemaric@)]

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 12th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

Get Up and Rise Up in the morning with the Northbay UPrising morningshow!
Produced by the Gathering of the Tribes [link]. Listen in on your Smart Phone with our Tune-in App [link], on a Desktop with our live U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], with our Live Mp3 stream (.pls) [link], or on a Netbook / Laptop [link]. Check out our FM Transmitter Range [link]!
* Local weather for Vallejo [link], Napa [link], Santa Rosa [link], Dillon's Beach [link], Walnut Creek [link], Richmond [link].
Local Links page with local news portals, and local sports info [link]!
Ongoing Community Events [link], weekly and monthly
Farmer's Markets page [link]. Learn how to make your own artisan products [link]!
Local Food Guide [link]

Feature Announcements!
Attention Local Artists! a special message from Books RioV
Local Artists are invited to discuss display opportunities with us.
We plan to rotate artwork on a monthly basis.
We will not sell the artwork, but encourage the provision of contact and price information.  We will be developing themes for the window display, which will change at two-week intervals, and will usually select items that coordinate with a display.
Call or come in during open hours to see the current works and get more information.
Tentative Window Display Schedule
Call Us at: (707) 374-5650
Mailing Address: 187 Main Street, Rio Vista, CA 94571
email Us: [Bookstore@)]

Community Headlines
Animal Place's Rescue Ranch (in Vacaville, California) can save nearly 2,500 hens...with your help! Learn about our upcoming Operation Hen Freedom and find out how you can make it happen []
We are the only sanctuary in the nation that regularly performs large-scale rescues directly from farms. These hens needs ALL of our help! They have lived in cages their whole lives and are ready for liberation and adoption into permanent, pre-screened, loving homes. Join us in this effort!

The City of Vallejo is looking for various unique vendors to spearhead a pilot program to sell goods on the Vallejo Waterfront next to the Ferry Terminal. Vendors who sell food, art, flowers, crafts and more are encouraged to apply for a 10-by-10 square-foot space, for a total of $150 per month. Vendors would be able to sell in their space daily from May through October, including during waterfront events. Tents and awnings are not required, but are encouraged where appropriate. Applications are available at the Central Permit Center on the second floor of City Hall. Other requirements may include, but are not limited to, Administrative Permits through the Planning Department, Business Licenses from the Finance Department, County Environmental Health Certification for food vendors, and so on. For additional information, please contact the Planning Division at (707) 648-4326. Please join us in creating a new and exciting Vallejo waterfront.

"New evening Farmers Market coming to downtown"
2014-07-25 by Rachel Raskin-Zrihen from "Vallejo Times-Herald" daily newspaper:
Vallejo’s Saturday Farmers Market has become so successful in recent months that its organizers have decided to create a mid-week, evening version starting Aug. 6, it was announced Wednesday.
Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association spokeswoman Elena Trierweiler said the new Vallejo Farmers Market at Unity Plaza will kick off an eight-week run from 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 6 at Georgia and Santa Clara streets.
“We took a survey of people at the Saturday Farmers Market, and we found that 70 to 80 percent said they’d shop at the Wednesday market, too,” Trierweiler said. “They were very enthusiastic. This year we saw a lot of extra support from the community at the Vallejo market and we feel this will be successful.”
The new market at Unity Plaza will provide a place to shop during the week as well as creating a wholesome, family-friendly weekday activity, she said. Since the Wednesday market will be visible from the Ferry terminal, organizers hope it will also attract some ferry commuters, she said.
“There’s a different feel to an evening market, and it’s something for families to do during the week,” Trierweiler said.
The market will include certified local organic vegetables and fruits, and organizers are working on bringing on local artisans, organizers said.
“There will be about 10 agricultural stalls, at least three non-ag specialty gourmet baked goods, at least three hot food vendors and local artisans,” Trierweiler said. The Aug. 6 kick-off event will also include live music, something organizers hope to make a weekly tradition, she said.
This is a pilot program, and organizers hope it does well enough to become an annual event, Trierweiler said. At least one downtown business owner thinks the idea is “fantastic,” and plans to “check it out.”
“That’s great. Excellent. It’s the time of the season,” Vallejo Antiques owner Bill Neads said. “The community supports the Farmers Market — it’s jammed on Saturdays — so, if the community supports it, it will benefit the city.”
At least one downtown business owner is adopting a wait-and-see attitude about the new endeavor.
“The Central Core Restoration Corporation negotiates the Saturday Farmers Market contract, but this is being held in an area outside their district,” Gracie’s Family Barbecue owner Ken Ingersoll said. “If it generates revenue it works, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”
Ingersoll said evening markets “tend to be more social events,” and he’s reserving judgment on whether or not that’s a good idea in downtown Vallejo.
“I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not; if you’re going to be able to draw the people down,” he said. “It’s a different atmosphere during the week than on the weekend,” he said. “It’s kind of a wait and see. It’s a pilot program. The Farmers Market certainly fills a need with produce of unsurpassed quality. And this will be more of that.”

