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Ongoing Community Events

With events from across the North-East San Pablo Bay Area communities.
Submit events to GOTT.Productions@)
All events are placed under their relative days (last checked 2014-06-01).
The Dates for events varies every month. Please check a calender for correct date.
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On the Odd Days

Gallery 11:11
Thursday 5-10pm on the 11th
At the Artiszen Cultural Arts Center (CAC), 337 Georgia st. in Vallejo
Food, love, kids art table, open mic and special musical guest Shannon Rhodes...


"2nd Sundays" Monthly North Bay Drummm Circle
at The Hub, 350 Georgia st, Vallejo
In Downtown Vallejo’s Arts District!
2:30 - 4pm
Facilitated by Jeni Swerdlow, MA-ATR (DRUMMM Rhythmic Events)
Resistance Coffee Hause will be open during the event inside The Hub. Come get some caffeine to fuel the drumming!
Fun, engaging, and playfully challenging for ALL levels and styles of drumming! Adults $10; Seniors $8; Kids $5; 2yrs + Under Free. Bring a drum or rent one for $5.

Valona Deli Poetry Open Mic
With MC Connie Post,
every second Sunday each month, 4 to 6pm
at 1327 Pomona Street, Crockett / (510) 787-2022
Preceding the open mic at 4pm is a featured reader. At 5 the mic is opened to participants, but Connie asks you always bring a "back up" short poem (20 lines or less) in case there is large crowd and a "lightening round" open mic is necessary. The event is followed at 6pm by live jazz. The Valona Deli also has a "Take One Leave One" book lending library. Sweet.
Signup: First come, first served
Terms: Poems of 40 lines or less (or half that, if there's a big crowd)
Sound: Acoustic, no mic needed


Bay Area Blues Society's Monday Night Jam!
Mondays, at Chris' Club, 656 Benicia Road, Vallejo CA

North Bay Amateur Radio Association Monthly Club Meetings
fourth Mondays, at 7pm
The meeting place is located at Building 46, Railroad Avenue and 8th Street on Mare Island, across from Alden Park. Our thanks to the Mare Island Historical Park Foundation for providing a place for us to meet. Join us for business, presentations, and any demonstrations or ideas you wish to share.
The NBARA also holds an informal breakfast meeting on the first Saturday of every month at 08:00 hrs in the Denny’s Restaurant located at the intersection of Highway 29 and Highway 37 in Vallejo at 8:00 a.m.


North California State Numismatic Association Library
open Tuesdays, 1 to 2pm
at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum [734 marin st.]
[707-554-2529] [ CSNALibrary ( ]
For general information: Michael Turrini [707-246-6327] [ emperor ( ]

The McCune Library
open 1st, 3rd Tuesday afternoons of the month, from 2 to 4pm
McCune Library Meeting. 1st Mondays, 10am
An archive of interesting books from many historical periods, including local authors.


Acoustic Open Mic Wednesdays 
at the Townhouse bar, 401 Georgia st., Vallejo

Vallejo Numismatic Society
meets every 1st Wednesday, at 6pm
at the Florence Douglas Senior Center [333 Amador St, Vallejo]

Fairfield Coin Club
meets every 4th Wednesday, at 6:30pm
at the Grace Episcopal Church [1405 Kentucky st., Fairfield]


Writers Salon 
1st Thursdays at the Koham Press bookstore [628 Marin St, Vallejo]
with Nathaniel Burger of Loco Publishing [ LocoPublishing ( ] []

Biligual Storytime / Cuentos BilinguesThursdays, 4pm
John F. Kennedy Library, 505 Santa Clara st., Vallejo, []
Bilingual storytime for children of all ages and their caregivers followed by a free craft.

Poetry by the Bay
2nd and 4th Thursdays
at the Hub, 350 Georgia st. in downtown Vallejo
Free Admission


First Friday Open Mic at the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve


Sufi Dances of Universal Peace
Second Saturdays, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek 94596
All are welcome and invited to join in these uplifting and meditative evenings of chanting, singing and sacred circle dancing from the world's faith tradition.  Each simple dance is taught and accompanied by live music.
$10 suggested donation.  Please bring a dish to share.
Contact SierraLynne White [925-685-2409] [ pathwork ( ].

