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News & Info for Jan. 7th, 2014

8:30am Interview with...
Ignacio Sandoval
, fine artist working at bringing classical realism to Vallejo, with a show at St. Vinnie's Culture Club,

8am Interview with...
John Brooks
, poet and community peace advocate of Vallejo

Happy (Gregorian) New Years!
The sub-cultures of the Universal Roman Empire, including the majority of European Christians outside Russia, celebrate the new year's day for the longcount established by the Gregory 8th, the Universal Father of Rome, during the year 1582 to replace the older Roman Calender established by Julius Ceasar during the year 46bce (over 2000 years ago).
Other new year's day to keep special throughout 2014 (all dates given using Gregorian calender):
* Judean (Jewish folks, State of Israel), 2014-09-26, celebrating the oldest longcount beginning at 3761bce.
* Maya (Guatemala, Yucatan), 2014-09-02, celebrating the 2nd oldest longcount beginning at 3114bce!
* Celestial (China), 2014-01-31, celebrating the most vibrant civilization ever.
* Thai, 2014-01-01, among the youngest longcounts, beginning during the reign of Rama 5th in 1888.
* dar Umma (Islam), 2014-10-25, whose longcount began during 622, with over a billion adherents today!

"Participatory Budgeting Highlight"
2013-12-12 from "Vallejo News" published by the City of Vallejo:
Through the triumphs of public participation in community spending decisions, the City of Vallejo was recently named as an example of a successful Participatory Budgeting Project in the White House Blog.
During the President's announcement of the release of his Second National Action Plan on Open Government, a section of Participatory Budgeting (PB) was described as a community-led tool that enables residents to assist in identifying, discussing and prioritizing certain local public spending projects, and for giving citizens a voice in how taxpayer dollars are used in their communities.
Vallejo, which established its city-wide PB process in 2012, was the first city in the nation to do so. In June 2013, as part of the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budget process, the City Council approved an allocation of approximately $2.4 million for Vallejo's second cycle. Through PB, Vallejo residents and stakeholders present ideas and develop project proposals, then residents vote, and the top projects within the budget allocation are submitted to the City Council for consideration.
Projects that benefit the public, are a one-time expenditure that can be completed with funds from this year's PB process, and those that are implemented by the City, or in collaboration with the Vallejo City Unified School District, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, or any other public agency, non-profit organization, or religious institution that operates in Vallejo are eligible for funding.
The Second Open Government National Action Plan states that in 2014, the Administration will work with the Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative, the National League of Cities, non-profit organizations and philanthropies to create tools and best PB practices, raise awareness of PB, and educate communities of PB and its benefits.
Below is an excerpt from the White House Blog about PB:  "Participatory budgeting allows citizens to play a key role in identifying, discussing, and prioritizing public spending projects, and gives them a voice in how taxpayer dollars are spent. Several communities around the country, such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Vallejo, already have had success in, or are currently planning, participatory budgeting processes to help determine local budgeting priorities."

Donate to Faith Food Fridays [] Contact Benjamin H. Buggs [510-978-2396]
Happine$$ Can't Buy Money!!! “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Community Calender

Mindfulness on the Marsh: Start Your New Year by Relaxing into the Here and Now
Saturday, January 4, 2014, 10am-2pm & Sunday, January 5th, 2014, 10am-2pm (Come for one day or both)
Contact: Natalie DuMont, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Solano Land Trust
The New Year is a powerful symbol in our lives—a time of reflection, promise, and renewal. Dedicate the first weekend of January to your health and well-being. A free workshop at Rush Ranch on Saturday, January 4th and repeated on Sunday, January 5th is designed to help you lower stress and become more centered. It’s called “Mindfulness on the Marsh: Start your new year by relaxing into the here and now”. The workshop starts at 10am and ends at 2pm each day, and guests are welcome to come for one day or both.
Workshop participants will learn to practice mindfulness: quieting your thoughts and focusing your awareness on the present moment, non-judgmentally. This way of being has the potential to be deeply restful, to promote healing, and to revive energy. Indeed it can be a way of life. Both days are led by Dr. Peaslee DuMont, M.D., who has been practicing mindfulness for over 25 years.
This workshop is recommended for ages 15 and up. Participants should be prepared for extended periods of silence and guided meditation, lots of sitting (or lying down, if preferred), and slow walking. The workshop will take place rain or shine. If raining, the group will take shelter in the ranch’s historic barn. Items to bring include a picnic lunch and water, hot tea, or the like. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and layers to protect you from cold and wind. A notepad and writing instrument are also recommended. Rustic seating will be provided, but participants are invited to bring their preferred folding chair and/or yoga mat (to be placed on the ground outdoors), cushion, and blanket.
Meet in the brick courtyard outside the Rush Ranch Nature Center. The Ranch is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Road near Suisun City, about 2 miles south of the Highway 12/Sunset Avenue/Grizzly Island Road intersection.
No reservations are necessary, but RSVPs are appreciated and questions are welcome to Natalie at [707-432-0150 x200] or [].
Rush Ranch is owned and operated by Solano Land Trust. Learn more at [].
Rush Ranch rainbow (Photo by Tom Muehleisen)

Anne DeLozier meditating on a Solano Land Trust property (Photo by Gary Boudreaux