"Vallejo No. 7 in Best Cities for Women in the Workforce for Medium Sized Cities"
from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper:
A recent NerdWallet article named Vallejo as the 7th best city for women in the work-force for medium sized cities. The study analyzed 522 cities: 61 large cities with populations over 300,000; 241 medium-size cities with populations from 100,000 to 300,000; and 220 small cities with populations under 100,000. The number of women working in the U.S. workforce has experienced a steady increase in the last 50 years, with an in-crease of 29 percent to nearly 50 percent since 1967.According to the study, in 1960, only one in 10 mothers in the U.S. was the sole or primary family breadwinner. In 2011, the number reached four in 10. NerdWallet crunched the numbers and analyzed the fol-lowing factors: Women's earnings, which looked at the median salary for the full-time, year-round female workers in each city and included the median gross rent as a proxy to gauge cost of living; Income equality, which calculated women's pay as a percentage of men's pay to measure the level of income equality in each city; and, Population growth, which assessed long-term growth potential by including recent population growth for each lo-cation.
By using median earnings, median gross rent, women's earning as a percentage of men's earnings and population growth from 2009 to 2012, Vallejo was placed at 7 over-all with its median earnings for female workers was $47,420 and women's earnings as a
percentage of men's earnings was 104.63 percent both ranking second overall. The median gross mat was $1,154 and population growth experienced just a 2.8 percent in-crease from 2009, both ranked seventh overall.

"Vallejo Will Convert City Streetlights to LED for Savings and Rebate"
from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper:
Last month, the Vallejo City Council voted to convert approximately 8,000 high-pressure sodium street-lights around Vallejo to LED fixtures. The contract, which will go to Tanko Lighting of San Francisco, will be in the amount of $1,732,214, and the conversion will result in an estimated annual energy savings of $392,764.
In addition to the annual savings, the City of Vallejo Public Works Department will have a team focused on converting the streetlights to LED fixtures before December 31, which will qualify the City for a PG&E rebate of approximately $650,000.
Tanko Lighting of San Francisco will provide project management services to oversee the conversion of the remaining 8,000 street-lights, and provide all PG&E approved LED fixtures, mapping and recording of inventory and location of all City streetlights, recycling of the old streetlight fixtures and eligibility and participation in the PG&E rebate program.
The project is fully funded by Measure B, the City of Vallejo's one percent sales tax. Staff assigned to the conversion project are currently undergoing extensive training on how to replace the fixtures and safely operate a bucket truck. Of the nearly 9,300 streetlights the City owns and maintains, approximately 1,000 have already been converted within the past two years. Originally, a portion of the lights were a part of the Participatory Budgeting "Light-up Vallejo" project, which will now turn full focus on installing new streetlights throughout Vallejo until all project funds are expended.

Sign The Petition to Protect California’s Green Jobs!
Thanks to AB 32, California is leading the charge in the clean energy economy. By 2020, it’s estimated that California clean energy programs will add up to $120 billion in green investments.
AB 32 ensures green buildings standards, increased recycling, investments in high-speed rail, better public transit and funding for water-energy efficiency infrastructure. All that translates to a whole lot of good-paying union jobs for hardworking Californians. But those in the fossil fuel industry are attacking AB 32 all over again and hurting our chances for a real economic recovery.
It’s up to us to defend our right to a healthy planet and a healthy workforce. Find out how you can join the “Jobs Squad” and sign the petition here!