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 27th Northbay UPrising morningshow

Join us for a conversation about Healing Herbs in the Community, with...
Ozma of Oz, as she shares her lessons of utilizing healing herbs that grow naturally across the northeast San Pablo Bay Area! Today is an introduction to what there is to appreciate in the so-called weeds which grow all around, in this year-round micro-climate we call the northeast San Pablo Bay Area.
Join Ozma of Oz again next week as we parlay knowledge of individual medicinal weeds and the methods for utilizing their medicinal properties.

* Spiderwort (Purple Heart): Menstrual cramps
* California Poppy: Sleep inducing, non-addictive
* Pineapple Weed: Calming
* Mallow: Throat and Lungs
* Plantain: Bites, cuts, first aid
* Sticky Willy: Bronchidal, throat
* Chickweed: Diuretic, weight loss

New music debut!
"I Can' Slow Down" by David Landon
from the album "I Like It Too Much" []
David Landon Solo Acoustic Performance, Friday, May 30 @ 8 to 11:15 PM, at the First St. Cafe, 440 First St., Benicia, CA 94510

Local fauna of the week:
California Red-Sided Garter Snake

Seen at Skyline Park in Napa city, and in western Solano County

How Will the Drought Impact Amphibians? [link]

as seen in the Vallejo Post weekly newspaper

Vallejo Post is available free of charge at the following locations -
My Homestyle Cafe, 523 Marin St, Vallejo, (707) 552-9090
Boss Market, 340 Mini Dr, Vallejo, (707) 554-3277 (courtesy of First Amendment Dist.)
For a small selection of Vallejo Post articles, visit their news blog []

"With California drought order, Gov. Jerry Brown instructs fine-happy HOAs to back off"
As detailed in a new executive order further urging residents to conserve water, homeowners associations can no longer punish residents for allowing their once-lush lawns to go brown.
Although California’s historic drought rages on, a bit of good news for water-conserving residents who want to practice restraint in the lawn irrigation department but fear punishment from overzealous homeowners associations hellbent on keeping up immaculately lush appearances:
Just one part of a third executive order issued late last week by Gov. Jerry Brown to “redouble drought actions” across the state, HOAs are now forbidden from fining homeowners who have let their lawns go brown in an effort to help conserve water. California has been in an official state of drought emergency since January.
Reads the fourth tenant of Brown’s executive order: [begin excerpt] Homeowners Associations (commonly known as HOAs) have reportedly fined or threatened to fine homeowners who comply with water conservation measures adopted by a public agency or private water company. To prevent this practice, pursuant to Government Code section 8567, I order that any provision of the governing document, architectural or landscaping guidelines, or policies of a common interest development will be void and unenforceable to the extent it has the effect of prohibiting compliance with the water-saving measures contained in this directive, or any conservation measure adopted by a public agency or private water company, any provision of Division 4, Part 5 (commencing with section 4000) of the Civil Code notwithstanding. [end excerpt]
You’d think that homeowners associations would practice a bit of understanding and go with the severely restricted flow considering the dire situation in California. Heck, maybe they'd even offer residents a slap on the back for doing the right thing. But as evidenced by the need for Brown to specifically call out the practice of HOAs penalizing water-conserving homeowners, this hasn’t been the case. Back in January, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on one instance of an association threatening to slap non-lawn-watering residents with fines ranging from $100 to $1,000. In this case, residents had no choice but to start watering their lawns. “I’m going to water as much as I possibly can,” explained one resident who had felt the wrath of his HOA after letting his turf go brown.
Aside from instructing HOAs to kindly knock it off, Brown’s sweeping order also asks residents to conserve by refraining from washing off sidewalks and private driveways with water; turning off decorative water features such as fountains (unless said features use recycled water or greywater); and washing cars not at home but at commercial car wash establishments that recycle waste water. Furthermore, he requests that residents not water their lawns more than twice a week, if that.

Community Calender

Call (707) 373-9609 to reserve your place at Joyce Venturini's scrumptiously set feasting table today - AND experience amazing vocal performances by: Kyle Pretty Cool Stoner, Jarrett Battenberg, Miguel Evangelista, Melynda Kiring and (yours truly, but less amazing than the others) Jeff Lowe! Accompanied by the incomparable piano of Justin Pyne! We're looking to do even more fantastic shows and we need your support! ~ Bay Area Stage Productions - Pick your day May 31st or June 1st or BOTH!