Hike the Hills
Saturday, January 4, 9am-1pm at the King-Swett Ranches
Contact: Natalie DuMont, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Solano Land Trust
Who: Solano Land Trust volunteer Jim Walsh
What: Hike the Hills
When: Saturday, 1/4, 9am-1pm
Where: Meet at the Park-and-Ride lot where McGary Road, Hiddenbrooke Parkway, and American Canyon Road intersect (on the Hiddenbrooke side of the American Canyon/Hiddenbrooke Pkwy exit, off Interstate 80).
Cost: None
RSVP: None
Hike the hills between Fairfield, Benicia, and Vallejo – known as the King-Swett Ranches – on Saturday, January 4th from 9am to 1pm with naturalist Jim Walsh. Walsh will share insights about the birds and other wildlife that call this area home, and he’ll give you a great workout! Take advantage of this special opportunity if you can because the King-Swett Ranches are otherwise closed to the public.
On a clear day you can see views from atop King Ranch that sweep across the Suisun Marsh all the way to the Sierras, with Mount Diablo rising to the south. From the western edge of Vallejo-Swett Ranch, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais, the San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, and the Napa River and marshes.
The hike is free and no reservations are necessary. Donations are appreciated. All ages are welcome, but participants must be prepared for a strenuous pace hiking 4-6 miles off-trail, up and down rugged, steep, and slippery hills that are full of sticky seeds, thorny plants, and thistle, passing free range cattle along the way.
Bring a backpack with plenty of water and snacks; boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with good grip for rugged, steep, and slippery off-trail terrain; long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that you don't mind getting dirty; and protection from sun, wind, fog and rain. Binoculars, a camera, bug repellent, hiking sticks and gaiters are also recommended. Very heavy rain cancels the hike.
Meet Walsh promptly beside his white "TruGreen" pickup truck, at the Park-and-Ride lot where McGary Road, Hiddenbrooke Parkway, and American Canyon Road intersect (on the Hiddenbrooke side of the American Canyon/Hiddenbrooke Parkway exit, off Interstate 80). Be ready to carpool or caravan from there to the trailhead.
Since its founding in 1986, Solano Land Trust has permanently protected over 20,000 acres of working farms and natural areas in Solano County. Learn more at [].
The King-Swett Ranches (Photo by Doug Wirtz)

Hike at Rockville Trails Preserve
Saturday, January 11, 10am – 2pm
Contact: Natalie DuMont, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Solano Land Trust
Join a free guided hike of Rockville Trails Preserve on Saturday, January 11th from 10am to 2pm. Get a great workout as you trek about 4 miles up and down the hilly, rocky terrain to the interior of this 1,500-acre natural area. Enjoy the majestic oaks and see how the fall rains are transforming the grasslands. Learn about the area’s natural history and watch for signs of wildlife that depend on this area for food, shelter, and safe passage. Rockville Trails Preserve is only accessible by docent-led hikes at this time.
Space is limited and advance registration is required – visit the “events calendar” at [], go to [] or contact Lorenzo at [] or [707-330-7263]. There is no drinking water, and there are no bathrooms or parking lots yet. Dogs are not permitted. Since the preserve is otherwise closed, the entry and exit gate will be locked except for the start and end times of the hike. Meet your guide, Lorenzo, promptly at the big red "Ice House" building on Suisun Valley Ct., near the intersection of Rockville Rd. and Suisun Valley Rd., outside of Fairfield. Be ready to immediately carpool or caravan from there to the trailhead. Heavy rain cancels this event. Call Lorenzo if the weather is uncertain.
Bring a backpack with plenty of water and lunch. Wear hiking boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with good tread, and long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that provide protection from the elements (sun, wind, fog, rain, cold). Hiking sticks, bug repellent, binoculars and a camera are also recommended.
Solano Land Trust’s Rockville Trails Preserve is located along Rockville Road, across from the City of Fairfield’s Rockville Hills Regional Park. These natural areas are adjacent to one another, yet independently operated. Both lie between Green Valley and Suisun Valley, near Interstate 80, about half-way between San Francisco and Sacramento.
Solano Land Trust permanently protects natural areas, working farms, and ranchlands in Solano County and connects our community to these lands. Learn more at [].
Photograph showing Rockville Trails by Jorg Fleige

Celebrate Saint Vinnie's Culture Club's Closing with...
An exhibit of Ignacio Sandoval's paintings
Contact the artist at [707-553-2480]

Corner of Florida and Marin Streets, 930 Marin Street, at Vallejo Art District
Saturday January 11, 2014
4:00 to 6:00 pm
with a PotLuck
Paintings will be on exhibit till january 18, 2014

Closing Reception for the HOLIDAY ART BOUTIQUE

January 11, 2014 5:00-8:00pm
Featuring Mixed Media Fine Art
Art by Cleven “Goodie” Goudeau
Scenic Watercolors by Chris Tennyson
Iconic Photographs of Mare Island by Chris de Asis
Closure of the St. Vinnie’s Culture Club Tea Room
A Winter Bear Den full of chainsaw carved bears By Earl Stevens