WIC Vendor Rule Changes for Food Access Advocates -
A long-running moratorium on new vendor applications in the California WIC program has caused hassles for some grocers. Newly opened stores haven't been able to apply for WIC authorization because of the federally-imposed freeze. Thankfully, these stores - and their WIC customers - will soon get relief. The California WIC Program has been working hard to fix a spiraling food cost problem by completely revamping its WIC vendor approval and reimbursement system. Over the next several months, the moratorium is being lifted in stages so that more stores can participate.

Community Calender

Sonoma County VegFest
Sonoma County’s first full-featured, indoor-outdoor celebration of compassionate, healthy and environmentally responsible living.
This exciting day-long event will be held in Santa Rosa’s Finley Community Center from 10 am to 5 pm on August 16. It’s only $5 and kids under 13 are free! []

Vallejo Watershed Alliance
Annual Planning Meeting, Saturday, August 16
Dan Foley Cultural Center/Vista Room, 9:00 a.m. to Noon
The Vallejo Watershed Alliance is proud to present Alex Rabidoux from the Solano County Water Agency, and Pam Sahin from the City of Vallejo Water Division. Alex will provide an overview of California and Solano water supplies and concerns, while Pam will discuss Vallejo’s water from a supply and water rights perspective. The water talk will last about an hour; after a break the Alliance will prioritize and calendar workdays and research projects for the next twelve months. All are welcome; free refreshments. (It’s fine if you just want to come for the water talk!)

August 16th & 17th

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 8th, Northbay UpRising morningshow

Get up and Rise up in the morning with the Northbay UPrising morningshow!
Produced by the Gathering of the Tribes [link]. Check out our FM Transmitter Range [link]!
Local Links page with local news portals, and local sports info [link]!
Ongoing Community Events [link], weekly and monthly
* Local weather for Vallejo [link], Napa [link], Santa Rosa [link], Dillon's Beach [link], Walnut Creek [link], Richmond [link].
Farmer's Markets page [link]. Learn how to make your own artisan products [link]!
Local Food Guide [link]
* Art Vallejo []
Art Galleries in Sonoma County [link]
* Sonoma County Electric Vehicle Charging Stations [link], revised 2014-06
Also, if you're on Facebook, check out the "Unique to Vallejo" page, a fantastic array of updates and info about the jewel by the Bay! []

Listen to a recording of the interview here [link]
Interview with 
Dr. Kerry Kriger, Ecologist and Founder of "Save The Frogs!" []
the world's leading amphibian conservation organization. We work in California, across the USA, and around the world to prevent the extinction of amphibians, and to create a better planet for humans and wildlife. Visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley [link].
View the "SAVE THE FROGS!" TED Video [link].
Connect with us at: [] [] [] [] [] []
Teacher's materials for classrooms: []
Message from Dr. Kerry Kriger: Manor Elementary School 4th graders raised $100 for SAVE THE FROGS! Last week I gave a presentation on amphibian conservation to these amazing students from the Manor School in Fairfax, California. They asked great questions and already knew a lot about environmental issues. They sold chocolate frogs and raised $100 for our frog conservation programs! This weekend I return to their school to assess it for its suitability as a location for a SAVE THE FROGS! Wetlands Construction Workshop in which we will build an actual wetland for frogs.
"Hi Kerry, The kids were so excited to meet you and learn all about frogs. They are 100% onboard to help save the frogs! We'll be writing letters next week to all of the people we talked about. Thanks for the certificate and for your work to save frogs!" -- Laura Honda, 4th grade teacher and SAVE THE FROGS! Member

Local Fauna of the week, and California's State Amphibian:
The California Red-Legged Frog
(Rana draytonii)

Infor from "Save the Frogs!" [link]:
The California Red-Legged Frog (Rana draytonii) has been listed on the federal Endangered Species list since 1996. The California Red-Legged Frogs were nearly eaten to extinction by the California gold miners in the late 1800's. Now they are under threat from habitat destruction, pesticides, roadkill and non-native species that eat them and compete with them for habitat. In 2013, SAVE THE FROGS! and our supporters launched a campaign to raise awareness for the frog by working towards legislation that would name the frog California's official State Amphibian. On June 28th, 2014 Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation (AB2364) into law. Having the frog as our official state amphibian will help to protect the frog by educating politicians about its plight; putting it in front of many students and teachers when they study the state's official plants and wildlife; and making it difficult for those whose activities intentionally harm the frogs. This page details our efforts and all the steps in the campaign process. We hope others will be inspired to get an official state amphibian for their state as well!