The City of Vallejo and Vallejo Community Arts Foundation present
Jeff Snell Paintings: 2012 and 2013
Opening Reception
Fri, May 30, 2014
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Vallejo City Hall, 555 Santa Clara Street
You are invited to an evening of art and conversation. Jeff Snell has put together a selection of paintings from 2012 and 2013, all charged with expressive energy! There will be snacks as well as the amazing guitar playing of John Miner. Bring your friends and demonstrate that art is alive in Vallejo!

All Vallejo Gardens Potluck:  Everyone is invited to the next potluck for all Vallejo community gardens!
Sunday, June 1, 5-7PM
At 58 Romine Way (off of Maple Ave) in Vallejo
Questions? Call Michael at (707) 652-9912
Future potlucks are the last Sunday of the month, hosted by different Vallejo farms and gardens.
Harvest Happens Every Week @ the Vallejo People's Garden! Do you want to pitch in and help?
Visit [] to find out how!

Introducing "Autism Spectrum Radio" with Rob Haupt, connecting autism with resources and information!
A weekly radio program created to support families by highlighting the work of experts and authors in the field as well as featuring guests including inspiring advocates, mentors and community members. Produced in-part by "Autism Spectrum Therapies" [310-641-1100]

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 13th, 2014, Northbay UpRising morningshow

News to share:
* Announcing a new calender for community culture: Events and Cultural Resources for the Vallejo Arts and Entertainment District... and Beyond []
* Poetry on the Rise, with Peter Bray: "Way Too Busy in April" (a wrap up) [link]
16 new books about local economics and community building [link]
Real Money, Real Power: A Report on Participatory Budgeting from [link]

Announcing the distribution of a new weekly newspaper:
The Vallejo Post, available free of charge at the following locations -
* My Homestyle Cafe, 523 Marin St, Vallejo, (707) 552-9090
* Boss Market, 340 Mini Dr, Vallejo, (707) 554-3277 (courtesy of First Amendment Dist.)
For a small selection of Vallejo Post articles, visit their news blog []

Harvest Happens Every Week @ the Vallejo People's Garden
Do you want to pitch in and help? Visit [] to find out how!
The harvesters at the Vallejo People's Garden this month.

Rindler Creek Cleanup
with the Vallejo Watershed Alliance, May 17th  -
Students from MIT, under the leadership of Doug Darling and Pooja Maharaj, will clean Rindler Creek. VWA members Jennifer and Doug will bring nets, boots, pickers and other tools, and secure a garbage bin from Recology, and bring table setup, refreshments, bags, and cones for safety.

California: Save the bees!
Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.
I'm Peter Stocker of the organization Friends of the Earth, and I started a petition to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, which says:
Honeybees, native bees, and other pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat. Many fruits and vegetables, including apples, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, and broccoli, as well as almonds and coffee, rely on bees. These beneficial insects are critical in maintaining our diverse food supply.
U.S. beekeepers have been consistently losing 40-100% of their hives. Widespread use of a new class of toxic pesticides, neonicotinoids, is a significant contributing factor. In addition to killing bees outright, research has shown, even low levels of these dangerous pesticides impair bees' ability to learn, to find their way back to the hive, to collect food, to produce new queens, and to mount an effective immune response.
Already, 15 countries have imposed a two-year restriction on the use of several of these chemicals. However, the EPA continues to ignore scientists—even those employed by the EPA—and has delayed action until 2018.
We request an immediate moratorium on the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Bees can't wait five more years—they are dying now. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the power and responsibility to protect our pollinators. Our nation's food system depends on it.
Europe has already fought back against powerful chemical companies and took a big step to protect bees by putting into effect a ban of the top bee-killing "neonic" pesticides. Now it's our turn!
Bees are critical in producing the majority of our food crops, and the evidence is mounting that Bayer and Syngenta's pesticides are a key contributor to mass bee die-offs. However, the EPA continues to ignore scientists—even those employed by the EPA—and has delayed action until 2018.
But the bees can't wait—and neither can we!
U.S. beekeepers have been consistently losing 40-100% of their hives, and are likely facing yet another season of historic bee die-offs.
We can't let the EPA wait another five years to address this crisis. Please take action today and tell the EPA to ban bee-killing pesticides.