Birds of Prey Hike at Lynch Canyon Open Space Park
Sunday, January 12, 10am to 2pm 
Contact: Natalie DuMont, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Solano Land Trust
[]; Larry Broderick, Raptor enthusiast [707-975-7047] []
Visit [] for further information.
Who: Solano County Parks and the Solano Land Trust
What: Birds of Prey Migration Hike
When: Sunday, January 12, from 10am to 2pm
Where: Lynch Canyon Open Space Park’s address is 3100 Lynch Road, Vallejo, CA. The entrance gate is at the intersection of Lynch Road & McGary Road, Vallejo, CA.
Why: Discover and learn about eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey in Solano County.
Cost: A donation for the tour is suggested but not required.
RSVP: Requested but not required: Mary Beth at or 707-685-5908.
Join Larry Broderick and the Solano Land Trust Raptor Team for a Birds of Prey Migration Hike at Lynch Canyon Open Space Park on Sunday, January 12th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This hike will offer raptor identification tips and views of resident and over-wintering birds of prey. Previous sightings include golden eagles, bald eagles, rough-legged hawks, Cooper's hawks, sharp-shinned hawks, ferruginous hawks, peregrine falcons, prairie falcons and other more common birds of prey.
Broderick, an interpretive specialist focusing on field identification, census and the natural history of raptors, brings over 25 years of experience studying, researching, identifying, rescuing and rehabilitating birds of prey. Over the last decade he has been sharing his love of hawks on these hikes and tours. He’s a gifted and entertaining teacher who is anxious to share his knowledge of and passion for raptors with anyone who is interested. He distinguishes a ferruginous hawk from a red-tailed hawk or a prairie falcon from a peregrine falcon from great distances. He is known to demonstrate wing beat movements and wing configuration patterns of different species using his spread arms.
All ages are welcome, but participants must be prepared for a moderate pace covering about 4 miles, possibly off-trail in places, up and down rugged, steep, and slippery hills that are full of sticky seeds, thorny plants and thistle, and passing free range cattle along the way.
Bring $5 cash for parking; a backpack with plenty of water and snacks; boots or sturdy closed-toe shoes with tread for rough, steep and slippery terrain; long, sturdy pants and layered clothes that you don't mind getting dirty; and protection from sun, wind, fog, rain and cold. Binoculars, a camera, bug repellent and hiking sticks are also recommended. A donation is suggested to help sustain these tours. Constant or heavy rain cancels the hike. Call Mary Beth if the weather is uncertain.
Lynch Canyon Open Space Park is owned by the Solano Land Trust and is a part of the Solano County Parks system. Because it is a working cattle ranch, pets are not allowed.
White Tailed Kite at Lynch Canyon (Photo by Joshua Asel)

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Local links

Solano County
* Art Vallejo []
* Ozcat Radio's calender [link]
* Vallejo Times-Herald calender [link]
* Local Happenings magazine calender [link]
* The Comedy Circuit! (Vallejo) [link]
* Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD) []
GVRD 2013 Summer Activity Guide, pdf file [link]
* Solano Land Trust's calender [link]
* iGrow [link]

Also, if you're on Facebook, check out the "Unique to Vallejo" page, a fantastic array of updates and info about the jewel by the Bay! []
* []

Parents Press [], positive news for families
Bay Crossings [], ecology and history for the Bay Area
Bay Nature events calender []

Family events
Parents Press []
* Macaroni Kid calenders
Vacaville [link]
Petaluma [link]
Walnut Creek [link]

Napa Valley events and info
* Napa Valley Arts Council cultural news and events listings []
Napa Book Mine culture space []
Napa Valley Now! cultural news and events listings []
Napa Valley Connection cultural news and events listings []

Sonoma Valley events and info
Art Galleries in Sonoma County [link]
Sonoma Press-Democrat calender [link]
Arlene Francis Center for Spirit, Art, and Politics (Santa Rosa) [link], facebook page [link]
* Sonoma County Bulletin Board [link]
Pacific Sun newspaper events calender [link]
* Sonoma County Electric Vehicle Charging Stations [link], revised 2014-06
* Sonoma County Recycle Guide [.pdf link], find more resources at []

Contra Costa County
* Contra Costa Times calender [link]

Things to see:
Gathering of the Tribes (Vallejo)
3rd Fridays, 6:30 to 8:30pm
at IntegreTea, 717 Marin st. a Liberated Zone in the Vallejo Art District,   
[] []
Gatherings feature spoken word, entertainment, and locally roasted Moschetti's Coffee and tasty teas (for a donation), and a "pot-luck"! Followed with a "Pow-Wow" with a discussion circle for the expansion of alternative arts in Vallejo and beyond.

McCree Goudeau Gallery
930 Marin Street (corner of Florida) in Vallejo, [707-246-4991] []
An exhibit space curated by Jeanette Mcree-Goudeau, and her husband, a nationally-regarded artist, "Goodie" Goudeau, sponsored by Vallejo Art District, and BJ Conrad.
Regular Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays 1 - 6pm  ~ Sundays 2 - 5pm  (Call for special appointment.)
The McCree-Goudeau Gallery is a commercial fine art gallery located in the hub of downtown Vallejo's Art District. It exhibits a wide and diverse body of creative works, from International artist to emerging artists.
The goal of the gallery is to bring a collective force of artistic energy from its artists on display to the delight of a broad audience.