Frogs Drowning In Your Pool?
Frogs regularly drown in pools in people's backyards. They enter the pool thinking it's a great place to breed. Unfortunately, it's often just a death trap, as they can't manage to climb back over the walls to escape. There are five million pools in the United States, and thus it's quite possible that over 50 million frogs die in American pools each year. Luckily, there is a solution...the Critter Skimmer! The Critter Skimmer is a magical and revolutionary device that allows frogs, turtles, mice, and other small critters to rescue themselves from in-ground pool skimmers. Animals that enter the pool can save themselves by climbing up the attached spiral rescue ramp, through the opening in the skimmer cover, and then emerging into the safety of the terrestrial realm. You may never know they were there unless you see them hopping away! Frogs won't pile up in your pool skimmer if you have a Critter Skimmer! Cool Pool Fact: The town of Groton, MA requires all pools to have Critter Skimmers!
Order your Critter Skimmer today! All proceeds support our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts
[]. Critter Skimmer photo: 

Also see:  "Knitters answer WildCare's call for nests to save baby birds" [link]

from the "Vallejo Post" weekly newspaper:

Ozcat Radio's unofficial Mascot, "The Cat of a Different Color", was on hand as Ozcat Radio DJs, including the host of the Morningshow Dr.G., and his friends in the Gathering of the Tribes, along with the famous Cat Car co-creator Xiggy of the Northbay Evolver Network!
Here we are during the fireworks show at the Vallejo waterfront:

Love Balm For My SpiritChild
Jul 11 to Jul 20
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 3pm
at "Brava! For Women in the Arts", 2781 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110
Find tickets at []
Directed By Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe
Love Balm For My SpiritChild is a choreo-play based on the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to violence. The play explores the ways in which these mothers journey together through grief.
For more information check out the project blog at:
Tickets are sliding scale $10 - $25

Transition Conversation Cafe
Tuesday, July 15, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
A lightly facilitated space for discussion of all things related to the Transition Movement
Taylor Maid Organic Coffee, 6790 McKinley Ave #170 (In The Barlow), Sebastopol

“Get the Rush” at Rush Ranch: 
Free Guided Walk, Blacksmithing & More! 

Saturday July 19th from 9:30am to 1pm
No reservations are necessary and all activities wind down by about 1pm.  Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy afterward!  Rush Ranch is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Road near Suisun City, about 2 miles south of the Highway 12/Sunset Avenue/Grizzly Island Road intersection.
SOLANO COUNTY – Bring the whole family to “Get the Rush” at Rush Ranch on Saturday, July 19th.  “Get the Rush” is a series of free, fun and family-friendly activities offered on the third Saturday of every month at Rush Ranch.  The day is 100% volunteer-run, and timing and activities vary from month to month.
This month a guided walk starts at 9:30am, blacksmithing and a display of Native American tools and decorations start at 10am, and horse-drawn wagon rides start at 11am.
** 9:30am to 11am:  The guided walk’s theme is “Summer Surprises at Rush Ranch”, and it departs from the brick courtyard and native plant garden at 9:30am.  The theme is inspired by the beauty of Rush Ranch in the summer, and the likelihood of pleasant surprises when you walk at a leisurely pace and use all your senses to experience the marsh and ranch. Discover what makes Rush Ranch’s marsh unique and therefore nationally famous, and have fun learning about the plants as well as the birds, mammals, and other animals that call this area home.  You’ll travel less than two miles on mostly flat dirt trail, returning to the center of the ranch where the other activities take place by about 11am.
** 10am to 1pm:  Smithy Virgil Sellers and his team demonstrate traditional blacksmithing skills using authentic tools and equipment in the historic blacksmith shop.  You can try your hand at blacksmithing too – you may even get the opportunity to make your own iron nail or other keepsake!
** 10am to 1pm:  Visit Little Bear at his table full of Native American tools and decorations, most of which he handcrafted himself. Ask him about his life experiences and learn about Native American history and culture.
** 11am to 1pm: Visitors of all ages and mobility levels are invited to take a ride in a horse-drawn wagon.  Wheelchair users are especially encouraged and can board via a solar-powered wheelchair lift.  Michael Muir and his team of experienced drivers and highly trained horses provide these rides so that those with limited mobility can experience the freedom and excitement of exploring beautiful open spaces like Rush Ranch.
Rush Ranch is owned and operated by Solano Land Trust, in partnership with the Rush Ranch Educational Council, Access Adventure, and the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.  For more information, visit [], call 707-432-0150 x200 or email
Raptor at Rush Ranch_By Tom Muehleisen