"Improved Graduation Rates for Vallejo City Unified School District"From Vallejo City Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Ramona Bishop (2014-04-29):

June of 2012, the Vallejo City Unified School District's Superintendent and Governing Board were charged by the community to significantly decrease the dropout rate. Today, the California Department of Education released state, county and city graduation and dropout rate outcomes, and the data shows that Vallejo is doing just that!
The Vallejo City Unified School District's graduation rate improved from 60.8% in 2011-12 to 65.9% in the 2012-13 school year, a 5.1% increase, as compared to the state's improvement of 1.3% (CDE Data Reporting Office April 2014).
Similarly, the dropout rate continues to be on the decline from 35.4% in 2011-12 to 29.7% in 2012-13 a decrease of 5.7%, as compared to the state's decline of 1.5% (CDE Data Reporting Office April 2014).
For the past three years, the school district has been focused on achieving goals in the areas of equity, excellence and educational effectiveness. In the area of equity the district in intentional about focusing on "ALL" students. Living in the most diverse city in this nation, it's important to the Superintendent and the Governing Board that improvement is seen at every level. The graduation rate for Vallejo's significant subgroups also improved (CDE Data Reporting Office April 2014):
Subgroup Graduation Rate 2011-12 Graduation Rate 2012-13 Change
* Hispanic or Latino of any race 55.7% 59.6% +3.9
* African American 51.7% 55.0% +3.3
* Filipino, not Hispanic 81.1% 82.5% +1.4
* White not Hispanic 53.2% 71.2% +18
The contributing factor to the district's success includes becoming a Full Service Community School District. This includes ensuring that all classrooms have a rigorous and relevant curriculum through the High School Wall-to-Wall Academies, STEAM Middle Schools and Themed K-8 schools. At each school, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports and Restorative Justice are the systems being used to create positive school cultures. The district has also focused on supporting high school students through the Credit Recovery Program.
When asked about the improvement of the graduation rate, Dr. Bishop praised the hard work of all the teachers and district staff and stated, "Our work isn't done until we have 100% of our students graduate college and career ready!"

"Juneteenth Extends Deadline for Vendors and Exhibitors"
2014-04-29 by Spencer Whitney from the "Vallejo Post" newspaper []:
Organizers of Vallejo’s 26th Annual Juneteenth Celebration have extended the deadline for vendors and exhibitors to May 16. Vallejo’s Juneteenth attracts visitors from all over the Bay Area and offers lower vendor fees than any other Bay Area city.
Applications are available at [] or call (707) 322-5748.
“We realize that many nonprofit organizations and small business owners have challenges with funds for community events and we want to give them every opportunity to participate because without them the Juneteenth event would not be possible,” said Angela Jones, president of the African American Family Reunion Committee.
This year, Juneteenth is sponsored by Greater Vallejo Recreation District in partnership with La Clinica so organizers have themed the event, “Promoting Healthy Families and Neighborhoods.”
“We want to help increase awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes access to health providers in our community along with many choices for outdoor recreational activities that are available to families in their own neighborhood,” said Jones.
Juneteenth celebrates African American freedom from slavery in the United States and is commemorated across the nation and in other countries, typically on the third Saturday in June.
This year, Juneteenth will be held on Saturday, June 21 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., at City Park, 425 Alabama Street, which has a play structure for children and plenty of green open space with shade for visitors to enjoy the all day event.
In addition to health information and evaluations for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, there will be live entertainment hosted by Erika Blue from Ozcat radio 89.5 FM KZCT with a variety of music including gospel, R&B, jazz and blues, plus performances by the top winners of the Theta Pi chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 2014 Talent Hunt.
Younger children can participate in the Home Depot Kids Workshop to build their own crafts. There will also be an artistic expression competition for children and youth, as well as food and merchandise vendors, and consumer information exhibits.
“An event like this doesn’t happen year after year without sponsors and we’re grateful for their support of community events that empower residents to take care of their health, and to help them make important decisions for themselves and their families,” said Jones.
Organizations and businesses that have pledged support include Kaiser Permanente, City of Vallejo, VALCORE, Comcast, Kappa Beta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, The Links Solano County Chapter, KUIC 95.3 and Gospel 1190.