Moschetti's Live Showcase and Community Bazaar! (Vallejo)
EVERY SATURDAY, 9:00am until 1:00pm!!!
In Vallejo at the intersection of CURTOLA pkwy. and MONTEREY st., look for the large coffee-pot sign!
[11 Sixth St, Vallejo, California 94590] [​index.htm]
Moschetti's is honored to provide a space for a community supported caffeinated cultural event every week! Stop in, take a sip, relax and enjoy being surrounded by local art, local music, and local artisan vendors!
Sample a variety of Single Origin, Estate Pressed, Fair Trade, Organic... all the best coffee beans from the world over roasted fresh and brewed hot and ready for your sipping pleasure!
Live Showcase 10:30am until 12:30pm, with a stage for All-Ages Appropriate for all talents, with POETRY, LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC, and COMEDY. You never know who's down to jam at Moschetti on a beautiful Saturday morning!!
Community Bazaar features local artisans such as: Bill Bloom, Designs by Radia, Stephanie Foster, Maya WindDancer, Little Buffalo, Cherrie Sherrard, Trance Formation, Bay Area Bee Company, Terrapin Express, C. Dyann (Artisans are TBD at own request each week, and operate independently). Come buy your home grown commodities at Moschetti! Help keep our local economy and ecological system balanced by supporting your own Vallejo artisans!

Songbird Lounge &Fusion Friday open mic (Vallejo)
Songbird Lounge: 1st and 3rd Friday, 7pm
Fusion Friday: Last Friday of the month, 7pm
Location: Consumer Music [927 Tennessee Street, Vallejo, California 94590] [707-642-7368] [] []
There's so much talent in our local area and Consumer Music wants you to see it. We present local artists in our Songbird Lounge & Fusion Friday and the talent ranges from singing, guitar solos, drums, etc. If you love to perform, come on down. Join us as we showcase a local talent and then follow up with a jam! All musicians welcome! Fusion Friday video featuring the musician of the month!!

Poetry by the Bay Hip-hop, rock, and spoken word! (Vallejo)
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
at the Hub Vallejo []
THIS IS A FREE EVENT for the community to come & enjoy live performances from some of the Bay Area's talent & to share their thoughts during our open mic session.
Hosted by: Profet of ProfeticLyrics []; []
Bands play from 7:30-8:30 followed by Open Mic from 8:30-10pm.For information:

Obama Alley Yard Sale (Vallejo)
a community yard sale, put on by citizens of Vallejo, CA.
Held first Saturday of the month, beginning June 1st!
9:00am to 4:00pm
At Obama Alley, located in Vallejo across from the north-bound Georgia st. entrance of Freeway I-80 (one block North of Georgia st.)
In honor of the election of Obama, to enable the members of the community to profit, and improve their lives by conducting a public yard sale. Come on Down!
Info: David Yerzy at 707-373-8450.

Slack Collective Open Mic (Napa)
964 Pearl St. Suite B, Napa, CA 94558
A counter-culture collective, with free movie nights, music shows, free school classes and more.

Benicia Ghost Walk
Every First & Third Fridays, 8pm
Spooky tales of the paranormal history of Benicia are revealed on this exciting, interactive and fun Ghost Walk led by a paranormal investigator Devin Sisk. Tours begin at 8:00PM
Devin Sisk, Investigator - Currently working as a case manager for NorCal Paranormal Investigations, Devin Sisk has worked on over 350 investigations taking on such high profile cases as the Preston Boys Reformatory, Clovis Sanitarium, and St. Mary Louise Hospital. He co-hosted Haunted Encounters TV and has appeared on such notable programs as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, KPIX 5 Eye on the Bay, and Haunted Bay Area.
For more information and reservation, please call Benicia Main Street at (707) 745-9791

Benicia's Poem Homes
A program of: * Benicia Poet Laureate * Benicia Public Library * and volunteers of the First Tuesday Poetry Group, meets monthly, 6:30 to 9pm at the Benicia Public Library, Welcome To All.

Benicia Plein Air Gallery
[307 First Street, Benicia, CA. 94510] [] [707-495-2940]

Angel Heart 4 You
Non-denominational meeting place and educational store for a variety of spiritual traditions.

Arts Council Napa Valley
After much planning, our new website includes easier navigation, a vibrant and engaging home page, and our new Creative Directory, featuring creative professionals and their work. The same information you use every day is still on our website, easy to find by topic in our main menu. Our new website also features success stories front and center on our home page, featuring our members' work in their field, as well as industry news.

Hopmonk Tavern
Free & All-Ages music!

Hopmonk's Wednesday Night Open Mic, hosted by our own amazing keyboard player, Matt Piazza. Come join the fun! This Open Mic has turned into the place to be for Sonoma musicians on Wednesday nights

Sage Productions Presents....
Northbay Poetry Slam
Featuring Brianna Sage “BeSage”

Every 1st Sunday of the month
Hopmonk Tavern [] [230 Petaluma Abe., Sebastopol, CA] []
$5 cover
All Ages
7pm – Sign-ups
8pm – Feature poet
8:30pm – Slam!
3 Rounds... 3 minutes for poems... maximum 3 poems prepared... 3 random judges...
Prize money from ticket sales split 3 ways: 1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%

UniverSoul open mic. (Boyes Springs)
Hosted by Juanita Martin [] [], member of “Redwood Writers”, “Ina Coolbrith Circle”, “Marin Poetry Center”
3d Wed. of the month. 5:30pm to 7pm
at the Barking Dog Roasters [18133 Hwy. 12, Boyes Springs, CA] [707-939-1905] [] [], Across from Sonoma Mission Inn. 6am to 7pm Monday to Friday; 7am to 6pm Sat.& Sun. The Only On-Site Roastery in Sonoma!