Vallejo Watershed Alliance: July Activity 
Time to Celebrate!
Saturday, July 19, 9:00 a.m. to Noon
Blue Rock Springs Park, 650 Columbus Parkway
Every year, Alliance volunteers gather to celebrate their accomplishments. You can spend an easy morning picking up trash around the lake (come at 9 a.m.), or just stop by for a burger at 11:00. This is your party! If you come for the cleanup, wear comfortable clothes, sturdy shoes, hat, gloves, and sunscreen.
Everyone is welcome. Lunch is free, but please RSVP to (707) 644-8949 ext. 292 or email so we know how much food to prepare.
Vallejo Watershed Alliance []

Vallejo Jazz Society presents
Jennifer Lee and the Ever-Expanding Universe
Sunday, July 20, 2014 - 5pm
Empress Theatre, 330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, CA  94590
General Admission  $15($7.50 for VJS members)
Up to two children 18 and under are admitted free with a paying adult
Buy tickets at the door or online at []
707.533.4593 or for information
Jazz Singer Jennifer Lee Headed To Historic Vallejo Theatre For Vallejo Jazz Society Concert -
Jazz singer and bandleader Jennifer Lee is slated to headline the latest edition of the Vallejo Jazz Society’s concert series with her band The Ever-Expanding Universe.  The singer, pianist and guitar player will appear at the historic Empress Theatre on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 5pm.
A provocative blend of innocence and sophistication — that’s Jennifer Lee. While presenting herself with great style and class, Jennifer maintains a warm and unpretentious demeanor, which enables her to connect deeply with her audience. "Connection is what it’s all about," says Jennifer. "Connection with my band and connection with the listener. That’s what creates the magic. The deeper the connection, the more magical the experience for everyone involved." And connect she does, with sincerity and a perpetual sense of wonder.
Rooted in the straight-ahead jazz tradition, this San Francisco Bay Area-based vocalist/pianist/guitarist has developed a style all her own. With her warm, lovely voice, extraordinary musicality and hip sense of time, Jennifer brings each song uniquely to life. On an up-tempo tune, she really swings. On a ballad, she sings with a depth of emotion that pays homage to the music and the lyric. Whether on guitar or piano, Jennifer accompanies herself with a simple elegance and sweetness, while maintaining a deep and thrilling in-the-pocket groove. “Lee knows how to drop a jaw with her rhythm ease on guitar,” says Jean Bartlett of the Pacifica Tribune.
In addition to her love of straight-ahead jazz, Jennifer has a strong affinity for the music of Brazil.  When she sings bossa nova and samba (in Portuguese with a near-perfect Brazilian accent) and accompanies herself on guitar, you can almost feel the warm sands of Ipanema beneath your feet.
Jennifer Lee and The Ever-Expanding Universe is Jennifer Lee/vocals and guitar. Bryan Girard/saxophone, David Udolf/keyboard, Rich Girard/bass and Jim Chantelopu/drums.
Previous Vallejo Jazz Society concerts included Yancie Taylor, Denise Perrier, Larry Vuckovich, Paul Hanson, Pamela Rose, Carlitos Medrano, Le Jazz Hot, Jeff Massanari, Kenny Washington, Noel Jewkes, Frankye Kelly, Melecio Magdaluyo, Mary Jenson & Beyond Standard Jazz, Calvin Keys and Women in Jazz with Mad Duran, Elizabeth Goodfellow, Tammy Hall and Ruth Davies.

About the Vallejo Jazz Society:
A not-for-profit organization formed in September of 2010, the Vallejo Jazz Society’s mission is to heighten awareness of jazz in Vallejo and nearby communities by sponsoring concerts throughout the year at various local venues. The organization also provides jazz-related educational resources such as concerts and clinics to local schools and youth organizations.