Explore Rush Ranch on a Guided Walk
Saturday, May 17, 10am-11am
SOLANO COUNTY – Come explore Rush Ranch on a fun and educational guided walk with tidal marsh docent Bill Oliver. As you hike, you'll learn more about this wonderful place we call Rush Ranch, including why it is locally loved and nationally famous. Rush Ranch is located near Suisun City on Suisun Marsh, the largest contiguous brackish water marsh remaining on the west coast of North America, and a critical part of the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary ecosystem.
The hike is free and children aged seven and up are encouraged to attend with their grownups. This hike is rated mild to moderate in difficulty level with only slight elevation changes and some uneven ground. There is no pre-registration required. If the weather is uncertain the day of the tour, call Bill at 707-227-9938 to confirm the hike.
Bring water, snacks, sturdy closed-toe shoes, layered clothing and protection from the elements.  Binoculars, cameras, sunscreen and insect repellent are also recommended. Guidebooks about birds, other animals, and plants can enhance your experience.
Meet your guide in the brick courtyard and native plant garden, next to the Nature Center exhibit. Rush Ranch is located at 3521 Grizzly Island Road near Suisun City, about 2 miles south of the Highway 12/Sunset Avenue/Grizzly Island Road intersection.
Rush Ranch is owned and operated by Solano Land Trust, in partnership with the Rush Ranch Educational Council, Access Adventure, and the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.  Learn more at [].

Hot House Blues with Steve Freund 
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 7pm-10pm
$7/advance and $10/day of show
At the Empress Theatre, 330 Virginia Street, Vallejo. [707.552.2400] [].

Guitarist Steve Freund brings his classic Chicago blues sound to Hot House Blues! Guitarist, producer and bandleader Steve Freund, praised by Rolling Stone for his "masterful, no-nonsense guitar work" relocated to the West Coast following 18 years as one of Chicago's most respected musicians and currently lives in Vallejo.
"Steve Freund shines every time he steps forward, playing with sizzling drive, taste, and real creativity." Peter Welding, Downbeat

The Ivory Club Boys @ Armando's in Martinez
Saturday, May 31, 2014 8pm
Armando’s, 707 Marina Vista, Martinez. [925.228.6985] []
A tribute to the swinging electric violin of Stuff Smith
* Paul Mehling - guitar
* Isabelle Fontaine - guitar/ vocals
* Sam Rocha - bass
* Evan Price - electric violin
* Marc Caprone - cornet

The Hot Club of San Francisco presents a tribute to Stuff Smith's swinging electric violin with their spin-off group, "The Ivory Club Boys." Shamelessly stealing from Stuff Smith's Onyx Club Boys, the Ivory Club features a swinging rhythm section comprised of members of the Hot Club SF. The Ivory Club Boys are a joyous, freewheeling, romp through some great old tunes like you've never heard them before, guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you wanna grab your partner and dance!

Run Boy Run @ Studio 55 in San Rafael
Saturday, May 31, 2014 8pm
$15/advance and $18/door
Studio 55 Marin, 1455 East Francisco Boulevard, San Rafael. [415.453.3161] []

The unique sound of Run Boy Run is rooted in the traditional music of the Appalachian South. In recent years, bands like Nickel Creek, Crooked Still, and others have revived a sense of innovation in traditional American music. Run Boy Run continues this journey into music that is dynamic, orchestral, and overflowing with beauty. Three strong female voices weave a spectacular tapestry of sound. Award-winning fiddle cuts a path for a tightly formed rhythmic front. Every arrangement is - at it's core - beautiful.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Peter Bray: "Way Too Busy in April" (a wrap up)

2014-05-02 from the column  "A Cappella Handyman," every Friday by Peter Bray for the Benicia Herald. [] [][]:
April was way too busy. I’m glad it’s over, it was a Creative Hurricane and left us some silver and gold poems! I gave some thought to this column and decided to ramble instead of trying to overly organize it, so much was going on in this Small Waterfront Town, USA. Here’s just some of what I saw, others can tell you even more. For one thing, it was National Poetry Month and we poets did it proud:

First Tuesday Poetry Meeting April 1 -
Always good, 20-30 of us read and/or recite our own or poetry of others. This month we discussed “Repetition” in writing poetry. Great stuff. Led by our current and fourth Poet Laureate, Lois Requist. Join us, every first Tuesday of the month at the Benicia Public Library, 7-9 pm, Dona Benicia Room. Not just Benicians, but members are from all over: Crockett, Fairfield, Vallejo, Briones, wherever. (