Model Railroad Society Train Show (Walnut Creek)
Come and see the largest HO scale layout on permanent display in the Bay Area and one of the largest in the USA. Last Friday of the month, 8 to 10pm, $2
Walnut Creek Model Railraod Society [2751 Buena Vista Avenue] [925-937-1888]

Firehouse Arts Center (Pleasanton)
[4444 Railroad Avenue, Pleasanton]
Box Office [925-931-4848]
Information [925-931-4850]
The Harrington Gallery is open Wednesday through Friday noon to 5pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. It is also free and open to performing arts ticket holders one hour before performances and during intermissions. Donations appreciated. []

Community Farms Crop Swap (Richmond)
Every Monday until September 30, 2013, 5:00 to 6:00
BYOB (bring your own bags)
Richmond Public Library – Main Branch – 325 Civic Center Plaza, in the courtyard.
Co-Sponsored by Richmond Rivets Transition Town, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library & the Richmond Food Policy Council. [] []
Hey all you gardeners and urban farmers – it’s time to start up the Crop Swaps again.
Come and bring your excess garden produce to swap with your neighbors – lemons for chard, lettuce for herbs etc. You don’t need to have a lot of excess produce to come and you can also bring plant starts, gardening books and tools – anything related to gardening. Come and meet with your neighbors, trade gardening tips, recipes and help out your community. Excess produce can be donated to a local food pantry.

Bear Foot Honey Farm Public Beekeeping Tours (Santa Rosa) 
2nd Saturday each month until Oct, 11am to 5pm. 
at the "Bear Foot Honey Farm" [4372 Sonoma Highway, Santa Rosa] [707-570-2899] [] []
Cost: $4 per person age 4+. Upon being welcomed at Bear Foot Honey Farm we will introduce the players of the hives and their roles. After the show you are then suited up and walked out to the apiary to get a closer look of “life inside the bee village”. We then take a picture of your group in apiary, which we will post to the Bear Foot Honey Facebook page…because honestly who is going to beelieve you toured beehives for fun? We will then head back to the shop where you can sample our many varieties of premium all natural raw honeys and our many Creamed Honey varietals. When you leave us we hope you will well informed, and quite possibly want to take up beekeeping as a hobby. Bee Tours are weather permitting; Must be at least 60 degrees in order to go into hives. Bee Tour not recommended for children under the age of 4 or those allergic to honeybee venom. 

Berkeley Poetry Slam
Every Wednesday
$150 cash prizes
The Starry Plough [3101 Shattuck ave., Berkeley, CA] [510-841-2082]
$7, All-ages before 10pm
Hosted by Betsy Gomez, Dre, Jamie DeWolf, Sevan, & Katelyn Lucas featuring local and touring poets and a live band or special guest DJ at every event!
The Berkeley Slam is a weekly spoken word celebration and tournament that features internationally renowned poets, storytellers, comedians, and emcees.
This is no ordinary, ho-hum open mic! Just ask our audiences – we draw 100-250 people every week to our show! In addition to the finest spoken word features around, our vibrant poetry scene spawns some of the best local talent in the nation! At every show, we also host a live improvisational band or DJ!
We have an open sign up (poets: get there at 7:30 to vie for the first 7 guaranteed slots, the remaining 8 poets are picked by lottery) at most shows – just check out the calendar (sometimes we host an invitational slam).
We run our slam with fair and transparent rules (they are printed on your program when you arrive and are here on the website). Judges are picked at random (also by lottery) out of the audience so you never know what kind of poetry will win on any given week!

Projectile Poetry Project Productions presents…
$7 before 8:30pm, all at the Oasis Restaurant & Bar [135 12th st. @ Madison st., Downtown Oakland]
The Oakland Poetry Slam (Serving poems & Poets to the People since 1999)
[] []
Hosted by Nazelah & Dahled w/ DJ Mr.G.
4th Thursdays, monthly 8pm, 7:30pm signup
Oakland COMEDY Slam & Open-Mic  
2nd Thursdays Monthly
Poets, Comedians, Musicians, Dancers, Circus Acts, etc. encouraged to sign up!
The Encyclopedia Show – Bay Area Edition
3rd Thursday Monthly
Beginning in 2011 Chicago’s wildly popular Encyclopedia Show comes to Oakland!
Nazelah & Dahled are thrilled to be part of the core crew behind bringing this unique experience to the Bay Area with Krystal Ashe, Lauren Wheeler, Stephen Meads, Jen G and Jason Bayani.
The Encyclopedia Show, created by Robbie Q Telfer and Shanny Jean Maney, is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from many disciplines to use their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month.

Youth Open Mic
fourth Sunday of every month,  4-7 pm
The Starry Plough [3101 Shattuck ave., Berkeley, CA] [510-841-2082]
Sign up can be done at the event at 4 pm, or can be done in advance.