Join us for the fifth annual Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park, presenting…
A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, directed by Clinton Vidal
A FREE Community Event
July 26th & 27th, at 2pm
Hahn’s Park Ampitheatre, located in Vallejo, 198 Skyline dr. at Redwood Parkway.
Picnic style seating, bring a blanket, or your own chair.
August 2nd & 3rd, at 2pm
Martinez Waterfront Ampitheater, located in Martinez, 115 Tarantino dr., at Waterfront Park
Join the Friends of Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park! Benefits include a wine & cheese reception, reserved seating area, meet & greet with actors, and more. [VallejoShakespeare@)]

Angel Heart 4 You
501 First Street, Benicia, (707) 745-2024

Obtanium Cup Contraptor's Rally
Mad-cap obstacle rally on Mare Island near Vallejo, CA on July 27, 2014 from 3pm-9pm featuring pedal-powered hand-made contraptions, costumed characters and inexplicable challenges with flying monkeys, zombies and robots! (video made by Marc Garman for Obtanium Works)

4th annual Porch Festival
A one day event showcasing Napa musicians playing on some of the finest historic porches in our downtown Napa neighborhoods. Mark your calendar, tell your friends, fill your water bottles and grab your beach chairs. Come on out and roam from porch to porch to hear some really great music. Come on out for what promises to be a really great time!!!!
Bringing NAPA music out of the garage...
Jul 27, 2014: 1 pm - 6 pm (Sun)
Admission Info: Free.
Be sure to pick up a map of where to find the music playing in the downtown Napa neighborhoods.
Maps are available at WILDCAT, 1210 First Street, the Goodman LIbrary/Landmarks, 1219 First Street, and the Public Library, 580 Coombs St and online at
phone: 707- 255-1836

Award-winning documentary “Chasing Ice” comes to Rush Ranch
Tuesday, July 29th, starting at 6pm
SOLANO COUNTY – Chasing Ice, an award winning documentary, has screened around the world in over 172 countries, 70 universities, over 75 film festivals, the White House, the United Nations, and now it’s screening at Rush Ranch.  Starting at 6pm on Tuesday, July 29th, the Rush Ranch Nature Center will be transformed into a movie theater for the 1 hour and fifteen minute film.  The showing is completely free and all are invited, but space is limited.  Reserve your seat at [].
Since its theatrical release in November 2012, Chasing Ice has received over 35 awards, including excellence in cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival.  It tells the story of National Geographic photographer James Balog’s harrowing quest to capture the world’s changing glaciers with time-lapse photography.  Learn more about the movie at [].
Sarah Ferner and Heidi Nutters of the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve are presenting the movie in participation with a National Science Foundation Study Circle on climate change communication.  Movie-goers are invited to stay afterward for a discussion with Sarah and Heidi about your experiences in talking and learning about climate change.
Rush Ranch is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System, which studies and protects coastal habitats and estuaries.
Rush Ranch is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Road near Suisun City, about 2 miles south of the Highway 12/Sunset Avenue/Grizzly Island Road intersection.  For directions, visit
Rush Ranch is owned and operated by Solano Land Trust, in partnership with the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, the Rush Ranch Educational Council, and Access Adventure.

21st annual Suscol Powwow
August 2nd and 3rd, 11am to 6pm both days
Free admission, open to the public
at the Yountville Veterans Home

Docent-Led Hike at Rockville Trails Preserve 
Saturday, August 2, 8:30am – 12:30pm
SOLANO COUNTY – Join a free guided hike of Rockville Trails Preserve on Saturday, August 2nd from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Your guide, Solano Land Trust docent Jim Hanser, will lead the hike. Participants will pass a wide variety of oaks, listen to the birds, and enjoy views of the valleys below. Rockville Trails Preserve is only accessible by docent-led hikes at this time.
Advance registration is required – visit the “events calendar” at, go to or call Jim at 707-372-6090. Participants can expect a moderate pace, hiking 4 to 5 miles up and down rugged, steep and slippery hills. There is no drinking water, and there are no bathrooms or parking lots on the premises yet. Dogs are not permitted. Since the preserve is otherwise closed, the entry and exit gate will be locked except for the start and end times of the hike. Meet your guide promptly before 8:30am at the big red "Ice House" building on Suisun Valley Ct., near the intersection of Rockville Rd. and Suisun Valley Rd., outside of Fairfield. Be ready to immediately carpool or caravan from there to the trailhead. Red flag conditions cancel this event. Call Jim if the weather is uncertain.
Bring a backpack with plenty of water and snacks. Wear hiking boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with good tread, and long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that provide protection from the elements (sun, wind, fog). Hiking sticks, bug repellent, binoculars and a camera are also recommended.
Solano Land Trust’s Rockville Trails Preserve is located along Rockville Road, across from the City of Fairfield’s Rockville Hills Regional Park. These natural areas are adjacent to one another, yet independently operated. Both lie between Green Valley and Suisun Valley, near Interstate 80, about half-way between San Francisco and Sacramento.
Solano Land Trust permanently protects natural areas, working farms, and ranchlands in Solano County and connects our community to these lands. Learn more at