First Saturday at JFK Library Vallejo, April 5 -
Seriously, a band of poets arrived at the JFK library in Vallejo and read poetry! And another twenty or thirty of us assembled to listen and share in an Open Mike afterwards. It was cool and a half! Vallejo Poet and resident Genea Brice led the parade with guest poets Vallejoan Jeff Kingman, Poet Laureate Connie Post from Livermore, and Joel Fallon, Benicia’s first Poet Laureate. Many of us thoroughly support the effort of Vallejo having a Poet Laureate Program. A bazillion other California cities have them, so why not Vallejo also? Not since Martha Cinader and her husband Tony ran “The Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe” on Marin Street was there such a hubbub about poetry in Vallejo. AND check out The Hub’s website also, BIG poetry and art doings down at 350 Georgia Street, Vallejo. I have yet to get there but I will. (

Art Day Robert Semple, April 10 -
Those Semple kids are a HOOT! I spoke ART with a third grade class and a mixed 4th and 5th grade class, and we did art! Poems, songs, drew tennis balls, sang “Two Right Shoes,” did Big Letters, and did our best cursive writing! Discussed “What makes a chicken a chicken when you’re drawing it?” and other great art treasures. (Bonnie Weidel is looking down on us with glee! Go, Bonnie!) Matthew Turner Art Day is coming up next on May 22. Get ready, Be there!

On The Radio, April 22 -
I did a graphic collage of photos from “First Saturday at JFK”, and QR Hand, an entertaining Vallejo poet of long, long standing, sent a copy to none other than Dr. G, producer of the Northbay UPrising morning show, broadcasting Tuesdays 6 to 9am, at 89.5FM KZCT (, promoting positive topics, community news, and calendar items. It also regularly features local poets! Was that a Hoot or what? So I got an e-mail from Dr. G. asking me to do a Poetry Interview on Tuesday, April 22, a full 1/2 half hour at 8:30 am! Definitely a Kick in the Pants! Is he knowledgeable and fluid-like in his On-The-Air delivery or what? I was impressed! In the course of a half hour I gave Dr. G. listeners my condensed life history of 44 years in poetry and songwriting. I recited “Handyman Song #12” and sang, “Laid Off American Man,” parts of whose lyrics were written as I stood there in the Unemployment Office Line on Tennessee Street, Vallejo way back in 1994. Saying Adios to the Bechtel Corporation after 10 years there in SF! Yeehaw!

First Salon of Benicia Literary Arts Group, April 21 -
This group is hot and happening! They’re new in Benicia in the last year or so and have already sponsored several events and two book publishings. Their first Salon was on Monday night, April 21 on "Characterization," in prose writing and two more are planned for Monday nights, May 19 and June 16, at The Upstairs at First Street Cafe, 7-9 pm, 440 First Street. See their website at They published the very recent New and 5th Anthology of the First Tuesday Poets, “A Word for All Seasons.” Nice job! (See below.)

A Poetry Happening in Benicia, April 26 -
Long-time Benicia artist Sam Morse and his wife Johanna Ely organized a “Poetry Happening in Benicia” at Studio 941 in the Benicia Arsenal, 941 Jackson Street, complete with art door prizes, good eats, poetry readings, LIVE musicians and music! Great acoustics and art all over! Way to go, Sam and Johanna! Let’s do it again, soon and yearly, just before Open Studios May 4-5 !

5th Poetry Anthology Celebration, April 27 -
“A Word for All Seasons.” Way too cool. Nice publication! Additional copies available at Bookshop Benicia, 636 First Street, at $14.95. Twentynine First Tuesday poets are included with 2-3 poems each and we read them on the 27th. Design and cover art by Benicia artist and poet Thomas Eric Stanton, Editing by Lois Requist and Crockett poet Sherry Sheehan. Published by Benicia Literary Arts Group. We also saluted our friend and artist/poet member Bonnie Weidel who passed away on Good Friday, April 18. Bonnie’s artistic tenacity and influence was also equaled in her bright, insightful poetry. You are always with us, Dear, Dear Bonnie!

Bonnie Weidel Honored, April 29 -
The City of Benicia, City Council, and Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and “Friends of Bonnie Weidel,” honored art icon and long-time educator and past school board member, Bonnie Weidel with a proclamation in her honor on April 29. It was presented to Bonnie’s son Ian Allen, also long-time resident of Benicia. Several Benicians enjoyed sharing excerpts of Bonnie’s events and stories at the podium.