Di Rosa Preserve
[] [707-226-5991]

Forrest Deaner Native Plant Garden
at Benicia State Recreation Area
[] [707-747-6204]

Morningsun Herb Farm 
[] [707-451-9406]

Vallejo Public Swimming Pools 
* at Cunningham Pool
Fun for all ages. An adult must swim one-on-one with children under the age of 8 or under 48" tall. Cunningham Pool is open Monday-Friday and select Saturdays through the Summer Season.
Summer 2013
Mon-Thurs.: 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Saturday: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Sunday: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Price: $1 (4 & Under), $3 (Ages 5-59), $2 (Ages 60+)
* at The Plunge
Fun for all ages. An adult must swim one-on-one with children under the age of 8 or under 48" tall. The Plunge is open Monday-Thursday through the Summer Season only.
Summer 2013 June 17th-Aug 15th
Mon-Thurs.: 2:15pm-4:15pm
Price: $1 (4 & Under), $3 (Ages 5-59), $2 (Ages 60+)

Arts Council Napa Valley 

Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park 2014

Mighty Midget, USS LCS-102
World War II firearm ship,

open Saturdays if flags are flying, 9:30am to 3:30pm.
Nimitz Ave. near Building 117 on Mare Island. Go through the gate to gray ship, the Landing Craft Support Museum. Donations encouraged. []
[ ]

Mare Island Museum,
at the former Pipe Shop at Railroad st and 8th st, at Mare Island in Vallejo.
[707-280-5742] []
Museum Tours Schedule -
* Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
* Weekends: First and third Saturday and Sunday of each month, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Recommended donation of $4 per person.

Northbay Sports
Vallejo Admirals

Sacramento River Cats

Wine Country Baseball League

Richmond Rockets 

West Coast Football Alliance (WCFA)

Northbay Rattlers (WCFA)


Soccer (Futbol)
National Soccer League in Napa
[] [707-254-7435]

Northbay FC Wave (Women's)

News and Information: 
* Weather Underground []
* Vallejo Times-Herald []
* Vallejo Independent Bulletin []
* Vallejo Community Examiner [] []
* Vallejo Lamplighter []
* Sweet Home Vallejo []
* Vallejo City Government archives []
* North Bay Amateur Radio Association []
* Solano College Tempest []
* Benicia Herald []
* Benicia Patch []
* Benicia Magazine []
* Weekender Magazine []
* Solano Fit magazine []
* Solano County government []
* Fairfield Daily Republic []
* Tailwind AFB Travis []
* Suisun City Patch []
* Vacaville Reporter []
* Rio Vista Beacon []
* River News-Herald & Isleton Journal []
* Dixon Patch []
* California Aggie of UC Davis []
* The Voice magazine []
* Bay Citizen []
* Bay Keeper []
* Bay Crossings []
* North Bay Bohemian []
* North Bay Business Journal []
* North Bay Biz []
* Napa Valley Register []
* American Canyon Eagle []
* St. Helena Star []
* Yountville Sun News []
* Yountville Sun []
* Lake Berryessa News []
* Oak Leaf of Santa Rosa College []
* Sonoma News []
* Sonoma State Star []
* Sonoma Valley Sun []
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Community Services---

"Lawyer in the Library" Program

Benicia Public Library
150 E. L St., Benicia
First Thursday of month at 6 p.m. (sign-ups start 5 p.m.)
Brief legal advice and referrals
Translators welcome
"Lawyer in the Library" Program
John F. Kennedy Library 505 Santa Clara St., Vallejo
First and third Wednesdays of month at 4 p.m. (arrive early)
1-866-57-ASKUS (1-866-572-7587)
Legal Services of Northern California
1810 Capitol St., Vallejo
(707) 643-0054 or 1-800-270-7252
Referral Service
Solano County Bar Association
744 Empire St., Suite 201, Fairfield
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.
$45 for matching client with attorney plus 1/2 hour consultation
Solano County Small Claims Advisor
General Information: [707-207-7335]
Direct consultation line: [707-422-7433]
Accessible Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to noon.
Dispute Resolution Service
Solano County Bar Association
744 Empire St. Suite 201, Fairfield
SafeQuest Solano Services for sexual assault and domestic violence victims
[707-421-6881] or [866-487-7233]
Equal Rights Advocate Advice and Counseling Hotline
Workers Rights Clinic
Wednesdays, 6 to 7:30 p.m.
Women's Employment Rights Clinic [415-442-6647]
Senior Legal Hotline
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.; Thursday until 7 p.m.
Faith Food Fridays
Free Groceries / Food
Every Friday – 4pm until 6pm
826 Solano ave. @ Curtola parkway
For more information, visit, or call Benjamin Buggs [510-978-2396]
This is a ministry of Faith Bible Church of Vallejo, located at 901 Solano ave.
2011-12-23: Please join us as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ at this week's Faith Food Fridays grocery and children's toy distribution. Contributions can be dropped off Thursday between 5pm-7pm or Friday between 2pm and 6pm. May God bless you and surround you with His gifts of peace, joy and love!
Photograph showing Benjamin Buggs doing the work of a higher order for the community!

Jewish Community Free Clinic

News & Info for Dec. 3rd, 2013

Interview with...
Genea Brice
Advocate for a Poet Laureate program in Vallejo, she joins us to give us the progress so far. Genea will also perform a set of her pieces, and invite you, the poets among us, to the First Tuesday Poetry Group, which meets monthly, 6:30 to 9pm at the Benicia Public Library, Welcome To All.

Interview with...
Fred Manard
A downtown beautification stalwart, Fred has been instrumental in bringing together the annual lighting up of downtown event, beautifying the district and making it an appealing place for it's old-time atmosphere.
Fred wants us to know that “Cooking with diversity”, the charmingly Vallejo Cookbook, is available all hometown enthusiasts for $10!
at Indian Alley Antiques [401 Georgia st.], which is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary in downtown Vallejo!