Hike the Hills 
Saturday, August 2, 9am-1pm at the King-Swett Ranches
SOLANO COUNTY, CA –Hike the hills between Fairfield, Benicia, and Vallejo – known as the King-Swett Ranches. Jim Walsh will lead this hike on Saturday, August 2nd from 9am to 1pm. Walsh will share insights about the birds and other wildlife that call this area home, and he’ll give you a great workout! Take advantage of this special opportunity if you can because the King-Swett Ranches are otherwise closed to the public.
On a clear day you can see views from atop King Ranch that sweep across the Suisun Marsh all the way to the Sierras, with Mount Diablo rising to the south. From the western edge of Vallejo-Swett Ranch, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais, the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, and the Napa River and marshes.
The hike is free; donations are appreciated. No reservations are necessary but an RSVP would be appreciated to Jim at 916-870-4824 or All ages are welcome, but participants must be prepared for a strenuous pace hiking 4-6 miles off-trail, up and down rugged, steep, and slippery hills that are full of sticky seeds and thorny plants, passing free-range cattle along the way.
Bring a backpack with plenty of water and snacks; boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with good grip for rugged, steep, and slippery off-trail terrain; long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that you don't mind getting dirty; and protection from sun, wind, fog and the chance of rain. Binoculars, a camera, bug repellent, hiking sticks and gaiters are also recommended. Very heavy rain cancels the hike. Call Jim if the weather is uncertain.
Meet Walsh promptly beside his white "TruGreen" pickup truck, at the Park-and-Ride lot where McGary Road, Hiddenbrooke Parkway, and American Canyon Road intersect (on the Hiddenbrooke side of the American Canyon/Hiddenbrooke Parkway exit, off Interstate 80). Be ready to carpool or caravan from there to the trailhead.

National Night Out
August 5th, with block parties all around Vallejo.
National Night Out is an evening recognized nationally by neighborhood watch groups and military bases to recognize the fight against crime. National Night Out now involves over 37.8 million people and 16,124 communities from all fifty states, U.S. Territories, Canadian cities, and military bases worldwide.
For the first 30 groups in Vallejo who register their block party event for August 5th and turn in all required documentation, they will receive a free dumpster for neighborhood clean up as well as having the street closure permit fee waived. Please register your groups event with Tina Encarnacion in the Community Service Section at and she will get you all the required forms to fill out.

Glen Cove Marina Music, Art & Wine Festival in Vallejo 
Saturday, August 2nd from 12:00pm - 5:00pm
The festival is FREE to the public and the inspiration behind it is to bring our community together in a positive
way! It's a great time for everyone involved so don't miss out! :)
There will also be live bands for music lovers, local arts & crafts vendors (hopefully you), canoe rides, onsite
catered bbq, wine tastings, cold beer, tons of people, smiles and beautiful weather... Come one, come
all! You're all invited!

Visions of the Wild
A festival connecting nature, culture and community
September 3rd (Wednesday) to the 6th (Saturday)
What is your vision of the wild? Whether it's bird watching in your local park or backpacking through remote forest, wildness is where you find it.
The Visions of the Wild festival marks the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act and will feature local artwork depicting the wildness of nature. There will be author talks, a film series, art showings, panel discussions and field trips highlighting both wilderness and local wildlands. The festival will take place in Vallejo, a city known for its cultural and natural diversity and vibrant arts community. With the help of many public and private partners, the festival will spotlight the anniversary of the historic legislation that preserves and protects wilderness areas across the American landscape.
The Visions of the Wild festival celebrates these magnificent public lands and invites you to find the wildness wherever you live. Join Us!
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