1. Ian Allen of Benicia receives Proclamation for Bonnie Weidel at City Council meeting, April 29th
2. The recently published 5th Anthology of First Tuesday Poets

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Art Galleries in Sonoma County

Also see
* Sonoma County Gallery Group []
* Northbay Bohemian newspaper's music and arts section []

Adapted from the 2014-06 "Sonoma County Gazette" []:

Artisans’ Co-Op Gallery
17135-A Bodega Hwy
Daily 11-5
Showcases local art and craft

Bay Heritage Gallery
1785 Coast Highway One
Weds-Sun 12-4
Comfortable gallery for collectors of historic art plus original landscapes by local painters

Local Color Gallery
1580 Eastshore Rd
Call for Hours
The work of local painters, sculptors, and printmakers, as well as art objects and jewelry crafted from wood, clay, glass, silk, silver, and more!

Ren Brown Collection
1781 N Highway 1
Weds-Sun 10-5
Modern Japanese prints, regional fine art, Japanese antiques

Cloverdale Arts Alliance
204 N Cloverdale Blvd.
Fri-Sun 11-5
Operated by local artists, offers wide variety of original artwork by the resident artists and invited guests.

Towers Gallery
240 North Cloverdale Blvd., St 2
Fri-Mon 11-7
Two and three dimensional fine art, antiques, and food artisan delights

Christopher Queen
John Orrs Gardens # 4, Duncans Mills
Fri - Wed 11-5
Features Early California include artists from the 1860’s to the 1940’ and Contemporary California landscapes, still life, genre and real life.

Quercia Gallery
25193 Hwy 116, Duncans Mills
Fri-Mon 11-5 or by Appointment
Paintings by Ron Quercia, Claly sculpture by Bobbi Jean Quercia. Other artists exhibited. Check website for schedule.

Atascadero Creek Winery & Gallery
6542 Front St
(707) 812-7101
Thurs - Mon 12-5pm
Unique art exhibits each month from quality local artists - from paintings to sculptures

Frame of Mind
6671 Hwy. 116
Call first for hours or appointment Local art on the walls.

Boho Gallery
436 Bohemain Hwy
Sat, Sun 12-5 (Occasionally Open Fri and Mon 12- 5)
Fine art oils, acrylics, encaustics, collage, ceramics, and jewelry. You’ll find romantic wine country landscapes, ocean vistas, and whimsical narrative collages.

deLorimier Winery
2001 Highway 128
Call for gallery hours.
Features art exhibits in gallery tasting room.

Glen Ellen Village Art House
13758 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen
Call for Hours and Directions
Exceptional quality artwork by local artists; proceeds benefit Sonoma County homeless.

Art Honors Life at Funeria
2860 Bowen St #1
Call for Hours
Artist-made and artist designed urns, vessels and personal memorial objects

Graton Gallery
9048 Graton Road
Tues-Sat 10:30-6 Sunday 10:30-4
California Fine Art and Artisan Crafts

Dolphin Gallery
39225 Hwy 1
Daily 10-5
Woodworking, weavings, drawings, pottery, stained glass

Gualala Arts Center
46501 Gualala Road
Weekdays 9-4, Weekends 12-4
Features original artwork by wellknown and emerging Sonoma County conceptual artists. Largest selection of hand-finished closed-corner frames.

39114 Ocean Drive
Daily 10-5 except Tues & some Wed
Call for changing art exhibits.

Spindrift Gallery
39120 Ocean Dr
Visit Website for Hours
Art and sculpture in 2 locations. Visit website for hours and directions.

Carport Gallery and Design Studio
15098 Old River Road, Guerneville
Call for Hours
Exhibiting abstact painting, sculpture, multi-media installations and conceptual works

Russian River Art Gallery
16357 Main Street, Guerneville
Daily 10-6 Except Tuesdays
Local artists sculpture, paintings, ceramics, jewelry

Withywindle Gallery
13550 Church Street, Guerneville
Sat and Sun 11-4
Karen Ryer sculptor and teacher shows her stone sculptures

Erickson Fine Art Gallery
324 Healdsburg Ave
Daily 11-6 Closed Weds or by Appt
Contemporary paintings, sculpture, work on paper, local and international artists

Hammerfriar Gallery
132 Mill Street, Suite 101
Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 and by Appt
Features original artwork by established and emerging Bay Area conceptual artists

Healdsburg Center for the Arts
130 Plaza Street
Call for Hours
Gallery Artists featuring ceramics, jewelry, sculpure and painting

Upstairs Art Gallery
306 Center St
Daily 11-6
Original fine art and crafts from over 20 local artists

J Howell Fine Art
101A Plaza Street
Thurs-Sat 11-6, Sun and Mon 11-4
Original paintings and works on paper by contemporary California artists.