Interview with...
Alex Shantz, a People's candidate for Student Trustee of Napa Valley College!


On today's edition of the Northbay UpRising morningshow, we feature the poetic prose of...
Ronna Leon, Benicia Poet Laureate Emeritus, from the...
Benicia's Poem Homes (more info here [link]), a program of the Benicia Poet Laureate, with the Benicia Public Library, project manager Jady Montgomery, and volunteers of the First Tuesday Poetry Group, which meets monthly, 6:30 to 9pm at the Benicia Public Library, Welcome To All. Submit Poems to []!


Never Consider Depth

Research Alternate Route*

Fix Gaze on Eternity

Keep Walking

Carry No Excess Baggage:
     goods and chattel

     sea monsters, tall ships,
     false harbors.

Ask No Questions.

Hope for Placid Weather:
     endless silver fields of light
     a firm footing to dance on
     skip over like a stone.

Move Mountain A
to Lake B.
Climb Summit.

Community Culture Calender

The SAY Dream Walk
Friday, Dec. 6, Registration 5:30, Walk 6:00
Over 1,128 kids will sleep on the streets of Sonoma County tonight. With programs like our Coffee House Teen Shelter and Tamayo Village, SAY helps. Now we're asking for yours.Join us on December 6th for walk to raise awareness about youth homelessness. The price of admission is a new pair of socks for a homeless youth. Please wear a comfortable pair of shoes, we'll be taking a short walk around the downtown area during the event.
Sign up now & pledge to bring a pair of socks for a homeless youth, or consider making a donation of $10.
Courthouse Square, 3rd & Mendocino, Santa Rosa

4th Annual Mad Hatter Holiday Festival

December 7th, 2013, on the streets of Vallejo's Village of Artists and community spaces, centered at Georgia st. & Marin st. there will occur the Mad Hatter's Festival, Parade & Ball, a fantastic display of InDIYpendent culture and Community Spirit, with art cars, fire art, marching bands, dancing horses, and spectacles too numerous to list!!!
Festival begins at 2pm at Unity Plaza -- between JFK Library & the Post Office: see the Dancing Mexican Horses, Loma Vista animals, fun art cars, plenty of food & craft vendors & much more!! Come & ride in the Mad Hatter Tea PoT!!!

The Parade begins at 4pm, and ends at Vallejo's Unity Park with a fantastic display of lights and flames!Following that will be an after-hours all night block party as only the Mad Hatter could arrange, with the Mad Hatter's Ball (21+, $20) at the Oddfellow's Hub [350 Georgia st.] [].
Accompanying the Mad Hatter's Ball will be Alice's Palace (all-ages) at the Art is Zen [337 Georgia st.] [].
Ozcat Radio, through the Gathering of the Tribes affiliation with the Northbay Evolver Network, has been invited to be in the parade alongside the Cat of Many Colors!

The Hub Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, December 7, 2013
at The Hub [350 Georgia Street @ Marin, Vallejo]
12/7 9am-8pm (Also the Mad Hatter Holiday Festival that day!)
12/8 12pm-5pm
12/14 9am-4pm
12/15 12pm-5pm
Our shop and gallery will be open all day on 12/7.
Our special guest artisan vendors will be here from 2-8.
Did we mention there will be a DIY gift wrap station at the Hub Holiday Bazaar? It will be all set up in the Hub on 12/8, 12/14, & 12/15! Do your shopping, then create your own special gift wrap!
Some of the artisans participating in the bazaar or who have work in the gallery are:
* Corkapelli Trinkets []
* L Tracey Harper, Therapeutic Massage Therapy
* Mad Zanni Masks
* Michelle's Eye []
* Steamy Tech []
* Glowees []
* Lulu Deux Millinery []
* Sean Murdock []
* Robin MacLean []
* Jean Cherie []
* Sherry Tobin

Steve Sage’s DVC “Rock Rhythm & Blues Revue”
Sunday, Decembr 8, 2013 - 2pm
Empress Theatre [330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, CA  94590]
All Ages Venue
$7/advance and $9/door General Admission
707.552.2400 tickets and information []
Diablo Valley College's "Rock, Rhythm & Blues Revue", featuring over 20 bands playing a range of blues, rock, soul, country, oldies and pop, returns to the Empress for their ongoing monthly shows at the historic downtown theatre. 
The bands are made up of over 80 students taking DVC music instructor’s Steve Sage’s class in the theory and performance of blues, rock & roll, country, funk, soul and R&B.  The instrumentals -  including guitar, bass, horns and piano – and vocalist form small ensembles to study, examine, rehearse and perform music from these contemporary American musical genres.
Music instructor and guitarist Steve Sage says each band will perform in a rapid fire show of spirited music.  The teacher and creator of the revue says "The bands are ecstatic to play on the Empress stage.  It fits right in with our commitment to keeping American roots music alive for the next generation.”
Facebook Gallery of Diablo Valley College Rock Rhythm & Blues Revue @ Empress on May 19, 2013:
Photographer:  Douglas Trost; Student: Clyde Bird

Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center presents
DANIEL SHEEHAN- Trial Attorney and author of The People's Advocate
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
6:00 PM Potluck ~ 7:00 PM Speaker
 Sheehan traces his personal journey from his working-class roots through Harvard Law School and will tell "the inside story" of over a dozen historically significant American legal cases of the 20th Century, all of which he litigated including the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate Burglary, Karen Silkwood, the American Sanctuary Movement and his famous Iran/Contra Federal Civil Racketeering Case against the Reagan/Bush Administration, which he investigated, initiated, filed, and then litigated. The resulting "Iran/Contra Scandal" nearly brought down that Administration, leading Congress to consider the impeachment of over a dozen of the top-ranking officials of the Reagan/Bush Administration.
 MDUUC - Children's Chapel
55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek
info: []
(925) 933-7850
Co-sponsored with Friendly Favors
Suggested Donation: $20 and dish to share if attending potluck
If at all possible, please rsvp so that we may inform you of any changes.
No log-in required: []

The Empress Theatre Presents
The Wednesday Night Ramble with the North Bay All-Stars
Special Guest: Ashling “Biscuit” Cole and Kenya Baker
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 7pm-10pm
Empress Theatre
330 Virginia Street
Vallejo, CA  94590
All Ages Venue
Cover $7/advance and $9/door
Beer-Wine-Martini Bar
707.552.2400 tickets and information

The North Bay All Stars will host the gathering of musical friends in the latest installment of The Wednesday Night Ramble at the historic Empress Theatre in downtown Vallejo with Don Bassey on bass, T. Moran on drums, Matt Silva on guitar and Mike Emerson on keyboard. Joining the house band will be guitarist Kenya Baker and vocalist Ashling “Biscuit Cole with the debut of the duo’s new Christmas CD.
Award winning guitarist Kenya Baker has been a touring musician for most of his life.  Most recently he was lead guitarist for Grammy Award winner Joss Stone, and toured internationally with her for four years. He’s played for dignitaries including President Clinton and the British Royal Family.  One highlight was playing for the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium, which was attended by more than 63,000 people and broadcast worldwide. 
Kenya began playing music in his father’s church and, as a teenager, was touring on the gospel quartet circuit.  Then he became immersed in the Oakland R&B scene in its heyday and played with the finest Oakland musicians, including touring with Lucy Pearl, Digital Underground and Tony!Toni!Tone!.  Kenya is a multi-talented musician, composer and music producer.  He has a gold album for his original song “Top of the World” (under the name Kenya Gruv) which is featured on the Menace II Society soundtrack, and a platinum album for his collaboration on “The Revival” by Tony!Toni!Tone!.  He’s worked with other notable artists including Tupac Shakur and Eric Benet.
Ashling Cole is one of the most dynamic vocalists the Bay Area has to offer.  Her soaring voice and unparalleled professionalism make her a first-call talent in the arena of Funk, R&B and Gospel.  In 2010, Ashling was invited by legendary bassist, Larry Graham, to join Graham Central Station and is featured on their newly released album “Raise Up.” 
A San Francisco native, Ashling knew she wanted to be a singer since age 6.  As a child, she enrolled in SF Girls Chorus and later joined the American Conservatory Theater, where she gained her classical training.  Ashling has performed alongside many of the industry’s greatest artists, including Prince, Sheila E, Carlos Santana, Patty Austin, Jeffrey Osbourne, Maceo Parker, Bootsy Collins, and The Rolling Stones.  She continues to tour internationally with Graham Central Station, as well as performing locally.
The Wednesday Night Ramble feels like a family reunion where everyone plays and the odds are more likely than not that the person you’re sitting next to will soon be up on stage playing with the house band.   The music careens from Americana, roots, blues, country to funk as the faces of the musicians change on stage.

Hub Crafternoon: Open Studio - Finish Those UFO's!
Sunday, January 26, 2014
1:00pm until 4:00pm in PST
The Hub Vallejo 350 Georgia Street, Vallejo CA
Crafternoon Maven: Katie Vardijan
Definition of a UFO (in the crafty world): Unfinished object or project, often found hiding in craft rooms, under the bed, or tucked away in a corner of the closet in a plastic bag.
Did you start a scrapbook when your kid was a baby? Is your baby now entering kindergarten but the scrapbook is still in pieces? Did you begin knitting a hat last winter but then....summer happened? Is your sewing and mending pile giving you grief? I think you get the idea--let's tackle those UFO's! Spend an afternoon at The Hub socializing while finishing up your art/craft project.
Any UFO project that can be worked on in a room with tables and chairs is welcome. Need to borrow a sewing machine? We have a handful that can be loaned for the day, let Katie know you need one when you sign up. To sign up, please visit []

"The Multicultural Classroom"
Saturday, February 1, 2014 ~ 8 am to 4 pm
Seven Hills School, Walnut Creek

Keynote Speaker:
Victor Rios, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Sociology, UC Santa Barbara, motivational speaker and author of "Poverty, Gangs and a Ph.D." and "Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys ."
Rios grew up in Oakland, California in a single parent household, in poverty and on welfare. He joined a gang at the age of thirteen and by age sixteen he had dropped out of school and had been incarcerated several times. Having witnessed the tragic murder of his best friend by gang rivals, Rios hit a critical juncture in life at which point he made the decision to transform.
With the support of educators and mentors, Victor redirected his attitude towards life, and returned to school to eventually acquire a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He uses his personal story, and 10 years of research experience, to discuss how personal and institutional "illusions" contribute to academic failure.
Additional information about this conference may be found at:
or contact Margli at (925) 933-7850