The Harris Gallery
320 Healdsburg Avenue
Call for Hours
Art of M C Harris and his son, Alexander

Hand Goods
3627 Main St.
Open Daily
Fine arts and crafts made by over 200 local Sonoma County artists. From

Gallery One
209 Western Ave. Petaluma
M-Sat 11-5:30 Sunday 11-4
Family-run gallery featuring world renowned, local artists.

Petaluma Arts Council
230 Lakeville St Petaluma
707-762-5600 x110
Daily 11-5, Closed Tues and Weds
A grassroots effort to acknowledge and celebrate local artists and their contributions and to involve the whole community in appreciation, involvement and recognition of art as an enriching component of our daily lives.

Riverfront Art Gallery
132 Petaluma Blvd. N.
Wed, Thurs & Sun11-6. Fri, Sat 11-8,
Closed Mon and Tues
Fine art painting and photography by local North Bay Area artists

Art Gallery at Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave
Tues-Fri 11-4 Sat, Sun 12-4
Exhibitions and public programs on modern and contemporary artists of regional, national, and international significance.

SSU University Art Gallery
1801 East Cotati Ave
Tues-Fri 11-4, Weekends 12-4,
Closed Mon and Holidays
Exhibitions and public programs on modern and contemporary artists of regional, national, and international significance.

Calabi Gallery
456 Tenth Street
Tues-Sat 11-5
Diverse antique, modern and contemporary works

Charles M. Schulz Museum
2301 Hardies Lane
Call for hours
Museum explores the art and nuances of Schulz’s craft.

City of Santa Rosa Art Program
2060 West College Ave.
Visit Website for Hours and Directions
Features art exhibits at Santa Rosa City Hall, Finley Community Center and Steele Lane Community Center

Gallery 300
300 S A Street
Call for Hours
Venue for adjacent working artists’ to show their work.

Sonoma County Museum
425 Seventh Street
Tues-Sun 11-5 Closed Major Holidays
Art and sculpture relevant to our culture

The Gallery of Sea and Heaven
1425 Corporate Center Pkwy
Call for Hours
Call for programs and exhibit schedule at various venues.

Valley of the Moon Pottery Studio & Gallery
6191 Sonoma Hwy.
Daily 10:30-5:30
Caryn Fried and Wayne Reynolds show and sell their nationally recognized pottery, paintings, sculpture and bonsai trees.

The Annex Galleries
604 College Avenue
Mon-Sat 12-5 or by Appt
19th, 20th, & 21st Century Fine Art Prints

Daniel Grahm Sculpture Studio and Gallery
25 A Maxwell Court
Call for hours
Sculptures for outside,patios,backyards,gardens,fountains. Architectural sculptures for wall,interior, 3 dimensional,reliefs,Public Work, Private Commissions

Robert F. Agrella Art Gallery SRJC
1501 Mendicino Ave.
Open During Scheduled Exhibits Check Website

Antique Society
2661 Gravenstein Hwy South
Daily 10-5
From museum quality collections to humble often useful nostalgia

146 N. Main St.
Daily 10:30-6, Sun til 5:00
Jewelry,, metal, ceramics &leather functional art

Creative Arts Series
7710 Lynch Rd.
Check Website for Current Musical Performances at Resurrections Parrish in Santa Rosa.

Risk Press Gallery
7545 Healdsburg Ave.
Call for Hours
Space offered Free each month for new artist to hang show

Sebastopol Art Gallery
150 North Main St
Call for Hours
Features exhibits of member artista and visiting artists. Paintings, jewelry, photography and more.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts
282 High Street
Tues-Fri 10-4, Sat 1-4
Features many fine visual, performing, and literary arts programs and exhibits

Wine Emporium
125 North Main Street
Wed-Sat 12-6 Mon, Tues Knock for Service
Tasting room, wine shop and art gallery representing prominent and rising northern California artists whose work inspires us.

Arts Guild Of Sonoma
140 East Napa Street
Wed-Mon, 11-5
Non-profit, public educational arts organization whose purpose is to showcase artists of our community

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
551 Brodway
Weds-Sun 11-5
Exhibits and educational programs.

A New Leaf Gallery
23588 Arnold Drive ( Hwy 12)
Daily 10-5
Dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary fine art sculpture